As a result, the demand for data centres and colocation services has skyrocketed, but efficient infrastructure management still largely remains uncharted territory. However, since business continuity is highly dependent on effective resource and capacity planning, data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) is essential for smooth operations.  While data centre infrastructure management is mainly centered around IT optimisation, monitoring, and utilisation, reducing downtime is the ultimate objective. According to industry surveys by Gartner, network downtime costs close to USD 5,600 per minute, which roughly translates to INR 4,15,600. Moreover, in addition to causing financial losses, downtime also hinders critical business operations.  Therefore, data centres in India are constantly employing effective DCIM strategies to improve services and reduce downtime. But as discussed earlier, data centre infrastructure management still remains an uncharted territory for many, which is why we have outlined some tips that data centres players must know. Keep reading to find out more. 

Tips for Efficient Data Centre Infrastructure Management 

1. Integration Of Available Tools 

When talking about DCIM implementation, one of the most important steps is the active integration of available tools. Since data centres function with the help of multiple tools such as physical security, fire detection, automated control systems, and network monitoring, it is vital to integrate all these tools for better data centre infrastructure management. However, the integration of the Building Management System (BMS) is even more critical as it directly affects core operations like cooling, and power. 

2. Defining Alert Profiles 

Say a data centre in India has several management systems in place. In this case, the number of alerts will go up, which will then be logged as multiple events. Therefore, as part of effective data centre infrastructure management, it is essential that data centres efficiently categorise, configure, and define alert profiles to prevent alarm overload. 

3. Enabling Constant Advancement 

As business environments are constantly evolving, data centre infrastructure management also requires constant advancements. Data centres in India and around the world need to regularly gather analytics & metrics to adjust or upgrade their data centre infrastructure management practices. 

4. Continuous Improvement 

It is imperative to understand that DCIM is an evolving discipline. With time, as companies have access to more actionable information, data centres will have to optimize DCIM for improved efficiency levels. In addition, in order to capture better opportunities, all types of data centres must focus on gathering analytics and metrics to cope up with the evolving landscapes. The Benefit of Effective Data Centre Infrastructure Management  Although we have covered the importance and key tips of efficient data centre infrastructure management, it is also vital to understand its significant benefit: maximum results with minimum efforts. By following the DCIM best practices we discussed earlier, data centres in India can attain operational excellence while reducing downtime and accelerating tasks.  Additionally, efficient use of data centre infrastructure management is beyond improved colocation services as even customers can benefit from it. For instance, with an upsurge in online learning & education platforms, data centres have had to upgrade their technology solutions like data security and high-speed networks. DCIM has played an important role in helping data centres in India and across the world enhance their services and uptime.  With ~200MW of IT load and India’s largest floor area, STT GDC India has always focused on efficient data centre infrastructure management. In addition to providing a suite of cost-effective, high-quality, scalable, and secure colocation services, STT GDC India has been at the forefront of data centre innovation for years.  Moreover, STT GDC India is one of the fastest-growing data centres in India, spread across 9 cities. So, no matter what your colocation requirements are, STT GDC India is here to help. Don’t forget to explore their services on their website today! 


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