When you’re working in insurance sales, an income of $90k per year or even more depending on the type of insurance that you sell and how good you are at your job is not uncommon. Here’s what you need to know about this career path and why it could be your dream role in 2021. 

Educational and Experience Requirements

One of the great things about becoming an insurance agent is that it’s a job you can get into without a lot of experience. And while a college education is often advised, many insurance agencies and companies don’t require it as a must-have. You can become an insurance agent with a high school diploma as long as you pass the pre-licensing exam. You can find and take online courses to prepare for this that will only set you back a couple of hundred dollars, which is a great investment. 

What Kind of Person Does Well?

If you are the type of person who loves to meet new people and prides themselves on offering outstanding customer service, you could do well as an insurance agent. The best insurance agents are people who are committed to excelling in their careers and are passionate about helping their customers to get the right insurance to protect them from anything that could go wrong. This means that if you are selling car insurance, you should research tips for selling car insurance specifically. The same applies if you are selling any other specific insurance product. No matter what kind of insurance you are selling, a good agent knows that the role comes with a lot of responsibility and is dedicated to learning more about their products to understand them inside and out. 

Starting Your Own Agency

You should get started by marketing yourself and the services that you offer from as soon as you get your insurance license, whether you decide to work for another agency or start your own. Starting your own insurance agency can be an ideal choice for anybody who prefers to be self-employed and wants to take advantage of uncapped earning potential. You could decide to work completely online or meet with clients in a local office. Whatever route you choose, you’ll need insurance agent insurance for yourself. 

Perks of the Job

Aside from the income potential, there are several great reasons to consider a career as an insurance agent for 2021. Some of the main reasons to consider working in this field include: As people need to protect more and more parts of their lives including their health, cars, houses, businesses, and more, the demand for insurance agents is growing. Many people appreciate guidance from a good insurance agent who can help them choose the right product to protect themselves and their loved ones.  As an insurance agent, you’re not just rewarded financially for the work that you do, but you can also go home feeling satisfied and rewarded that your work is helping others. Insurance products are designed to help protect people from unforeseen problems and disasters in their lives, and selling people products that will help them get through awful situations that they might face in the future can be a very rewarding part of their career. Knowing that you’ve been instrumental in giving somebody peace of mind can be highly satisfying.  As an independent insurance agent, you’re in complete control of your career. While there are options to work for an existing insurance agency, setting up as self-employed means that you get to choose how you work, where you work, which insurance companies you work with, and which clients to work with. If you are tired of the rat race and want to build a business from the ground up, this can be an ideal option to consider with smaller start-up costs compared to selling physical products.  Insurance might not be something that people look forward to purchasing, but there’s something great about knowing that your job is secure because you’re never going to be selling something that people aren’t buying. Insurance will never go out of fashion; in fact, different types of insurance are becoming more and more necessary.  If you are looking for a career change with great opportunities in 2021, working as an insurance agent might be an ideal choice for you. 


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