TikTok is a great platform, but it does not guarantee any safety. Once your account is hacked, all your information gets vulnerable. It is advised that users should only add their contacts on TikTok to prevent this. If you want to follow others, you should always dox the person to know if their profile is legit or a scam. Many people don’t believe this, but following accounts without checking can be one of the prime reasons to be hacked. So, one should unfollow all accounts they find untrustworthy. Now, let us look at some ways in which someone can easily hack a TikTok account.

Ways to Hack a TikTok Account

With the changing times, the internet can be a dangerous place. Even with strict cyber laws to protect every individual on the internet, hacking is a common occurrence. The worst part about hacking is not just the breach of security but the data loss. While you can get your account back once you submit an appeal on TikTok, I would advise you to prevent it before happening. So, let me tell you how anyone across the internet can hack a TikTok account without letting the user know. Also, read How to Crop a Video on TikTok: Try the Easiest Way Now

1. Weak Passwords

One of the easiest ways your account can be hacked is if you use weak passwords. Using a simple password can make your account more suspectable to hacking. Hackers can use generic passwords that are common for this. But weak passwords are not just generic passwords. Your account can be hacked if you use old passwords again and again. Even using the same password across different websites and apps will make your account prone to hacking. Let’s see another way in which someone can hack a TikTok account. Also, read How to Sync Videos on Tiktok in 2 Minutes or Less!

2. Zero-Day Vunerabiliity

This next one is a bit tricky to be used to hack a TikTok account. Zero-Day vulnerabilities are errors in the software of the website or app that exist. But these errors cannot be fixed. So, when someone wants to hack a TikTok account. The creators or owners are usually aware of this flaw. But since there is no way that it can be fixed, it still exists. There is no fix for this problem. Making it the most vulnerable way to hack the app or website. So, if someone tries to hack a TikTok account, this would one way to go about it. Also, read Front Flash on TikTok: How to Get It?

3. Phishing Email

Phishing emails are one of the most common ways to hack accounts. So, how can you know the email you have received is a phishing email? A phishing email is sent for an email ID that is similar to the official one. There will be noticeable errors. Like a double small letter, changing the capital letters, or even using a realistic fake ID. Most email services automatically detect suspicious emails. You will see a warning once you open the email. If you see a warning, you should not click on any link in the email. Another way to protect yourself from phishing emails is to install an anti-virus on your phone and PC. Also, read How to Edit a Draft on TikTok: Here are the 2 Methods!

4. Remote Keyloggers

Another way that someone can hack a TikTok account is by remote keylogging. For this, the hacker will need to have access to your device. Your device will be bugged with a small device that can record every action on the device. So, when you log in to your TikTok account from your PC or phone, the account credentials will be saved on the device. The hacker can later take the device back and see all the information. This is one of the ways in which a hacker can hack a TikTok account. Also, read How to Add Pictures on TikTok Video Without Slideshow With 3 Methods

Wrapping Up

So, now you know some ways a hacker can hack a TikTok account. To hack a TikTok account, the person will not need to know the device, location, or account details. A person on the internet can hack your account from miles away. Some of the ways to do this across the web are through phishing emails, Zero-day vulnerability. If the hacker knows your email, they can also try generic weak passwords to hack a TikTok account. Follow us so you don’t miss the latest articles. Keep visiting Path of EX.


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