Every day a new game captures the market only to be taken over by another game after some time. But this is not true for all games. Some games are so iconic that they surpass the constraint of time and become a classic, staying popular from generation to generation. The reason is their interesting gameplay and exciting format that can capture the interest of all groups of people irrespective of their age and taste. This blog will find four evergreen games that have been around for 100 years and are still not ready to go anywhere. So, hold onto your emotions because it will be a ride of nostalgia if you have already played these games in your childhood and an exciting ride for those who didn’t know about these gems before. Get ready; here are four classic games that have endured the test of time over and over again:


Solitaire is used to refer to hundreds of card games and activities that require one person. The solitaire game involves arranging the card’s deck in a particular order based on the game’s rules. It is an interesting brain game with hundreds of variations. So, you never get bored sorting out how to build a tableau. Solitaire’s history is also quite interesting. Most people think that Microsoft first introduced this game with Windows 3.0. It’s true that Microsoft brought Solitaire back to the limelight, but this game dates back to the 17th century, found in the engraving of Princess Soubise playing this game with pegs.  Fast forward, and this game is still popular. According to Microsoft, around 35 million people still love playing Solitaire monthly. All thanks to the online sites and apps that give free access to different Solitaire variations without any subscription. Go to the site and start playing right away.


Mahjong or mah-jongg is another classic game that has entertained people for a long time, and it still doesn’t seem to go anywhere. This tile-based game started in China around 3000 years ago and soon became a favorite household game. People found it an amazing game to pass the time while socializing. So, it was common to see people playing Mahjong in the streets and in specially made Mahjong halls. In fact, festivals were considered incomplete without having a round of Mahjong with friends and family members.  The Mahjong craze has not ended yet. You can still find glimpses of Mahjong mania in the streets of China. In fact, it is no longer just an Asian game. It has crossed borders and become a popular game in Japan, USA, and other countries. This interesting game involves four players and 136 tiles with carved Chinese symbols. The goal is to make 1 pair and 3 sets with at least 3 identical tiles. The interesting gameplay of Mahjong makes it so promising that it seems soon it will take over the world.


Sudoku is a logic-based, in fact, mind-boggling game that is best to sharpen your logical thinking and analytical skills. It is hands down one of the oldest puzzle games, and its concept has its origin in the 18th-century Swiss mathematician’s work. It was called ‘Latin Squares’ at that time. Then the present form of Sudoku started taking its shape in 1979 when a US puzzle inventor introduced the ‘Number Place’ game. Finally, a Japanese manufacturer, Maki Kaji, introduced present-day Sudoku. Since then, Sudoku has been a fun puzzle game for people who like challenging themselves. However, Sudoku didn’t get mainstream popularity until the Times of London started featuring it in 2004 on the puzzle page. There is something so fun in completing the 9×9 grid such that each row, column, and 3×3 sections include numbers from 1 to 9 that even today, Sudoku is one of the favorite puzzles among people in the puzzle section of magazines.

Crossword Puzzles

Besides Sudoku, Crossword puzzles are another favorite puzzle of people who sometimes buy newspapers just to solve these puzzles. If you think you have a strong vocabulary bank and excellent problem-solving skills, you should try playing The Crossword. It is a word puzzle made of black and white squares that you fill to form words by solving clues. If you think it is a piece of cake, you need to grab a copy of the New York Times and try solving this puzzle. You will definitely have a rollercoaster experience (and might change your decision to call it a piece of cake!). It was first launched in 1942 in The Times magazine, which was the beginning of the glory days of The Crossword puzzle. Since then, its popularity is just gaining momentum without any sign of seeing downfall.


So, now you know that all those games we have played in our childhood and still love playing have a huge legacy. Their evergreen and interesting gameplay never let them get swept away by new games that capture the market now and then. So, if you haven’t tried these games before, you should at least take a dip in the legacy of these games, and you will not regret your decision. The good thing is that you don’t have to search much. Just type the name of the game, and you will find many online sites offering free versions of these games that help you enjoy the game right away. No hassle of downloading or subscribing; just play! Hope you find your favorite game soon from these four games so that you can join the squad of legacy game lovers in a league of their own. You will love being a part of this squad!


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