Instagram is a tool that has helped me throughout the quarantine period because all I did was lay on my bed and scroll down to see people getting married. Apart from that fact, I also followed people with so many trends. “Ask Me Anything” was a blessing in disguise. All my ideal time, I gathered some of the sassiest questions and had a blast on Insta. You can use these witty and sassy ask me anything questions with your friends. I hope this helps you in building a good foundation for conversation. Scroll down to find the

You can ask so many different things in the Ask Me Anything Questions on Instagram. You can play smart and witty with your questions. Some of the best random Ask me anything questions that can add to your fun time are:

What was your favorite childhood treat?Name a book that you would cherish for a lifetime.Tell us about your biggest fashion disaster?Name a movie sequel you wish for.Your Favorite Series was worth a binge-watch.Alfredo pasta or Arrabiata pasta?

The super preppy and amazing Insta ask me anything questions list is all that you need to spill sass over others’ stories. Trust me when I say that you will shine with wit while asking these questions. Get ready to spill your creative juice with these ask me a question Instagram ideas. Also, read What’s the New Instagram Update Today (July 2022)

1. ‘This or That’ Ask Me Anything Questions

Tell me one person who hasn’t played This or That in their high school. However, we don’t have to end the game even if High School’s over. Let’s take the nostalgia on Instagram with some fun ask me anything questions! Use these Ask this or that question moments to give the situations and options to choose. Wait and see their answers. Some of the examples for ‘this or that’ ask me anything questions on Instagram are:

Tea or coffee?EDM or Bollywood?Love or career?Fame or money?Childhood life or adult life?Move on or Hold on?Western outfit or traditional outfit?Cats or dogs?Fine Dine or Cafe?Travel or Home?

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2. Weekend Plans For Ask Me Anything Questions

Asking about the weekend plans is probably the most genuine conversation starter. This will probably help you start a conversation with the person you like. You can ask these questions directly in the IG story.

What are your weekend plans for today?Hey, I have planned a great weekend will you join me in the evening?Can you suggest some interesting ideas to celebrate weekends?Do weekends really help you to chill after a hectic week?What will be your answer if given a task that you have to be at your home during the whole weekend?Do you work during your weekends?

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3. Ask Me Anything Questions About Favorite Memory

Everyone loves to get nostalgic from time to time. This is your chance to make them share their favorite memory. This will also help you build a conversation with the person. You might also end up having a long talk. All you need to do is ask these Instagram q&a questions. These ask me a question Instagram ideas will help you ask them about some of their hilarious and memorable memories.

What is your best memorable moment to date?What is your most hilarious memory?Which moment was your moment of achievement?What is the most exciting moment of your life that still excites you?What is your best school or college memory?Do you believe in recollecting memories?If you had been given a chance to go back to your best memory what would it be?

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4. What are Your Favorites Ask Me Anything Questions

There are some things that everybody loves in particular. You can use the ask me anything questions on Instagram to know the other person better. All that you have to do is ask about their favorite things. Don’t worry, you don’t have to come up with questions yourself! The Instagram question listed below will help you.

Other than your original profession, what is your favorite hobby that you do to pass your time?What is your favorite Hollywood movie, and why do you like that movie?Amongst all the actors and actresses of Bollywood, who is your dream girl or dream guy?What part of your daily schedule is your favorite part of the day?What kind of places do you like to go on a date?What is your favorite food, and what quantity can you eat to show your love?What is your favorite song that you hear on a loop?What is your favorite Cafe that you would surely love to go to any time?

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5. Complementing Ask Me Anything Questions

What’s better than a compliment? Nothing! Use the opportunity to ask me anything questions to compliment the other person. This will also help you in starting a conversation. In addition, the other person will feel appreciated and happy with your said compliment. So, use your words for something good. The ask me a question Instagram ideas given below will help you put your thoughts into words.

Your fashion perception is really amazing, whom do you follow to style yourself?The arrangement of your feed is amazing, can you help me in making me feel better?Your muscles are so attractive, what kind of workout do you follow?Such glowing skin you have, can I know the secret behind it?Can I know the name of the filter that you use to click your pictures?All colors of garments suit you, what is your favorite color in clothing?Your hair is very pretty, what is the secret behind it?Can you share some hacks to get glowing skin like you?

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6. Best Random “Ask Me Anything” Questions

What’s a friend if you can’t do dumb things with them? Don’t we love to annoy our friends for no reason? You can use these random questions to ask me anything on Instagram.

What was your favorite childhood treat?Name a book that you would cherish for a lifetime.Tell us about your biggest fashion disaster?Name a movie sequel you wish for.Your Favorite Series was worth a binge-watch.Alfredo pasta or Arrabiata pasta?A crime you would like to be caught for.Your anytime movie.Your favorite character from FRIENDS.Lowest marks you have ever scored?Mountains or beaches.Your preferred genre.Which 2 things do you want after the apocalypse?PUBG or Free Fire?Your anime crush.Android or iOS?Your current favorite song?Heaviest weight you have lifted.Chainsmokers or Coldplay?Longest plank.First trip after COVID.

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Doremon gadget you could have.Where would you go using the anywhere door?Cartoon theme song you remember.First thing you would draw using a magic pencil.Last search on internet explorer.Ever bought scented erasers.A thing you recently purchased impulsively.The dish you regret tasting.Which is your favorite meme.What is better, Books or movie adaptation.Cats or dogs what’s your favorite?Max no. of pushups in 1 set you achieved.Max no. of pull-ups or chin-ups you did.An app you wish existed.A fictional movie you want to experience IRL.(in real life)Biggest mischief you did and weren’t caught?Favorite food? When did I/you last eat it?If I were a celebrity, I would be…?What instrument do I play?How old am I?My favorite TV show is…?Which is my favorite season?What’s my job?What are your top 3 most used apps?What is my spirit animal?What am I allergic to?What’s the first word that comes to your mind when we say “passion?” (You can use any word here)Guess how much time I spend on Instagram every day.Would you rather dress up or be casual? Why?Tell me one good thing someone did for you that brought a smile to your face.Would you rather have 10M followers on Instagram or find true love? Why?Do you want to be famous? If yes, then for what?What’s the last picture you clicked? Share it with me.Describe yourself in three words.Would you rather give up bathing for a month or give up the internet for a month?Share your favorite movie and favorite song.Would you rather receive a free world tour opportunity or never have to pay for food at restaurants?What’s your most-used emoji?

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7. Interesting Ask Me Anything Questions

Have you ever witnessed UFOs or any alien things?What happens if we all look the same?What are things that you feel tired of seeing or hearing from the society/world?What is special about 2021?What are your new year’s resolutions?Share the most important lessons you learned from 2020.What is your greatest lesson from a failed date?Which actor or actress do you hate to watch in any movie?Name a celebrity you truly admire and why.Share a creative message just using “emojis.”Which movies or fiction relate to your life the most?What makes you unique?Suggest a list of movies to watch this weekend.What’s the first thing you do after knowing all the secret spells and magic tricks?Name the greatest trilogy of all time.Which 80’s movie that you enjoyed the most? Mine is, Back to the future.What makes millennials the best generation of all time?Who is your favorite YouTuber?What makes your face palmed from the present time?Share your WhatsApp status here.Life without the internet. Share your views.Which negative habits are you going to remove from your life?Online payments or Cash payments: What do you prefer the most?How many hours do you work every day?Are you an introvert or ambivert?Share your worst presentation experience.What are you grateful for in life?What will be your reaction after knowing someone is ignoring you without any reason?

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Which animal do you wish to be in your next life?How many languages can you speak?Name a country you’ll never visit in your life.Guinea Pigs, rabbits, or cats, which one is the friendliest pet?Which Christopher Nolan movie you still don’t understand?What is special about your city or state, or country?Which is your favorite clothing brand?What is the best time to start your day?That movie quotes that keep you inspired every day.Share your best live concert experience.In the worst movie, you feel regretful due to wasting your time.What are your favorite hobbies?What are the biggest lessons we have from the lockdown lifestyle?The best animation movie you think has the most realistic effects.Do you have stories to tell your grandsons?Who are the underrated actors from Hollywood?Work from home or office culture?What was your worst online shopping experience?The best use of a time machine will be: Going back in time or seeing the future?Name a movie that everyone has to watch in life.What do you prefer: A job with travel opportunities or In-house jobs.Are you a daydreamer or a doer?Do you believe in luck?What is your longest streak of going to the gym?How competitive are you in life?What is something that you’re passionate about?Have you found the purpose of your life?The silliest reason you have ever heard of ignoring weekend parties.What is your favorite pet name?Which social media do you use the most?The number one skill that every leader needs to have.What is your favorite Christmas present?What’re your weekend fun time activities?Share something interesting about your hometown.Do you live just for weekends or live your life truly?

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What do you wish: To get famous or to stay rich?What’s your first thought on Monday morning?Suggest youtube documentaries to watch this holiday.Your present life will be a lot better if you,…What is the best reason to never give up in life?The first thing you notice in someone when seeing them for the first time.Do first impressions matter?How confident you are to start over in life?How often do you check your emails?How many email accounts do you have?Which year was the best one of your entire life till today?What do you do after accidentally sending the connection request?Share something that you’re feeling proud of yourself.Who is your celebrity crush?What’s your contribution to this world?Staying alone or Being social? Which suits you the most?The best tools you can’t live with.How excited are you to make new connections?How much time do you spend on your laptop?What’s your opinion about Freebies?Online scams you want people to get aware of.Can you challenge yourself to live without social media for one year?Are you a multitasker or an effective delegator?Share effective social media management tools.How many times do you spend on Linkedin?What is the best time to post on Instagram?Which game do you play the most?Do you still watch Doraemon or shin chan?Website or mobile: Where do you spend the most time?Have you ever been trolled on any social media? For which reason?How often do you change your social media profiles?Paid advertising or organic reach: What’s your priority in marketing?Do you follow your daily routine?How do you organize your time and everyday routine?What’s special about your journal?Share something positive about you and your life?Is our generation blessed or cursed?Written contents or Visual contents: What’s your pick?What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

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8. Funny Questions to Ask on Instagram Story

Share your school event about which you are still ashamed.If you have the ability to mix two animals and can make new species. What it’ll be?What is the most embarrassing moment you have faced ever at a job/school/college?That one scary movie incident that you’ve never shared with anyone.Are you daydreaming? Share the craziest incident of the same.Have you ever been caught sleeping in the office during work?The funniest fact that you’ve ever seen and still can’t agree with it.That celebrity you are obsessed with.

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Name one Underrated and Overrated celebrity. Give a reason why.Describe yourself in one “funny” sentence.If this is your last day on earth, what will you do and with whom?Strange office rules that you have to follow at the new office.Which animal do you want to be, and WHY?Name a celebrity you wish to send in space.The funniest Wi-Fi name you’ve ever seen.What’s your Wi-Fi password?If you go invisible for one day, what will you do?How to insult someone hilariously?Scale your confidence level (0-10) in front of the opposite gender.That popular singer, you think…is not deserved to be famous.Your secret talent that no one knows or appreciates about you.When will you get married?Things you want to change from your pasts….Are you still thinking about your ex, or move on truly?That silly mistakes you wish you haven’t done earlier.Tell the truth, Are you still afraid of ghosts?Craziest things you have done, but later proud of doing it.What was your reply to the teacher asking about your goals in school?Name that movie or song that perfectly describes your life.Name one Underrated and Overrated celebrity. Give a reason why.Scale your confidence level (0-10) in front of the opposite gender.What is something that everyone looks stupid doing?How to insult someone in a hilarious way?If you have the ability to mix two animals and can make new species. What will it be?What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?What is the funniest joke you know by heart?Which animal do you want to be and why?Describe yourself in one “funny” sentence.What’s your Wi-fi password?If you go invisible for one day, what will you do?

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9. Sassy Ask Me Anything Questions Instagram

According to you, who is the most powerful avenger?Which country do you wish to travel to?The biggest lessons that a lockdown lifestyle teaches you.How often do you surprise your parents on special days?What motivates you in life?What is the important career advice you have for beginners?Are you being true to yourself?Suggest a movie to watch this weekend.Name a song that you listen to every morning.What makes you feel proud of yourself?What is your nickname?

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Which year makes the best year of the entire century?If you have a time machine, would you like to go: To the future or the past?What are the top 5 most important things in life?What is your quarantine routine?Something that you would like to change about yourself.What will be the perfect response to a cheating partner?Recommend books to read in your free time.What will be the first thing you plan to do when the lockdown ends?Share some facts about your country that no one knows.How many times have you thought you found your perfect partner?Which fashion trends do you wish to come back to again?Which applications do you use the most?How confident are you with your present self? Scale yourself in 0-10What was your first job and what are the present ones?At what age did you earn your first income?Which language do you like very much and are interested in learning about it?Are you a perfectionist or a control freak?Which musical instrument do you want to learn?According to you, which is the best social media to spend time on?

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10. Quiz/Poll Ask Me a Question Instagram Ideas

What are you watching on Netflix?My favorite font style is…It’s Saturday night, what are you up to?Which quote resonates with you most?Which area of your life are you working on the most right now?What happens when your alarm goes off?What is my middle name?

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Which artist should I add to my playlist?My dream destination is…Which best describes my/your style?What scented candle should I get?What’s your/my theme song?What’s your go-to beverage?What should I snack on right now?Are you a coffee drinker?Should I get this? (Insert an image of a product you think you might want to buy)Have you been to ….? (Add an event or place)Do you agree? (Insert a quote or opinion)What’s more important? (Give them two options to choose from)What do you think of this? (Add an image of your latest purchase or a movie teaser)On a hot sunny day, do you prefer … or …?Which one is better? (Insert images of your options)Who will win? (Best for when there’s a sports game on)Would you/ have you tried this? (Put up an image of a bizarre food or experience)

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11. Uncommon Instagram Q&A Questions

What’s something that people think makes them look cool but actually has the opposite effect?What has someone borrowed but never given back?What’s the oldest thing you own?Who is the most creative person you know?Would you want the ability to hear the thoughts of people near you if you couldn’t turn the ability off?When was the last time you stayed up through the entire night?Who is the most manipulative person you’ve ever met?What current trend makes no sense to you?If you owned a restaurant, what kind of food would it serve?What’s the most disgusting sounding word in the English language?Where is the best place you’ve been to take walks?What was ruined because it became popular?What’s the funniest pickup line you’ve heard?What outdated slang do you use on a regular basis?

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Wrapping Up

This was the list of some of the best Ask Me Anything questions for Instagram. You can use these questions and wait for some amazing answers. I hope you like the questions and use them. Also, make sure to tell us in the comment section below which question you liked the most among these Ask me anything Questions. Have a great and amazing day!


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