If you have iPhone 12 then you have an OLED display in your iPhone. The best thing about OLED displays is that if you use dark and black wallpapers on your iPhone, the pixels would not emit any light. Hence, saving the battery life. That’s just one of the perks of using black iPhone wallpapers. Below, I have curated a list of black iPhone backgrounds and I am sure you will definitely have some favorites. Don’t forget to comment below your favorite dark iPhone all black wallpaper.

1. iPhone Black Wallpaper 2022

Could there be anything more dreamy than some clouds and a ring moon? Nah! Not in this universe! This dark wallpaper could be your midnight muse or a ticket to the dreamland. Make sure you download it at least once on your iOS.

2. Apple Logo Black Wallpaper for iPhone

Black Apple logo backgrounds have a different craze among iPhone lovers. Especially if you have an OLED display. Since it consumes less battery power, and looks uber cool, what more can you wish for?

3. Aesthetic Black Wallpaper for iPhone

Michaelangelo made The Creation of Adam and somehow it still sticks with us. The all-black wallpaper for iPhone with nothing but just the touch between is something I can totally stare at for hours. How about you?

4. Black HD Wallpaper for iPhone

I don’t know about you, I am totally into everything Greek! Be it Achilles or Eros. This black and grey iPhone background is as minimalistic as it can be, yet it speaks a lot about you. First of all, you are interested in Greeks, which makes you cool already, and second, you have good taste. Kudos!

5. Skeleton Wallpaper for iPhone

Why should you choose a skeleton iPhone wallpaper? Umm, because it’s cool! I mean, there are days when I just feel like I am dead inside and all that’s left in me are bones. So, if you feel anything like me then this wallpaper for iPhone is made for you.

6. Dark iPhone Wallpaper

Collages that express how I feel are truly the best. All the little stuff in the wallpaper is intriguing. Be it the little black cat, or the beautiful moon, everything brings a viewer to look a little in detail. If this is something you are looking for, then click on the Download button now.

7. Cool and Dark Wallpaper for iPhone

I already told you, I am into Greeks! Well, not everybody wants too much on their lock screen. So, here’s a minimalistic black wallpaper for the classy person in you. It is dark but not too dark, it only has a minimum amount of white, and that makes it perfect.

8. Cool Black Wallpapers for iPhone

I never knew skeletons were my thing before looking for all the best black wallpapers for iPhone. This particular wallpaper of cute and dark, just what I like.

9. Girly Cute Black Wallpaper for iPhone

If you are crazy but with a great personality, then this black iPhone wallpaper is just for you. The roses, the Eiffel tower, the PSYCHOPATH, and the dark aesthetic is definitely something to go for.

10. High Resolution Black Background for iPhone

This wallpaper is for the days when you don’t like talking to anyone, which is practically every day for me. So, I know I am going to use this dark black wallpaper with the finger on my iPhone, are you?

11. Lock Screen Aesthetic Wallpaper for iPhone

Do I have to say something, or will you press that Download button on yourself? This black wallpaper for iPhone gives Thug Life vibes. A dog that scary will scare the shit out of me, if it relates to your personality then download it right now.

12. Best Minimal Wallpaper for iPhone

What’s cuter than this little skeleton doing dab? Let me tell you, nothing! It is as simple as any black iPhone wallpaper can be. Simple yet cool, that’s what this background is.

13. Cool Black and White Wallpaper for iPhone

There’s a good chance that you have already seen this classic boy in a hoodie across the internet. It is actually an album cover and people sell T-shirts with this boy printed on them. Found it cool? Great! That’s why I created this list of cool black wallpapers for iPhone.

14. Best iPhone Aesthetic Wallpaper

One needs calm after the conundrum of this thing called life. Just get detached from the world and look at it from our little corner of the world. That is what this iPhone wallpaper speaks to me. Comment below what you think of after you look at this wallpaper. Or whether you like it at all or not.

15. Best Apple Background of Joker

People could kill for Joker. The craze, the style, and the mystery altogether give birth to the die-hard fans of the Joker franchise. You are also one of them, aren’t you? So, don’t get back, and hit the download button below.

16. Aesthetic Black and White Wallpaper for iPhone

This is what dreams should look like, magical and beautiful. Just imagine, what if our sky looked like this? I would never take my eyes off them. Guess what? You never have to take your eyes off your phone after you put on this great black and white wallpaper.

17. Cute iPhone Background for Girls

I am not trying to be sexist here and say only girls can download this wallpaper, but it would make more sense, right? This is what an overthinker feels like, and since we all are kind of overthinkers, it would be perfect to all of us.

18. Flower and Piano Wallpaper

If peaceful is what you want to be then this black iPhone wallpaper depicts that precisely. Moreover, the little daisy-like flower blooming also is an expression of hope. This black iPhone wallpaper with just a touch of light is definitely a must-have on your list.

19. Neon Wallpaper for iPhone

Are you as crazy as this wallpaper, I hope you are. Otherwise, this Neon iPhone wallpaper won’t suit you.

20. Galaxy Dark Wallpaper for iPhone

Stars always mean so much to me. Those distant twinkles always ignite the hope in me that there’s a world existing beyond my vision and that the universe isn’t just limited to the things I can see. Sticking with that thought, this starry iPhone black wallpaper is my favorite from this list.

21. Cute Wallpaper for iPhone in Black

There is no limit to the cuteness of little things. Be it doodles or small objects. And the same cuteness is all over this galaxy iPhone wallpaper will a small Saturn, and other planets.

22. Neon Typography iPhone Background

Crazy, Sexy, and Cool! If these three words define you the best, or if you want these three words to define you the best, then this is the black iPhone wallpaper you should go for.

23. Aesthetic Black Wallpaper

Something funny and yet not funny exactly. This dark iPhone background with “This wallpaper is not available-” is just for the looks of it. Download it right now and see whether it suits you or not.

24. All Black OLED Wallpaper for iPhone

If you are here to find that all black HD wallpaper for iPhone whose pixels emit zero light, then this one is for you. People specifically want OLED wallpapers to save their batteries, and these dark black waves will do just that for you.

25. Dark Aesthetic OLED iPhone Wallpaper

This particular wallpaper is also the one for people who want to spend as little battery on their iPhones in the bright wallpapers. With just a little bit of light and aesthetic, this black iPhone wallpaper is cool and smart.

26. Black OLED Wallpaper

Want more OLED black wallpapers for iPhone. Well, here’s another on this list. Only a moon-like land and an astronaut are visible and there it is, the endless dark of the space. Just what you need for your iPhone 12 or above.

27. Cute Black iPhone Wallpaper

This classic music player is indeed very classy to be used as an iPhone wallpaper. It has all the perfect feels of a music lover. I don’t know why but I feel like listening to Bollywood Jazz after this. I know what I am off to after this, and you should be downloading this iPhone, okay?

28. Hakuna Matata Wallpaper for iPhone

Hakuna Matata b*tch!Somehow I feel like it isn’t a dialogue, it is my life-mantra. Atleast with the help of this black iPhone wallpaper, I would be reminded to chill and relax and know that everything will happen at its own pace, so, Hakuna Matata!

29. Red & Black Neon HD 4k Wallpaper

Only if I was so confident to keep it as my wallpaper, but you guys can! I am sure you guys are dope as f*ck and that’s why you should use it as your lock screen wallpaper on your iPhone.

30. Aesthetic Black Wallpaper with Sunset

After looking for all these black iPhone wallpapers, I wanted something calming for my readers. So, here’s this pirate ship over a beautiful sunset to calm your nerves.

Wrapping Up

Was it any good? Did you guys like any of these black wallpapers for iPhone. To be true I looked for some aesthetic pieces and some dark backgrounds for your guys. Let me know in the comment section which one was your favorite. You can also comment if you want wallpapers on anything else. I’ll make sure I bring then the best of the lot for you. Share this article with your friends. Toodles!


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