Avatars are one of the latest virtual methods to express yourself. Snapchat Bitmoji icons are one of the earliest in this field. You can make stickers and GIFs, share them in DMs on Instagram, and have much more fun. You can put dresses, accessories, and postures and modify the shape, size, and color along with the age of your avatar.
Instagram avatar is easy to create and proceed with. Let’s get started on how to make Instagram AI avatar in a couple of minutes.

How to Make Instagram AI Avatar?

Instagram AI Avatar, or simply Instagram avatar, does not have a separate app like Bitmoji for Snapchat’s avatar. You can create Meta avatars inside their apps. An FB avatar is available inside the FB app, a WhatsApp avatar can be created and modified inside the WhatsApp app, and an Instagram avatar is available on the Instagram app itself. Here is how to make Instagram AI Avatar. Step 1: Tap your profile picture or profile icon in the bottom right to go to your profile. Step 2: Tap the Edit profile button at the top of the story highlights. Step 3: Tap Edit picture or avatar. Step 4: Tap the avatar icon next to your profile photo on the pop-up box at the bottom. Now tap the Create Avatar button. Also, read How to Get Christmas Filters on Instagram? 5 Easy Steps! Step 5: Select your avatar’s skin tone from the given skin tones. Step 6: Tap the Next button in the bottom. Step 7: Select a hairstyle for your Avatar. Step 8: Select Hair color by tapping the color palette icon next to the hairstyle icon. Also, read 70+ Best Christmas Instagram Captions for Couples (2022) Step 9: Tap the outfit icon and select a dress. Step 10: Tap the Body tab to choose your avatar’s body structure. Step 11: Tap the eye icon to select the eye type for your avatar. Step 12: Next icon is can be clicked to change eye color. Step 13: The next one is the Eye Makeup tab. Select your favorite makeup for your avatar’s eyes. Also, read 450+ Christmas Usernames for Instagram for This Festive Season Step 14: Tap eyebrows to choose eyebrow shape and thickness. Tap the color palette to choose its color. Step 15: Next is the shape and length of the nose. Tap the nose icon to modify it. Tap Nose Piercings, if you want a nose accessory on your Instagram AI avatar. Step 16: Tap the Lips icon to choose lip style and thickness. You have the lips’ color in the adjacent tab. Also, read How to Activate Parental Supervision on Instagram: Safe Browsing For Kids Step 17: Tap Face Shape, and select the face types and jaw bone structure from the given presets. Step 18: Tap jawline and select from the given 9 jawline types. Step 19: The next two tabs, Face Marking and Face Lines, are dedicated to adding marks, blemishes, moles, and wrinkles. The latter is best if you want your avatar to look old.
Step 20: Now choose facial hair, and its color in the Facial Hair and Facial Hair Color tabs. Also, read What Does the Flag Mean on Instagram? Here is the Real Answer Step 21: Next three taps are the Ear Piercings, Hearing Device, and Hearing Device Color. Beautify your ear looks in these tabs. Step 22: Choose eyewear and its color in Eyewear and Eyewear Color. Step 23: Tap on Headwear and Headwear Color to choose between a cap, hat, bennie, and more and their color. Step 24: Meanwhile, personalizing your avatar, you can tap the globe icon in the top right corner under the Done option to see yourself on camera. Step 25: Tap Done in the top right corner and then Save changes to save and create your avatar. Also, read Instagram Not Sending SMS Code? Here are the 15 Best Fixes! That is all how you access and create an Instagram avatar. If you want to change certain features or the entire avatar, you need to follow the exact steps. However, if for example, you need to remove headwear or change nose shape, go to the specific fields and hit Done to save changes. You don’t have to create it all over again.

How to Use Instagram AI Avatar?

As of now, an Instagram AI avatar can be used on your stories and in DMs. There is no other use. However, it is believed that Instagram avatars can be used in comments and reactions very soon.

How to Use Instagram AI Avatar in Stories?

Here is one of the two usages of the avatar. Step 1: Start creating an Instagram story. Step 2: While creating the story, tap on the sticker icon. Step 3: Tap the Avatar or search for it in the search bar at the top. Also, read 50 Most Followed Accounts On Instagram [Updated 2022] Step 4: Tap the Avatar style and pose you want to use from the list. Step 5: Arrange it on your story, and that is it. Now when you publish your story, the avatar will be there.

How to Use Instagram AI Avatar in DMs?

The second use of an Instagram AI avatar is to attach it to your chats. Here is how to: Step 1: Open the Instagram Direct page and then the chat head you want to send your Instagram Avatar. Step 2: Tap the Sticker icon in the bottom right corner. Step 3: Tap See more on avatar or search for the avatar in the search bar. Also, read How to Unmute Someone on Instagram: Top 4 Easy Methods Step 4: Select the avatar you want to send by tapping on it, and it will be sent as soon as you tap on it.

How to Delete Instagram UI Avatar?

If you are not finding it useful, you have the power tool, delete to remove it from your Instagram account. You cannot use it again after deleting it. You need to create a new avatar and follow all steps mentioned in this guide, if you want to recreate it after deleting it. Here is how to delete an Instagram AI Avatar: Step 1: Go to your profile by tapping your profile picture or profile icon in the bottom right. Step 2: Tap the Edit profile button at the top of story highlights. Step 3: Tap Edit picture or avatar. Also, read How to Turn Off Instagram 2-Factor Authentication: Guaranteed Methods Step 4: Tap the Avatar icon next to your profile photo on the pop-up box at bottom. Step 5: Tap Edit avatar on the pop-up window. Step 6: Tap the bin icon in the top right corner under the globe icon. Step 7: On the prompt pop-up, tap Delete. That is it. Also, read Instagram ‘Add Yours’ Sticker Not Working? Try These 6 Easy Fixes

Wrapping Up

Though it is not that useful as compared to Snapchat or even WhatsApp avatars, it is easy to make Instagram AI Avatar. I hope Instagram will soon let us use our avatar as a profile photo the way WhatsApp has done. Till then, create and flaunt your Instagram AI avatar in your stories and DMs.


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