Various codes, characters, and mysterious plots have never been off the list of Among Us fans. All we can do all day long is talk about the suspicious enemy and play with the cosmetics on characters. However, for different gameplay of Among Us, you must give a thought to the custom game modes today.  Buckle up! Because the 5 amazing Among Us Game modes are knocking on your door. Go on, make the most of these gameplays, and have the best time of your life. 

5 Famous Among Us Game Modes You Must Try Today

Among Us custom game modes indeed gives us one of the best times ever. Playing it with friends, upgrading the suspicion game, and laughing all day long deserves a shot. Go on for the further Among Us game modes that you must play today. 

1. Jester Mode

The first mode on the list of Among Us game modes is Jester Mode. It begins with a player owning the role of the Jester. As this custom game mode of Among Us goes along, he ought to act suspicious so that he can be voted out to win the game. This brings in the challenge because if the player is on the list of suspicious ones, an imposter might kill him and he loses the round eventually. 

2. Freeze Tag

Freeze Tag is another custom Among Us game mode that brings in the flashback of the player’s childhood on the upfront. As the gameplay begins, this Among Us custom game mode selects one of them as the imposter, and as the imposter tags the other players, the players get frozen. The frozen players can be released immobile once a fellow crewmate tags them. The whole grind of this Among Us mode revolves around unfreezing and releasing the frozen players.

3. Zombies 

This Among Us game mode: Zombies is quite similar to the Freeze Tag. As the imposter tags the other players, they do not get frozen instead, they turn into Zombies. Players playing this mode of Among Us must complete various tasks before all the other players turn into Zombies.  Also, read How To Download Among Us For Free On PC (2022) | 2 Easy-Ways

4. Prop Hunt

Continuing the list of Among Us game modes with another masterpiece. Prop Hunt is undoubtedly one of the most hilarious custom game modes of Among Us where all of the players are handed over with a prop initially. As the gameplay continues, players hunt for the respective props which are surely one of the amusing scenes to watch.  Pro Tio: Players must install a prop hunt mode to play this Among Us mode.

5. Hide and Seek

Ironically, this last game on the list of Among Us game modes was actually the first custom game mode introduced in Among Us. As the gameplay continues, the imposter gives a countdown with the intent to announce himself as the Imposter of this Among Us mode. As the countdown ends, he ought to hunt the crewmates in order to kill them before they complete their lined-up tasks.  Jester Mode, Freeze Tag, Zombies, Prop Hunt, and Hide and Seek are the 5 custom-made modes in Among Us. These 5 Among Us game modes are the popular custom game modes on the list. They not only set the gameplay on fire but hold a massive fan base due to their engaging ability. 

Best Among Us Mods In 2022

Among Us game Modes is thrilling, Of course, but the other thing that allows the players to stick around for a longer period of time is Among Us Mods. Among Us Mods not only strengthens the fun to 10 times but also adds new characters and roles to the basic gameplay.  Check the further dropped-down list of Best Among Us Mods in 2022:  These Among Us Mods can be downloaded in the zip file and once it gets downloaded, players can start with the grind for one of their best times.  Also, read How To Vent In Among Us | Tips and Tricks For A Successful Vent Kill

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Wrapping Up

Summing up the ultimate guide of Among Us game modes, all we can say is Among Us game modes polishes the whole gameplay with its quirky stuff. Obvio! Which player will ever stick around for a boring and dull game?   I hope all your questions regarding the Among Us game modes and Among Us mods are answered well. It is always a pleasure to serve you better. Path of EX welcomes any kind of suggestions and opinions with open arms. Feel free to write to us underneath! Adios!


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