The easiest way to find the right wipers for any vehicle is to use a website such as AutoZone. You can filter by the make, model, and year of your car or truck. This will show you a selection of all the blades that fit your 2016 Corolla. The correct size wiper blades are 26 inches on the driver’s side and 16 inches on the passenger’s side. You will need one of each to replace your wipers.

Best Wiper Blade Brands

There are lots of brands that make windshield wiper blades for Corollas and other vehicles. However, it can be difficult to know which ones to trust and which ones to skip. Ultimately, if you are replacing your wipers every six to twelve months (as is recommended), you will likely be fine with any reasonably well-made wipers. Nonetheless, it never hurts to focus on the best brands. Rain X wipers are high-quality wipers that will keep your windshield clear of visual obstructions. As the name suggests, they are designed to be particularly effective against heavy downpours. Bosch is another good option. These 2016 Toyota Corolla wiper blades tend to be a little less expensive than Rain X, but they still provide excellent windshield clearing. Plus, they are made by a brand that is well-known for good-quality products in many different fields. Finally, you may consider Duralast wiper blades. Again, these are a little more affordable while still offering effective windshield wiping.

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Wiper Blades

If you are uncertain about when to replace your windshield wiper blades, there are a few signs you can watch out for. Alternatively, just make sure to replace them once or twice per year.

Your wipers leave streaks or a film of water on the windshield whenever they run.You can see cracking or other damage along the wiper blades.Your windshield never seems to get completely clear of rain or dirt, even when your wipers are on the highest setting.Your wipers make a chattering sound when they are running (they aren’t gliding smoothly).It has been more than 12 months since you last replaced them.Your owner’s manual says that it is time to replace your wipers.

Order Windshield Wiper Blades Today

Now that you can answer “what size windshield wipers do I need” and “which wiper brands are the best,” you are ready to get new windshield wiper blades for your 2016 Toyota Corolla. The even better news is that it is a very easy job to do. Even if you have absolutely no experience working on cars, you can change a set of wiper blades. You don’t even need tools! Get started today.


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