There are many remarkable features of an OSU beatmap. For example, a storyboard with special effects, motion graphics, custom skin etc. A custom skin can alter the aesthetic of the game. The audiovisual setting of a beatmap is customizable. You can turn it off if you want through the visual setting overlay. It also contains other parts that are osz archived and compressed. Among many available beatmaps, here you will discover the 15 best OSU Beatmaps packs of 2022.

If you are wondering about what is the most popular OSU Beatmap, here is the list of the top 15 best OSU beatmaps of 2022 –

1. Reol

To talk about the best OSU Beatmaps, let’s start with Reol. Features:

Genre: PopLanguage: JapaneseLength: 4:35BPM: 137Circle count: 96Slider count: 173Playcount: 1,269,775

Link: Reol Beatmap

2. Kuba Oms

Kuba Oms is the Second best OSU beatmaps to talk about. Features:

Genre: PopLanguage: EnglishLength: 3:44BPM: 128Circle count: 133Slider count: 240Playcount: 73,482,050

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3. ClariS

ClariS is another amazing OSU beatmaps. Features:

Genre: AnimeLanguage: JapaneseLength: 1:27BPM: 165Circle count: 98Slider count: 100Playcount: 82,202,238

Link: ClariS

4. Icon for Hire

Another noteworthy OSU beatmaps is Icon for Hire. Features:

Genre: PopLanguage: EnglishLength: 3:03BPM: 166Circle count: 153Slider count: 267Playcount: 6,593,909

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Kana-Boon is another deserving mention among the best OSU Beatmaps of 2022. Features:

Genre: AnimeLanguage: JapaneseLength: 1:25BPM: 183Circle count: 80Slider count: 95Playcount: 66,329,946


6. cYsmix

cYsmix is an all-time favorite Japanese OSU Beatmaps. Features:

Genre: Video gameLanguage: JapaneseLength: 3:59BPM: 128Circle count: 120Slider count: 173Playcount: 54,746,294

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7. Panda Eyes

The best OSU Beatmaps list deserves to mention the instrumental Beatmap Panda Eyes. Features:

Genre: ElectronicLanguage: InstrumentalLength: 1:36BPM: 110Circle count: 157Slider count: 164Playcount: 29,524,059

Link: Panda Eyes

8. Will Stetson

How can we not mention Will Stetson as the next best OSU Beatmap! Features:

Genre: AnimeLanguage: JapaneseLength: 0:30BPM: 170Circle count: 53Slider count: 45Playcount: 39,653,271

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9. Drop

Another mention-worthy best OSU Beatmaps is Drop. Features:

Genre: OtherLanguage: InstrumentalLength: 0:43BPM: 180.96Circle count: 61Slider count: 78Playcount: 26,789,017

Link: Drop

10. Konuko

Konuko is next on the list of the best OSU Beatmaps of 2022. Features:

Genre: RockLanguage: JapaneseLength: 3:40BPM: 220Circle count: 700Slider count: 357Playcount: 24,862,359

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11. AKINO from bless4 & CHICO with HoneyWorks

You must be familiar with AKINO from bless4 & CHICO with HoneyWorks as one of the best OSU beatmaps. If not then here are the details. Features:

Genre: AnimeLanguage: JapaneseLength: 1:19BPM: 195Circle count: 17Slider count: 30Playcount: 27,426,483

Link: AKINO from bless4 & CHICO with HoneyWorks

12. Koda Kumi

As a Beatmap lover, you will be in love with Koda Kumi, one of the best OSU beatmaps of 2022. Features:

Genre: AnimeLanguage: JapaneseLength: 1:28BPM: 183Circle count: 272Slider count: 106Playcount: 31,883,175

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13. Agnete Kjolsrud

Agnete Kjolsrud is another best OSU Beatmaps to mention. Features:

Genre: Video GameLanguage: EnglishLength: 2:11BPM: 180Circle count: 36Slider count: 114Playcount: 27,775,808

Link: Agnete Kjolsrud

14. Getter Jaani

Another one is Getter Jani to talk about the best OSU Beatmaps. Features:

Genre: ElectronicsLanguage: EnglishLength: 2:21BPM: 162.5Circle count: 55Slider count: 71Playcount: 25,081,682

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15. Mrs Green Apple

Last but not least Mrs Green Apple is a noteworthy one among best OSU beatmaps of 2022. Features:

Genre: AnimeLanguage: JapaneseLength: 1:29BPM: 185Circle count: 220Slider count: 137Playcount: 4,652,217

Link: Mrs Green Apple

What Does PP In OSU Mean?

Performance points, sometimes known as PP, are a rating metric used in OSU Beatmaps. PP seeks to be more relevant to a player’s development as per the context.  The end pp value of a player’s score is based on how challenging the OSU beatmaps they are playing on. The formula is built on four fundamental principles: goal, speed, precision, and strain. All of which are then added together in varying amounts to provide a final score that relates to the specific difficulty of a beatmap and a player’s performance inside that beatmap. Also, read FreeFire | Play Free Fire Online On Browser For Free

What Is Graveyard OSU Beatmap?

OSU Beatmaps that their creator has given up on are kept in a subforum called “the graveyard”. The user’s overall upload cap is not affected by graveyard maps. By upgrading a beatmap, the beatmap host can “revive” it. 

How to Download OSU Beatmap?

To download OSU Beatmaps, you have to follow the underwritten steps:

Firstly, open this website – Beatmapsets. Next, find your favorite OSU Beatmap through the search bar.Once you have your favorite OSU Beatmap, click the download button.Else you can double-click the OSU Beatmap you want in the list.Once the OSU download process is finished, it will be loaded on its own.

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Wrapping Up

OSU Beatmaps can be used to rank up and pit you against other people. There are various kinds of leaderboards. Global rankings for all game modifier combinations as well as rankings throughout the whole active player population. It also offers friend ranking and ranking according to country.


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