Roblox Outfits are a part of our Roblox character, so it’s only natural that we want to customize them to stand out and look cool. Whether it’s cool Snapchat Thanksgiving filters or a unique Roblox thanksgiving outfit for your avatar, you want it; you got it! So read on to get 15 unique and customized Thanksgiving Outfits for Roblox Avatars. And if you reach the end, a wholesome Bonus Costume is waiting just for you!

Where Can You get Thanksgiving Outfits for Roblox?

You can purchase outfits created by other players or create one yourself. You can find all accessories and outfits in the Avatar Shop of Roblox. In this article, I’ll cover the best ideas for an awesome Roblox Thanksgiving outfit. 

Best Roblox Thanksgiving Outfits | Thanksgiving Avatar Outfit Ideas

Here’s a list of the original Thanksgiving outfit ideas I’ve customized after going through innumerable clothing items and accessories. But it’s worth it because I know you’ll love it.  Comment and let me know which one you loved the most and if you’d like to see more of these! Also, read How To Put Multiple Hair On Roblox | Get Roblox Hairstyle Wigs 15 Best Roblox Thanksgiving Outfits Ideas From lowest cost to highest–

1. Teenage Thanksgiving | 17 Robux 

Thanksgiving Turkey T-shirt (10) Thanksgiving Pants (7)

This is the cheapest and most basic outfit that made the Roblox Thanksgiving Outfits list because it’s so doable. The Thanksgiving Turkey T-shirt is absolutely amazing.

2. The Autumn Queen | 65 Robux 

Cute Thanksgiving Outfit (5) Autumn Crown (60)

This is a Roblox Thanksgiving Outfit the girls will love. I adore the beautiful Autumn Crown, which goes perfectly with the outfit above! Also, read How To Give Robux To Friends (2022) | Send Roblox Money Online

3. Formal With a Twist | 80 Robux 

Thanksgiving Suit (5) American Thanksgiving Hat (75)

Want a formal outfit but want it to match the Thanksgiving vibe? The Formal with a Twist is perfect for that. The Thanksgiving suit combined with the playful thanksgiving hat makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a more traditional Roblox Thanksgiving Outfit. 

4.  The Im-peck-able Onesie | 83 Robux 

Thanksgiving Onesie (7) Stylish Pilgrim Hat (75)

Onesies never go out of style, and this Thanksgiving, the Im-peck-able Onesie is perfect to fit the fun Roblox Thanksgiving Outfits list. The Stylish Pilgrim Hat just makes it so much better.  Also, read 10 Best Roblox Games of 2022 You Can’t Dare to Miss | Play Now!

5. Versa-style | 85 Robux

Thanksgiving Turkey Cap (20) Oversized Thanksgiving Sweater (60) Thanksgiving Plaid Pants (5) / Thanksgiving Pleated Skirt (65)

Want that effortless look on Roblox? The Versa-style Thanksgiving Outfit is just the one for you. This outfit has two options, making it a perfect Roblox Thanksgiving Outfit for both boys and girls. 

6. The Happy Pilgrim | 92 Robux 

Thanksgiving set (7) Black Pilgrim Bonnet (85)

This is a sunset-colored beauty that the girls won’t help but want. Combined with the Black Bonnet, it gives the vibe you want for your Thanksgiving Outfit on Roblox.  Also, read Roblox Login | Play Roblox on A Browser For Free 2022

7. The Comical Lady | 117 Robux 

White Oversized Thanksgiving sweater (60) Cute Turkey Floppy Hat (50) Pants (7)

This one is for silly girls like me. I loved the Floppy Turkey Hat because it adds a unique twist to a plain-old Thanksgiving Outfit. If it were me, I’d definitely wear it to my Thanksgiving Dinner. Not kidding. 

8. Cute But Thankful | 129 Robux 

Cropped Sweater (60) Pants (6) Turkey Leg headphones (63)

When I created this outfit, it gave me major Ariana Grande vibes. With the Turkey Leg Headphones, it just levels up the whole getup. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a witty Roblox Thanksgiving Outfit.  Also, read How To Add & Remove Friends On Roblox | Roblox Friend List

9. Trendy Wendy | 162 Robux 

Turkey Leg Boppers (72) Autumn Fall Glasses (50) Thanksgiving Top (5) Autumn Handbag 1.0 (30) Skirt and shoes (5)

This is for fun, stylish girls. It’s so trendy but basic. So funny but witty. Its accessories definitely make it fall in my top 3 Roblox Thanksgiving Outfits. Let me know if you like it as much as I do!

10. Hat Eggs-plosion | 172 Robux 

Turkey Broth Pot Hat (72) Tuxedo Suit (100)

This might look like a regular tuxedo, though it’s anything but regular. The Turkey Broth hat is such a quirky addition to a plain old Tuxedo. For the traditional boys, you’ll definitely rank this as the top Thanksgiving Outfit for Roblox.  Also, read How to Find Markers in Roblox | Get All Markers in Find the Marker Roblox

11. No Eggs-cuses | 174 Robux 

Cute Thanksgiving Top (6) Thanksgiving Brown Plaid Skirt with Brown Socks (5) Turkey Leg headphones (63) Turkey Tail (100)

Two words. Turkey Tail. Girls, do I need to convince you more? No excuses with this Roblox Thanksgiving Outfit!

12. The Perky Turkey | 175 Rob

Cooked Turkey Costume (100) Black Cowboy Pilgrim hat (75)

Just look at the Turkey Costume; isn’t it simply magnificent? If you’re an entertainer, definitely get this Thanksgiving Outfit for your Roblox Avatar.  Also, read How To Make Group On Roblox | Add Friends In Roblox Group Chat

13. Every Day’s FryDay | 400 Robux 

Thanksgiving Plungers (250)  Roasted Chicken Suit (75) Gobble Gazers (75)

The thanksgiving plungers are such a hilarious addition to an already funny Roblox Thanksgiving Outfit. If you choose this outfit, you’re definitely the “funny” guy in your friend circle!

14. Season’s Greetings | 318 Robux

Oversized Turkey Sweater (60) Pilgrim Hat (250) Pants (8)

Another simple ensemble but so charming too. Plain, festive, and tasteful. And this Roblox Thanksgiving Outfit is definitely worth its high price.  Also, read 10 Best Survival Games on Roblox to Try in 2022 | Top Roblox Survival Games

15. The Quirky Hen-semble | 572 Robux 

Telamon’s Thanksgiving Casual Funny Suit (500) Turkey Leg Boppers (72)

You’ll like this last Roblox Thanksgiving Outfit just as much as you like the pun. The boppers just go so well with the hen overalls. Downright fun!

Bonus Roblox Thanksgiving Outfit: The Comedi-hen (4075 Robux)

Roasted Chicken Suit (75) Angry Pilgrim Hat (4000, Limited)

I know, expensive, but it’s also limited! The angry Pilgrim hat is everything, making this Roblox Thanksgiving Outfit one of the most popular ones in the Thanksgiving season. So if you can afford it, this bonus outfit is the one for you.  Also, read How To Make Group On Roblox | Add Friends In Roblox Group Chat

Wrapping Up

This Thanksgiving, you don’t have to dress your avatar like every other day. With my collection of the best 15 Thanksgiving Outfits for Roblox, this Thanksgiving is guaranteed to feel festive. Comment which one you loved the most and which one you decided to go with. Path of EX will be back with more great Roblox info.  Till then, Happy Thanksgiving!


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