Khaby is a common man, who lost his job because of Covid. But, recently he came into the eyes of millions and became a star overnight during the Quarantine period. And he is seriously killing it every time with his videos. Also, if you think Charlie Chaplin is the king of silent comedy, then you must watch Khaby lame once. The one at the top of the list of the most Most Popular Funny Videos of Khaby Lame has got more than 133 million views on Instagram. His videos made him gain more followers than Mark Zuckerberg! Yeah, That’s true! He has more followers than the owner himself! Wondering, what the video was about? This was only the top video, what about the second? Third? How many views do these videos have and what about the likes? Hang on! You will get to know the answer to all these queries in the post below. So, fasten up your seat belts and get into laughter mode with the Most Popular Funny Videos of Khaby Lame.

It’s sure that you might have got his reels as a suggestion either by your friends or by the app itself. And Why not? After all, he knows how to kill stupid ideas just by showing things in the right way. The funniest videos of Khaby Lame by far are:

1. Summer Is Coming (133 Million Views)

Summer is coming! What would you do in the summers? A sunbath or swimming in a pool? You can do anything but in the right way as shown by khaby00 in one of his reels. This reel of Khaby Lame is not only at the top of the Most Popular Funny Videos of Khaby Lame but stands second on the list of the most viewed Instagram reels with 133 views and 10.7 Million likes by far. The video was a roast one, on how to float on water in a swimming pool with ease using air floaters. Ahhhh! After seeing his reels you can roll on the floor laughing all day.

2. Chill, Please! I’m Relaxing (114 Million Views)

Hey, it’s a relaxing time! Do Not Disturb! So, chill and let Khaby Relax. But this girl! Dude! She did not understand this. Not once or twice, Ahhh! She did so four times. He became so angry at the last. Just look at his face! And why not? The girl threw the bottle which he was playing, at second when he was brushing, then while bathing and lastly in his bowl when he was having corn flakes! No! No! No! You can say anything about him, but this man is hilarious. What a reel? And that is why this reel became one of the most liked reels on Instagram with 10.2 Million likes.

3. Lol! Open The Door This Way (111 Million Views)

Do you how to open the door? Do you? But this woman doesn’t. Thanks to Khaby lame who taught her the right way in one of his reels.
While chasing a man, the woman tries to open an unlocked door. But sadly, she was not able to open it and by that time, the man went far away. Hang on!!! Mam, how could you open the door with your feet pushing the door? Oh no! Poor for you! This funny video by Khaby Lame got 111 Million views, 9.7 Million views, and 85.2k comments. Obviously, he is helping people out, he deserves this! Also, read Top 10 Most Followed Accounts On TikTok

4. Good! You’ve Learned Quickly My Move (103 Million Views)

Do you know Khaby is so much popular that the famous player like Ronaldo copies him, too in the field during a match? In this reel, Khaby is appreciating Ronaldo for copying his style of showing things to people using his hands. LOL! Well, Ronaldo was not copying him, Instead, he was trying to catch the football with his hands, but when he realized that he cannot use his hands on the field, he took his hands away and kicked the ball with his foot. This particular reel stands on the list of the most popular funny videos of khaby lame with 103 Million views and 8.8 million likes by far. khaby is a legend. Like damn! How could you bring out the pieces for laughter every time for your audience? How? Well, this video is not available Now, But in a short span, this video reached the skies.

5. From Idol To Uncle, It’s A moment (96.9 Million Views)

You must have seen a big-bodied man! The triceps, biceps, so much muscle. But what if a man is trolled silently because of his muscle power, then? Well, a hulking man trying to show his muscular powers by cracking the apple into two halves is impressive. But, man, why were knives made? Khaby Lame shows how to use knives to cut the apple. Lol, khaby lame is a legend. This video is surely the funniest video by khaby lame with 96.1 Million views and 7.9 Million Likes.

6. Girls, What Are You Doing? (89.4 Million Views)

Oh, God! Are you serious! It is so easy! These two girls are trying to get rid of the piece of clothes but are unable to do so. Oh!! So bad! But, Khaby being the savior, showed then the easiest way to get rid of that. Do you know what it was! Ahh! leaving the one end. Yes! that’s too simple. This particular video has got 89.4 Million views.

7. Easy! Water In The Bowl: (88.7 Million Views)

Another funny video by Khaby is pouring water into the bowl. Do you know the correct way of using a spatula to fill water in a mug? Do you? But one man didn’t know this! Sad for you boy! And in response to teach him the correct way, Khaby Lame made a reel showing the correct way of using the tool. Oh Gosh!!! He is so helpful. LOL!! This video got 88.7 Million views, 6.1 Million views, and 31.8K comments. HMMMM!!!! Quite popular. What say?

8. Sista, Peeling Banana Is Easy! (85.3 Million Views)

We have heard that expensive restaurants deliver food with the best possible presentation. But why would someone peel a banana with a knife from all the sides? AHH! Gosh! Sista you need to learn the easiest way to peel a banana. It is too simple. This reel became the most-watched video of Khaby Lame and got 85.3 Million Views, 5.6 Million likes, and 35k comments on Instagram, and 35.6 Million likes on Tik-Tok, thus being the most liked Tik Tok as well. See how impressive this man is!

9. Don’t Break The Handle: (82.7 Million Views)

Wait! Wait! Wait! Don’t break the handle man. What if a mask is stuck in the handle of the mug? We know the mask is important these days, but, why break the handle with a hammer for it. You can pull it out. Seriously man, seriously! This reel of his has got 82.7 views, 5.2 Million likes, and 25.4K comments. Again, this video is not only his best, instead falls under the list of the 10 most-liked Tik-tok videos ever with 32.5 million likes. That’s huge too!

10. Let’s Eat (77.4 Million Views)

Ahhh! Why people cannot choose to do things easily? Leave this and tell, how do you eat a cherry? using your hands or with a fancy tool? But why? Why cannot people simply use their hands to pluck their sticks? Why? And that is why Khaby showed them the correct way. Thanks, Khaby! Thank you! This reel made up the list of the most popular funny videos of Khaby Lame. It has got 77.4 views, 6.8 Million likes, and 39.1K comments.

11. Just Keeping Tidy, But With Simplicity (73.5 Million Views)

Ever tried cleaning your home using a vacuum cleaner? Is it difficult to clean at angles? Nahhh! It is just people making it more complicated! What if the cleaner is broad, dude tries to change the direction. Also, check out 5 Countries that Banned Tiktok and Find out Why? And he captioned it as every job you have, just keeping tidy, but with simplicity. Yeah, he is making our lives simple. This was on point!

12. Bro Why You Ruined A T-shirt? (72.8 Million Views)

You must have seen a video where a guy’s T-Shirt is stuck between the door of the car. Then a strange thing happens!
He picked up a pair of scissors through an open window and he suggests if your windows were open, then you can pull the lock and open the door to be free. This is the last video on the list of the Most Popular Funny Videos of Khaby Lame but, not the least. It has got 72.8 Million views and 6.1 million likes. Here is the complilation of the best videos of Khamy lame by far:

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Final Words: These are the 12 most popular funny videos of Khaby lame, the viral sensation. Really this man is unstoppable! So people, Now turn is yours with comments section in your control. Tell us which video of Khaby is your favorite and which else deserves to be on the list. Your suggestions are welcomed!


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