Since the launch of ARCore in 2018, many Andriod devices are now AR-compatible. Third-party developers build augmented reality apps continuously. AR apps coordinate with your device’s camera, motion sensors, CPU, and GPU. Even though iPhones are more advanced in AR technology, Android phones are also improving daily. The frequent improvements of ARCore and third-party app developers have made AR features smoother, stable, and better over the years. Since there are thousands of augmented reality apps available. Choosing the best one is not everyone’s cup of tea. I have made things easier for you. My list of 12 best augmented reality apps for Android includes the best apps for different purposes. I am sure the list will be a great help for you.

12 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android

AR apps have different audiences, from gamers to shoppers, architectors to netizens, everyone has their kind of AR app available on the Play Store. Let’s dive into the top augmented reality apps for Android list. 

1. ARLOOPA: AR Camera 3D Scanner

One of the best augmented reality apps for Android, and my personal favorite, is ARLOOPA. It is an augmented reality as well as a virtual reality app.  ARLOOPA delivers a developed AR service that lets you merge the true-to-life world with digital content (images, text, sounds). The app offers you to make AR magic with amazing emojis and gifs. You can take 3D videos and photos and play with AR 3D wild animals. It also lets you play with your space, take photos and videos and generate its 3D model. A variety of in-app fun and improved AR features make this app my top choice on the list of the best augmented reality apps for Android. User Review: “This app is awesome! The models can be easily moved around. The art section is also awesome where you can go inside a room to look at the art gallery. So far it runs flawless on my Galaxy S9. I have not explored all options but it would be nice if the app allows to import our own models for entertainment or training purpose. Great app!” Download ARLOOPA
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 2. ARPlan 3D

AR Plan 3D is one of the best augmented reality apps for Android for measurement purposes. It is an awesome measurement app. With the help of augmented reality, the app calculates room measurements quickly. With this app, you can measure doors, windows, and walls, create 3D and 2D floor plans, and more. User Review: “Decent for a free tool and simple measurements. I’d be disappointed if I paid for it. The measuring interface is clunky. It’d be better if you could manually select the measuring point while in the camera view instead of having to manuever the center of the camera view. …” Download ARPlan 3D
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3. YouCam Makeup – Selfie Editor

YouCam Makeup is one of the best augmented reality apps for Android. It is a photography app that has awesome features. It offers real-time AR makeovers like eyeliner, eye color, lipstick, lashes, lip art, eyebrows, and more. Before physically shopping, you can try luxury makeup items through the AR technology feature. User Review: “Love this app!! It’s so fun! There are tons of makeup options and hair color options… and eyelash options, and eyebrow options, eye color options. So much to choose from. I LOVE that you can try different hair colors in real time. I’ve used other apps that attempt to offer this feature but fail miserably. This app nailed it! Its great.” Download YouCam MakeUp
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4. SketchAR Create Art & get NFT

Another app on the list of my 12 best augmented reality apps for Android is SketchAR. It has many functions, but as far as AR technology is concerned, you can see an AR sketch on the surface in front of you by using your smartphone camera. You just need to follow the virtual lines and trace them to create the best possible sketch of the surface. You can also try your graphics to see if they fit your spaces on a wall. User Review: “This is really good thank you to this I made a building <33 I gave 4 stars cause sometimes its really laggy but still good.”  Download SketchAR
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5. Complete Anatomy

One of my favorite augmented reality apps for Android is Complete Anatomy. This app is made for remote teaching and learning. The app is a leading 3D anatomy platform. The app has a feature of AR mode, including multiuser AR, which lets you study and virtually dissect the models in real-time. User Review: “I absolutely love this app. Complete Anatomy Platform is the only app I know that offers a thorough detail about the human body. It meticulously separates layers of the epidermis, dermis, muscles and so on, down to tendons, ligaments and to the skeleton. The app turns models 360 degrees for optimal viewing from every angle. Excellent for learning and or teaching. Give this app a try. You will fall in love with it.” Download Complete Anatomy
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6. PlantSnap- Plant Identification

Another education app on the list of augmented reality apps for Android. This app has helped me a lot. It helps identify flowers, trees, shrubs, herbs, grass, mushrooms, cacti, and more. It supports identifying of over 600,000 types of plants. All you have to do is take a snap of the plant you want to know about. The app uses the camera for its AR technology. User Review: “This app is amazing. I realized why so many people have trouble with it, and it has to do with how the picture is composed. To analyze it better inhad to make sure to isolate something characteristic of the plant and have it stand out, different colors in the background or everything blurs together and it has trouble distinguishing the plant. I also think people expect it to be perfect everytime which is a bit unrealistic.” Download PlantSnap
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7. Snapchat

Yes, you read it right. Snapchat is one of the most used augmented reality apps for Android. However, its AR features are unknown to the majority of its users. With AR technology, watch your room transform into a grassy meadow, woods, galaxies and more. Use Snapchat’s AR effects and features to communicate with your friends and family. It has AR filters like face changing, makeup and more. User Review: “I love this app so much its so easy to talk to friends. I love that you can FaceTime and call even if you have an android. But the inly thing is recently my camera is acting weird, I would take a picture without a filter and the picture would show a loading thing and make the picture really bad. I also have a android so that could be the reason but I tried to fix it but nothing would work and I deleted the app and it still does it. Do I have to put the focus setting on.” Download Snapchat
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8. Areeka – Augmented Reality for Education

Areeka is another among the top augmented reality apps for Android. It is an utmost Augmented Reality educational app that offers access to regularly improving and committing educational content. The app lets you see content come to life. You can use the app to see the historical incidents happening around you through AR technology. Its Interactive AR scenes can enrich any worksheet and learning poster.  User Review: “Great app and very very popular in schools with both teachers and students!” Download Areeka
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9. Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime is one of the top augmented reality apps for Android. It is a gaming app. It lets you play with world neighbors and friends. In the app, you are shown some portals. You have to hack those portals to lead your team ahead of your opponent. Play the game and be the agent to help the world around you.  User Review: “This is a very great game. The app runs quite smoothly and is very quick to respond unlike other ARG games. The only reason why a star is gone, is simply for the fact that you have to be a high level to do anything heavily meaningful. Adding more portals to an area that doesn’t have much, adding descriptions, adding photos, etc. It is a heavy grind and if you don’t have a lot of portals where you are already, you’re screwed. At a technical level, it’s good though.…“ Download Ingress Prime
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10. Houzz

One of the most spoken augmented reality apps for Android is Houzz. It is the No. 1 app for improving and designing rooms, kitchens, and the whole house. It helps you in everything related to home building, remodeling, and decorating. Use the camera on your phone to view how a product would look in your space. You can use the Sketch feature to add notes and draw on photos. User Review: “Less than 24 hours after I joined I was using this app to help solve a technical difficulty. A member quickly responded with the correct solution saving me a great deal of frustration, time and probably damage. A real simple fix that I wouldn’t have figured out myself. Also, there’s endless resources for my specific interests. I am very much benefiting from this app.…” Download Houzz
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11. Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive is one of the best gaming augmented reality apps for Android. Thanks to AR technology, this AR gaming app lets you visualize dinosaurs around you. You can feed and train dinosaurs and even breed new their new species in the gaming app. You can also post AR images and videos of your mythical dinosaurs to your social pages. User Review: “I’m few days deep into this game. It’s been a lot of fun collecting DNA for the dinos. Graphics are awesome. I still have more to explore in the game. Definitely expect a grind. There needs to be better direction for how to complete some objectives, maybe a list of available dinos you have that meet the requirements for the objective…” Download Jurrasic World
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12. Google Lens

Google Lens is one of the interesting augmented reality apps for Android. Google Lens is providing its users with Augmented Reality every day. It has more than a billion downloads on Play Store alone. Google Lens uses your smartphone camera. With AR technology, Google Lens helps you to search the names of anything around you. If you do not know what a thing is for or what it is called, you just launch the app and photograph the item. The rest is all up to Google Lens, it comes up with results as quickly as possible. The app can search plants, animals, brands, electronics, and almost everything.  User Review: “I Iove this app! It’s fun and super helpful! Most cars, plants, animals, album covers and the like it does a fantastic job. For more obscure things like small figurines and old China, It usually finds that if it’s out there. If not I can add a word or phrase to help the search engine..” Download Google Lens

Wrapping Up

In this article, I have mentioned the best augmented reality apps for Android. You will find gaming AR apps, social media AR apps, and decorating and designing AR apps alongside others. All apps on this list of augmented reality apps for Android are my favorite. In spite of this, I personally enjoy using PlantSnap and Google Lens. In addition to researching the names and other data of plants, animals, birds, flowers, and other unknown things around me, I have also learned a lot from them. PlantSnap is more accurate when it comes to searching plants. However, Google Lens has a vast field and is way better than PlantSnap at times. 


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