Event apps are a fantastic method to engage your attendees and make the most of their time at your event. There are some great apps out there to help organizers manage their events and ensure they run smoothly. Event apps have driven the interest and willingness of participants and hosts across the globe to attend and host events. Has your search for the best event apps met a dead end? Don’t worry! Here is a list of the best event apps to help you make your event a hit!

Best Event Apps for iOS in 2022

Have you ever been to a great event and desired to share it with your friends and family? Or perhaps you’re looking for an app that will help organize the planning process of your next big event. No matter the type of events you organize, these event apps for iOS can help make every aspect of planning an event easier than ever before! Below are seven of my favorite and the best event apps for iOS devices.

1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is one of the best event apps for iOS devices. It is a ticketing platform that can be used to sell and buy tickets for events. It also promotes and organizes events and encourages artists, speakers, and performers. With the Eventbrite iOS app, you can discover and add upcoming events to your calendar. You can also keep your credit and debit card saved on the app to buy tickets with one click in the future. It is safe, reliable, and an amazing app at the same time. If you’re an artist or performer, Eventbrite can be a great way to get your event attendees. It will help you engage with your fans, new friends, and more. Download:  Eventbrite   Also, read 15+ Best Augmented Reality Apps for Videos, Learning, Architecture & More

2. Whova

Whova is an award-winning app for event and conference management and my favorite among the best event apps for iOS. It is a free app that helps you find local events. It allows you to search for events by location and date, see what is nearby and get notifications about events. The interface is easy to use, and the app has a great design that makes it simple for users of all experience levels to navigate. If you are looking for something fun or interesting in your area, this app should be at the top of your list! The app is updated regularly with new features and improvements. It is available for iOS and Android, so you can download it on any device. There are no ads in the app, so all users can enjoy a clean experience without being interrupted by popups or other distractions. It has won the Event Technology Awards five years in a row. Download: Whova Also, read 12 Helpful Augmented Reality Apps for Android [Update 2022]

3. Slido

Slido is a free app with a clean and intuitive interface, making it one of the best event apps for iOS. Slido allows you to create, share and discover events. You can create your own event and invite friends to it. There are so many ways to find events around you. It’s very easy to use. All you need to signup is an email address or Facebook login (if you want some extra features). You can select the type of event—be it a meetup, conference, or concert— and add details like location, date, and time slots available in each session. The app provides detailed information on how many people have RSVP’d so far at each date and time slot. This helps organizers avoid possible last-minute cancellations, which can be stressful for them later. The app also features a built-in chat feature that allows users to communicate with one another while they’re planning their events. The chat function is very useful for event organizers, who can use it to communicate with attendees about any questions or concerns they may have regarding the event. This way, everything goes more smoothly, and everyone’s happy! Download: Slido Also, read 11 Useful Augmented Reality Apps for iOS/iPhone [Updated 2022]

4. StubHub

StubHub is the top app for event ticket buyers and resellers, it is one of the largest ticket marketplaces across the globe. So, it’s no surprise that StubHub is one of the best event apps for iOS. You can search for events by location or type and buy tickets directly from your iPhone. It offers different types of event tickets, baseball tickets, concert tickets, football tickets, and more. If you change your mind later, you can also resell the purchased ticket.  Some of the other features of StubHub include fast & easy checkout, seamless payments, finding and registering for events like sports, MLB, NFL, and more and more. Download:  StubHub
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5. SeatGeek

SeatGeek is the best app to find tickets to concerts, sports, and theater events. With SeatGeek, you can browse through a huge inventory of tickets for all kinds of events in your area. If you’re looking for a specific artist or venue, just select it from our search engine and then add it to your list of favorites so that when new tickets become available, they will automatically appear at the top of your list! It allows you to track your favorite teams, artists, and performers. You can find your desired seats in events like sports, even sold-out concerts, summer festivals, and more. These features and others make this app one of the best event apps for iOS to buy, sell and transfer event tickets. Download: SeatGeek Also, read 8 Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites and Apps in 2022

6. Eventseeker

Eventseeker is one of the best event apps for iOS for finding local events. You can search by location and date, filter by type of event (i.e., art festival), view reviews and details about each event, and share with friends via email or text message. The Eventseeker app also has an excellent interface that makes it easy to navigate through your search results—you just need to select the type of event you want from a dropdown menu at the top of each page. The app lets you play your favorite music from upcoming shows’ musical brands. You can purchase event tickets and discover events, festivals, etc., happening worldwide. It hosts videos and bios of the concert and events’ artists– comedians, musicians, and more. Download: Eventseeker Also, read 5 Best Apps To Improve the Quality of Your Photos | Make Flawless Photos

7. Songkick Concerts

Songkick Concerts is a free and one of the best event apps for iOS that provides an easy-to-use interface for finding concerts in your area. The database of shows is huge and constantly updated with new information. If you’re looking to see what’s playing at the moment, this is the best app to go for that information. Songkick Concerts has a lot more going on than its main feature. It offers a social aspect where users can buy tickets together and share photos and videos from their favorite artist’s live performances through its built-in photo editor tool. It has won awards like Cult of Mac, Billboard App of the Month, and UK iTunes App of the Week. It has a user base of over 15 million and other amazing features that make it one of the best event apps for iOS. Download: Songkick Concerts Also, read 9 Useful Apps Like Wattpad For Readers and Writers in 2022

Best Event Apps for Android in 2022

The event industry is booming ,and the best event apps for Android are taking advantage of this. The event-planning apps mentioned below will take care of every detail from beginning to end. They will save you time, energy ,and money so you can focus on the most important things — your guests and memories. Without further ado, let’s explore the apps.

1. CrowdCompass Events

CrowdCompass is one of the best event apps for Android. It is a powerful and popular event app that allows the user to find events and workshops and engage with other attendees. It connects users to the world of events by providing them with unparalleled access to a wealth of information and features such as viewing multiple events in a single app, knowing the agenda of the events, navigation of the event location, accommodation nearby, reviews ,and more. The app also provides users with a way to track their progress in an event. It does this by informing them about when sessions will take place and what time they need to get there if they want to make it on time. The app works offline so you don’t have to worry about the internet not working. All these features contribute toward making CrowdCompass one of the best event apps on Android Download: CrowdCompass Also, read 11 Best Grocery Apps Like Instacart You Need in 2022

2. Airmeet

Another app on the list of the best event apps for Android is Airmeet. It helps you in attending the events and networking with your co-attendees. You can join online events and meetings directly from the app. The app also lets you post your reviews about the event and its speaker. You can view upcoming sessions, events, and meetups with a click. The app is simple and has an attractive yet straightforward User Interface. Airmeet offers syncing between multiple devices, online registration with payment options, participant lists, and agenda creation. But it does so much more than most other apps – giving you the ability to set up reminders through push notifications, record minutes, and create polls with surveys that can be sent before or after an event to measure how well your guests are enjoying themselves, and much more. For me, as an organizer, this means less time preparing for my next meeting and more time doing what I love at those meetings: interacting with people who come from all over the world to have a chance at their dreams! Also, read 9 Best Instant Loan Apps Like Affirm: Buy Now, Pay Later!

3. All Events in City

All Events in City is one of the best event apps for Android. It offers to discover local events in your surroundings and nearby areas. You can buy tickets for the events and programs. The app offers a list of holiday events like Halloween parties, New Year’s Eve or Christmas parties, and more and their tickets as well. It also lets you connect with your friends and those attending the events with you. You can also share these events, find their locations, meet new people, add dates to your calendar, and many more features. The app categorizes the events– Parties, Businesses, and Dance and Music Concerts are some of them. There are many other bunches of features inside the All Events in City app, which make it one of the best event apps for Android. Download: All Events in City Also, read 11 Best Apps Like Houseparty in 2022: Connect with Your Friends!

4. EventMobi

EventMobi allows instant access to information about the upcoming events you are interested in. It is one of the most famous and best Android event apps for both attendees and hosts. You can access events, schedule your preferred ones, compete with fellow attendees, share your views, take notes, and more. The app lets you 1:1 message with other users, which boosts the possibility of getting new friends daily. You have to enter the codes sent to you by the event managers to get going and stay updated with their upcoming programs. Download: EventMobi Also, read 11 Best YouTube Alternatives: Must Try Apps like YouTube in 2022

 5. Hopin

Hopin is an online events platform that offers various features that allow attendees to learn, interact, and connect with people worldwide. The app’s features give the feel of reality, which makes it one of the best event apps for Android on my list. Hopin offers features: stages, networking, breakout sessions (roundtables), sponsors, tickets, analytics, and sponsors. You can connect with others and expand your friend circle, you can follow the schedules of the upcoming events, explore the event and do many more things with the help of the Hopin app on your smartphone. Another amazing thing about Hopin is that it is all online and free to attend! Download: Hopin Also, read 5 Best Apps To Improve the Quality of Your Photos | Make Flawless Photos

Wrapping Up

These are not the only event apps, there are many. However, I have collected them after checking and trying them myself. I hope you enjoyed the list of the best event apps for 2022. This should have helped you out in finding what is best for you. Now, next time when you’re looking to find a cool event happening around you and trying to buy their tickets, don’t just use Google or Bing to get started. Try out one of these event apps instead! They are going to provide you with the best offers.


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