As you might know, Twitter is a microblogging service for exchanging messages known as tweets. The reviews will be worth reading in this regard; Since it was introduced to the public, everyone went crazy! However, it happened gradually. Twitter was launched in 2006; in 2012, more than 100 million users posted 340 million daily tweets. With a net income of $13.37 billion, Twitter has the most followed celebrities.     Among the celebrities with billion of followers on Twitter, the most liked tweet ever at the top of the Most Liked Tweets of 2022 is the last tweet from the account of Chadwick Boseman by his family, with 7.2 Million likes. No Dramatic news, No suspense, but this tweet made the whole world cry. But what was the Tweet about? Curious to know? Wait! You’ll know more about it in the article. This was a list of the top 11 most liked twitter of 2022; let’s find out more about them. Stay Tuned! 

Top 11 Most Liked Tweets Of All Time

Twitter is one of the leading social media apps that always remain in the limelight. Remember when #RIPTwitter got trending on Twitter itself? This shows how unpredictable the platform is. But somehow, everyone sticks to it and uses it as a means of some official announcement platform. We don’t know which information is helpful for you, but all we know is about the top 10 of the Most Liked Tweets of all time. These are:

1. Chadwick Boseman @chadwickboseman | 7.1M Likes

The death of Chadwick Boseman made the whole world cry. The Black Panther superhero died after struggling with Colon Cancer for four years. His family posted this tweet through his official account (@chadwickboseman ) on August 28, 2020. The tweet quickly became number one on the list of the most liked tweets of all time, as people couldn’t believe that he was no more.    Also, read Top 10 Most Followed Accounts on Twitter

2. Elon Musk @elonmusk | 6.3 Million

After the Twitter buy-out, The world looked eagerly to know what the multi-billionaire would do next. Followers are making memes out of Elon’s tweets saying he will buy McDonald’s and fix ice cream machines next- Elon himself liked the tweet and posted it on his feed with a caption! But this tweet isn’t about McDonald’s. Out of the blue, making suggestions to bring on Twitter, Elon tweeted that he is buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in. The tweet has gone viral and made it to the second most liked Twitter post in the history of Twitter after Chadwick Boseman. Elon Musk surpassed the long-time record of the former president, Barack Obama.

3. Barack Obama @BarackObama | 4.1 Million

Dad, husband, President, citizen. In  August 2017, beloved Obama posted a picture of him with the babies and wrote the caption, “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion…“. This tweet had the hearts of many people worldwide right away. It wasn’t long before it became the second in most liked tweet of all time and got 4.1 million likes. 

4. Joe Biden @JoeBiden | 4 Million Likes

The newly elected President of the United States, Joe Biden, tweeted this message on 20 January. Just after Donald Trump left Washington for good, Joe Biden tweeted, “It’s a new day in America.” For some apparent reasons, the new president is much more loved than the former president, and 4 Million likes on his tweet express people’s feelings towards him. Soon it became number three on the most-liked tweets of all time.

5. Barack Obama @BarackObama | 3.7 Million Likes

On 26 January 2020, Barack Obama tweeted his condolences on the death of famous American basketball player Kobe Bryant. He died in an unfortunate helicopter crash. The tragedy was not of the family alone but of everyone who knew Kobe. The tweet got 3.7 million likes becoming the fourth most-liked tweet of all time.

6. Andy Milonakis @andymilonakis | 3.5 Million Likes

When COVID-19 was on the rise in May 2020, and the world was devastated by the cruel murder of George Floyd, the American comedian Andy Milonakis posted this tweet in sarcasm about what was happening worldwide. The tweet refers to the launch of Crew Dragon Demo-2 by SpaceX. The tweet got liked 3.5 million times and instantly came in as the most liked tweets of all time. The tweet was immensely relatable to the people. Also, read How to Find Your Liked Videos On TikTok? [Updated 2022]

7. Elon Musk @elonmusk | 3.3 Million Likes

Elon Musk is a multi-billionaire who loves to make headlines every time. He constantly talks with his followers through his tweets. When rumors peaked, he tweeted that he would buy Twitter. As a hint of what would be his priority if he bought Twitter, he encouraged the practice of free speech by mentioning his critics on Twitter. People had gone crazy over the sneak peek and made it into the 6th most liked tweet on Twitter. The crazier thing was he bought Twitter the next day for a golden $44 billion!! Just Elon things. Also, read Do You Know About Most Liked Post on Instagram in 2022? Impossible!

8. Jungkook @BTS_twt | 3.2 Million Likes

Jungkook, a BTS member, as if he needs any introduction. You might already be fans of BTS and call yourselves a part of the BTS army. Well, this tweet of him has his selfie in which he is kinda pouting, and in the caption, there is a single emoji of similar pouty lips. Interestingly, this selfie and single emoji got him 3.2 million likes. The fans went crazy, like they do most of the time, and showered him with love. No one would have ever thought this simple picture would be one of the most liked tweets of 2022. Not just that, it is also the most liked tweet ever.

9. Kamala Harris @KamalaHarris | 3.1 Million Likes

The first-ever black female vice-president of the United States, Kamala Harris, tweeted this on 7 November 2020 when the election results came out. The tweet also has a video of her saying, “ We did it, we did it, Joe, You are going to be the next President of the United States.” Most of the US population felt the same way. It was overwhelming and magical. The tweet got 3.1 million likes, and we are happy about it. Also, read 30+ Most Liked Videos on YouTube [UPDATED 2022]

10. Joe Biden @JoeBiden | 3.1 Million Likes

On the epic day of election results, 7 November 2020, Joe Biden tweeted this message to all Americans. He was overwhelmed with the trust people had put in his word and wanted to reassure the people of America that he would be President of the citizens. This tweet of Joe Biden got over 1 million likes in the first hour after posting alone. Today it has a total of over 3.1 million likes, and in 2022 this tweet came on number eight on the most liked tweets. It is because people welcomed him with open arms and many expectations. It seems like he will be a good one. Also, read How to Find Your Most Liked Tweet on Twitter | Know Your Popularity!

11. Never Not @BTS_twt | 3 Million Likes

It is not a secret that BTS singer Jungkook loved Lauv. In an interaction in November 2019, the singer confessed his love for Lauv, the international singer. He even mentioned the singer’s song Never Not and enjoyed singing it. So, it is no surprise that he covered the song in his magical voice. This is also among the most liked twitter post of 2022. Also, read 21 Most Liked Posts on Instagram 2022 | Billie Eilish Rules The List

Most Liked Tweets of All Time

Wrapping Up

Knowing the top most liked tweets is very interesting for someone like me who is always curious about celebrities and what they are tweeting now. Before Twitter, there wasn’t any easy online interaction between fans, their favorite stars, politicians, or the local public. Twitter has shortened this distance between the people of the two worlds and has repeatedly proven to be the best communication system. So this was an article on the top 11 most liked tweets in 2022. Suppose you want to give us any feedback, comment down below. See ya!


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