Just like this, we also found a fake Instagram post generator tool that you can use to create a fake post with millions of likes and comments. Many people use it to prank friends on social media. We have tried everything on Instagram. From using the best editing apps to making our Instagram story aesthetic, we have done everything to make our profile look its best. When it comes to stalking, we always make sure not to like any of their posts, which we do almost every time (accidentally). Ahh! What a Fail! But not anymore! There is a way for you to stalk anyone without ever coming to notice. Yep, it’s totally anonymous.  If you are getting too curious then I won’t beat around the bush anymore. Let’s get started with the best Private Instagram Viewer Tools right away. Stay Tuned!!

11 Free Private Instagram Viewer Apps & Tools in 2022

The Private Instagram Viewer apps and sites we have mentioned are basically tools that will allow you to see anyone’s Instagram profile, even if you are blocked by them. How’s that possible? Well, it is because you don’t need an Instagram profile to stalk them. You only need any one of these tools to view any profile, even if it is a private account.  These apps and tools aren’t only easy-to-use but are also free of cost. How Amazing!! Now, you must be thinking about how you can use these Private Instagram Viewer apps and sites?  Easy, if you are using any of the sites mentioned below, jump to their domain, you’ll see a text box. Enter the username of the Instagram account that you want to stalk, click ‘Submit’ or ‘Go’, whatever is written on the OK button. That’s it. After a few or no clicks, you’ll see every picture they have posted till now. Isn’t that Great?  Using Private Instagram Viewer Apps is similar to the above method. With only a few variations. I am sure you’ll just love these Instagram viewer apps as much as you love Helper Tools for Instagram, if not more. Also, read What Is 0x0 0x0 Error | How to Fix 0x0 0x0 Windows Error Permanently

1. Gwaa

First on the list of the best private Instagram viewer apps is Gwaa. Gwaa is one of the most trusted and secure applications to view someone’s private profile. The best thing about Gwaa is that it primarily focuses on extracting information from the target account. They will provide you with information about the account including the post they share, their comments, followers, and following. It is one of the free private Instagram viewer. Some of the best features of Gwaa includes:

2. Instalooker 

Instalooker is considered the best tool for spying and hacking Instagram account. This Instagram viewer tool has a simple user interface. It is 100% safe & legal to use without any malware or virus.  For using these tools, you have to visit Instalooker. After clicking on the link, the first screen of the website will open & in the middle of the screen, you will find the ‘Spy Now‘ option and click on it to reach the next window.  There you will find a box, type the username of the private account you want to spy upon, and then hit the ‘start viewer‘ option to get the results within seconds.

3. mSpy 

mSpy is a great app when it comes to hacking. How can it not be? It is available for both iPhone & Android. With mSpy, you can see everything that happens on somebody’s phone. You just have to install the mSpy app on your target’s phone and it will monitor all their activities. Now that’s smart! The most amazing thing about this Private Instagram Viewer is that the target can never know such an app is installed on their phone.  You will be able to see your target’s text messages, their call logs, and even social media activities. That includes not just Instagram but a lot of other popular social networking platforms.  So what are you waiting for? Download it right now!!!
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4. PrivateInsta 

PrivateInsta is a wow tool for viewing someone’s Instagram profile without using your own IG account. The tool is compatible with Windows, iOS, OSX, and Android Operating systems.  PrivateInsta keeps your identity totally anonymous, even when you check out each and every one of their pictures.  Visit their site, and you’ll see a text box, enter the username and click on the submit button. Before you know you’ll be able to download the pictures they posted. In order to download and view the pictures, there’s a short survey you would have to complete.  That’s fair, only if you get to see someone’s profile anonymously.  Also, Read 5 Best Instagram Repost Apps 2022 (for Android and iPhone)

5. Private Instagram Viewer

If you were looking for a Private Instagram Viewer with no survey then this tool was made just for you. The site works on every platform and is compatible with many operating systems.  There are no surveys for this tool and it is completely free to try. What more could any stalker ask for? Just visit the site, enter the username and click on the IG account you were looking for.  You’ll see the option to ‘Unlock & View Photo’ on the next screen. After a few seconds, your page will be unlocked and you’ll have access to view all the private pictures of the user’s profile. It’s a Private Instagram Viewer that works finely. Also, Read All-New Desktop Post Feature on Instagram in 2022

6. SpyHuman

A genuine app for monitoring Instagram activities. SpyHuman provided many tracking services. It’s a Private Instagram Viewer that works and can be used by everyone.  SpyHuman is simply amazing and it’s because of the features the tool provided. Wait, you are going to be amazed!  You’ll be able to check the IG conversations, pictures, and videos shared. It even provides you the contact numbers of users your target is communicating with. You’ll discover a lot of uncommon features on SpyHuman.  Also, check out 8 Reasons to Schedule Instagram Posts and Stories in 2022

7. InstaGramies

An easy Private Instagram Viewer site to check out some’s IG profile anonymously. InstaGramies can be used on any browser and is equally efficient on all of them.  Just like the other tools, write the username in the textbox and wait till you see all the pictures and posts on your screen.  At the start, all posts would be in a hidden mode, click on the arrow displaying just next to the pictures to unlock them.  Do not miss the 7 Tips to Make a Good First Impression With Your Instagram profile

8. InstaGrab

If you are looking for the best private Instagram viewer apps with no survey then InstaGrab is truly the best option for you. You can easily download anything and by anything I mean literally anything your see on Instagram. Simply visit the InstaGrab tool and paste the link of your post and stories (or even reels). That’s all you need to use InstaGrab, a link.

9. Like Creeper

Like Creeper is also one of the easiest private apps and tools to view private instagram accounts. You don’t need to install anything to use the Like Creeper tool. That’s why it’s also safe to use Like Creeper. You don’t need to fill in any personal details, just visit and use. Enter the username of the profile you want to view and click on enter. Wait for a minute and Tadaa! You’ll see your desired results super quickly.

10. Instagram++

This is another free private Instagram viewer application. With Instagram++, you can have access to your private accounts without letting Instagram know. The results are instant and the app needs no verification. The user interphase is friendly. The only downside we observed is, that you might have to download an additional two applications on your phone to work this application.

11. WatchInsta

This is another excellent free private Instagram viewer. You can access your private account without logging into Instagram. You can export the data into a zip file and it auto-checks the updates. The only lagging time is the 2-3 minute long verification at the beginning.

Wrapping Up

Checking someone’s Instagram profile was always fun but not this much. After using these Private Instagram Viewer apps and sites you won’t be able to stop yourself from stalking. Now the question arises, do you want to be a pro stalker?  All these Private Instagram Viewer tools are super amazing and super easy to use. Out of all these, I really liked SpyHuman because of its wide services and reliability.  What’s your favorite one out of all these Private Instagram Viewer apps? Comment below your views.  Keep Stalking! Visit us again and have a great day!


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