You already know about the most followed accounts on Instagram. Now, it’s time for you to explore the part where you actually learn from the hard-working ladies. They are doing what they love and nothing else makes us happier. Some travel with their two-year-old kids, while others are into home fitness regimes. Whatever it is you can be sure that you will be inspired, no matter what.  Some accounts from this list of female Instagram influencers are verified while others are not. When we were looking for female Instagram influencers, we wanted to bring people that are worthy of fame but aren’t as appreciated. All these ladies have built their empires with consistent hard work and utter passion. Let’s not keep you waiting and quickly go through each one of our talented ladies. 

13 Female Instagram Influencers To Follow RN!

Okay, I’ll give you some hints. A top female Instagram Influencer from this list manages a billion-dollar business, the other is an actress from Love Island and another travels with her little babies. Can you believe that? As impossible it might seem, these women have made it all possible and that’s the only reason you should follow them.  Moreover, you want some happy vibes from Instagram, not the same age-old crap we see every day. So, follow better people on the most popular social media app and have fun. 

1. Emma Chamberlain | 14.6 Million

Genre: Entertainment/YouTube Personality Since the day she started her YouTube  Channel, Emma Chamberlain has hit the internet no less than a sensation. I am sure you have seen her viral pictures of Met GALA this year. (btw she interviewed stars like Gigi Hadid and Lil Nas X at the Met) However, there are some facts about this female Instagram influencer that not many people know about.  Emma Chamberlain is a seventeen-year-old whose Instagram speaks for itself. Emma’s every post on IG get’s more than 1.5 million likes and that counts for more than 25% engagement rate for every post. WHOA! We should definitely learn from her how to get more reach on Instagram.  The stats of Emma Chamberlain’s Instagram are more striking than Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez. Besides her stats, her IG is pretty cool. I specifically like her aesthetic stories and posts. 

2. Kayla Itsines | 13.6 Million Followers

Genre: Health/Fitness Kayla Itsines is a female Instagram influencer we all actually need in our life. She has got 13.6 million followers on the app for a reason and that reason is fitness. Layla has been in the fitness scene for a long time and she still is among the top influencers on Instagram.  From posting tasty and healthy recipes to updating great workout routines, Kayla Itsiness is your body’s guru, in every sense. You can see literally hundreds of exercises and regular advice and you can learn a lot from her.   Kayla Itsiness has a little daughter and she takes care of her along with taking care of her body. Most moms find it hard to take care of themselves after birth, but women like Kayle change the narrative every day and we are proud of them. 

3. Huda Kattan | 2.3 Million Followers

Genre: Beauty We all have used and loved the products of Huda Beauty, it’s time to know about the woman behind the name, Huda Kattan. The lady has revolutionized the way makeup was perceived, but do you know how she started her journey of makeup? Huda Kattan used to post makeup tips on her social media accounts and fast forward to this date, she has created an empire for herself. Firstly, Huda Kattan was an MUAa, then she became a beauty blogger and finally landing to being a businesswoman. Now, that’s what you call a success story.  Today, Huda Beauty is a billion-dollar brand and despite her extreme wealth, Huda Kattan still works on her Instagram account posting great makeup tips regularly. She’s one of the best female Instagram influencers in the world for sure. 

4. Zara McDermott | 1.6 Million Followers

Genre: Lifestyle Zara McDermott has faced massive popularity after her role in Love Island. She gained a significant amount of followers on Instagram. Besides being a great female Instagram influencer, Zara McDermott is also a YouTuber. She shares her vlogs on YouTube. Giving us massive body goals, Zara McDermott’s Instagram account is one of the most amazing accounts you will ever come across on the platform. From travel to her luxurious lifestyle, you’ll see all of it there. Many people don’t know this, but Zara McDermott was a government adviser at Essex before she got her fame. 

5. Olivia Jade | 1.3 Million Followers

Genre: Fashion/Beauty Olivia Jade is known for many reasons but let’s start from the beginning. Olivia Jade is the daughter of fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli and Lori Loughlin, the Fuller House star. Despite coming from a strong background, Olivia Jade started her YouTube channel in 2014, where she posted nearly everything about her life.  Olivia says, “I have a strong passion for makeup and fashion and I love sharing my passion with all of you guys here on YouTube.” She was recently nominated by the Shorty awards as the “Breakout YouTuber” of the year. If that’s not a big thing, then I don’t know what is.  Being an amazing female Instagram influencer, Olivia has more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram and her IG community is growing every day. While her YouTube channel is filled with great content, you’ll see her posting the behind-the-scenes of her vlogs on IG.  

6. Hamamat Montia | 1.2 Million Followers

Genre: Lifestyle If you use Instagram on a daily basis and haven’t heard of Hamat, then you are simply wasting your time. Using words like Beauty and Grace to explain her characteristics would be a shame. This Goddess of a woman is Hamamat Montia and she is one of the best Female Instagram influencers. Hamamat Montia goes by the username iamhamamat on Instagram and she is not just an influencer. This power lady comes from the core of Ghana and is a businesswoman. This African beauty has a brand named HAMAMAT and it features handmade and purest form of Shea Butter. Along with being a black Instagram influencer, Hamamat is a mother and is a great human being. Just check out her profile on Instagram and you will want to stare at her for the rest of your life. I am not Kidding!!!!

7. Anastasia Kingsnorth | 1 Million Followers

Genre: Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle Although she calls herself a video creator, Anastasia Kingsnorth is the next female Instagram influencer on our list. She is primarily a lifestyle YouTuber who has grabbed the attention of millions.  Posting about her lifestyle, fashion tips, and beauty, you will be impressed by Anastasia’s IG profile at the first look. She will definitely have your undivided attention on IG. After all, that’s the work of an Instagram Influencer. She posts regular reels on Instagram and co-hosts a show ‘Friends Without Benefits’. Anastasia Kingsnorth has even launched her own merch and has collaborated with the big names like Daniel Wellington, Spotify, Body Shop, Rimmel London on the platform. 

8. Jordan Lipscombe | 509k Followers

Genre: Beauty/Fashion Jordan Lipscombe is the seventh female Instagram influencer we are talking about. Primarily being a YouTuber and having more than 1.5 million subscribers on the platform she is one of the upcoming top Influencers in the UK. Currently, her fans are devoted to her YouTube channel for her beauty tips. Although the Instagram following of Jordan Lipscombe is still in Ks, you can easily see her with a million followers in the near future. Jordan is only 23 right now and is already creating goals for all of us. She has worked with Hairburst, NYX Cosmetics, Nivea, and BeautyBay, and you can surely see her working with every big name in a few years.  Jordan Lipscombe posts her ‘getting ready’ makeup videos on her Instagram account along with some aesthetically pleasing pictures. If you don’t follow her, know that you are missing out on some great content from a female Instagram influencer.  

9. Khoudia Diop aka Melanin Goddess | 490k Followers

Genre: Fashion/ Lifestyle Ladies and gentle, behold your breath as I bring you the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth. Never had I ever imagined a person to look this beautiful. Khoudia Diop is the darkest woman on our planet and god she takes away my breath. With a follower count of 490k, our Melanin Goddess, rightly named so, is also a Senegalese fashion model. We could definitely learn a lot from her sense of style. Despite blowing away people with her looks, Khoudia Diop is leading a great life after facing a lot of difficulties. Bullies and a**holes never good people alone and the same also happened to her. However, despite everything, Khoudia is shining her way through life and I can’t take my eyes off her. Can you?

10. Carly Rowena | 169k Followers

Genre: Health/Fitness Focusing her niche on health and fitness, Carly Rowena is a simple, down-to-earth mother and a female Instagram influencer. She posts daily life stuff like hanging out with her baby or going on a walk and it just makes life look a little easy.  Her home workout sessions are an inspiration to all the new moms all over the world. Her cute videos with her baby, enjoying the little things of life are just dreams and that’s what makes her one of the best female Instagram influencers. Contentment and Health being the two goals in her life, Carly Rowena is also a great person.  You’ll get all the happy vibes from the Instagram account of Carly Rowena and before you know you’ll be addicted to her reels. 

11. Em Sheldon | 121k Followers

Genre: Fashion/Travel/Fitness/Beauty/Lifestyle If you aren’t following Em Sheldon on Instagram, I’m sorry, you’re missing out on some really great stuff. Em Sheldon is your best source of getting hooked to the latest trends, fitness talk, and beauty world. The girl shares all her life experiences so effortlessly on Instagram.  From eating on the beach to sharing her best pictures on the gram, Em Sheldon makes sure she has our attention all the time. Her dog, best friends, and food are among the top things you’ll often see on her IG feed.  Em Sheldon is also the winner of Cosmo’s Best Newcomer and In Style’s Top Lifestyle & Travel Blogger. So, Cosmo and In Style Magazine have definitely seen some great potential in this female Instagram influencer. Follow her right now and continue to get amazed. 

12. Travel Mad Mum | 101k Followers

Genre: Travel Don’t you just love it when women make a life they are passionate about? I know, we all love and adore strong women. Well, guess what? This inspirational lady is not only building her own life but is also taking her whole family on an adventure.  Travel Mad Mum is a female Instagram influencer whose IG feed is filled with the most beautiful places in the world. Karen Edward is the real name of Travel Mad Mum. She started her travel vlogging during her year-long maternity leave and after having so much fun with it, Travelling is now her full-time profession. Karen Edward is an award-winning face behind the Travel Mad Mum blog and her Instagram feed will make you get out of your bed and go to the breathtaking places she posts about. To date, Karen has visited 81 countries and she’s not stopping anytime soon. 

13. Sophia and Cinzia | 73.3k Followers

Genre: Fashion/Beauty Sophia and Cinzia are doing pretty great in their personal accounts but now they have also started their journey together. The account @sophiaandcinzia on Instagram has only 73.3k followers but Sophia has a follower count of 405k and Cinzia has the same of 466k.  Sophia and Cinzia are basically living the lives of every pair of best friends in this world. They travel together, pose and click pictures, and have made enormous money out of Instagram.  Both Sophia and Cinzia are going to be the leading female Instagram influencers and every other day they collaborate with Zara, Nasty Gal, and Topshop. Their pair definitely gives some huge bestie goals and we look forward to more aesthetic posts from these two beauties. 

Wrapping Up

Writing about all these beautiful ladies (inside out) was truly amazing. All of them are my absolute favorites and I am sure you’ll be hooked to their Instagram profiles too after reading this article. But if I were to choose one, it would definitely be Travel Mad Mum. I mean she’s living her best life with her kids. That’s amazing!   If you like this piece on “Female Instagram Influencers”, then comment below and tell us about your views. We will come back with more inspiring and interesting stuff. Till then, keep visiting us again. Share this article with the strong women in your life. Have a Great Day!


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