People these days are hooked to social media like never before, as most of us are working from home due to the pandemic. Checking out random stuff on Instagram has become a favorite pastime for almost everyone. If you are a writer by heart or by profession and you want to make money out of the content you write, then it’s a great time for you to start using Instagram. It can prove to be an ideal platform for you to increase your public dissemination. You can earn money on Instagram in very simple ways. Some of the ways are: These ways will help you earn money on Instagram. Read further to know more about these strategies.

How can you Make Money on Instagram?

Making money online or otherwise is not as easy as you may think because everything takes effort, dedication, and time to flourish. Even a flower requires water, sunlight, soil for itself to bloom. Similarly, making money online requires a great platform, good audience, an attractive social media profile, ads, and most importantly patience and faith inwhatever you do. Here are some tips which you can follow to start your career as a writer on Instagram.

1. Make an Attractive Instagram Profile

The first and far most important thing to start your career as a paid writer is to make an account on Instagram. Making an account onInstagram is quite easy but maintaining it requires consistency andquality content. Having an attractive account with a good bio, professional picture and username would draw your account’s attention towards people. Your profile should depict who you are and what you are capable of! Also, read 7 Tips to Make a Good First Impression With Your Instagram profile

2. Keep your Bio Short and Crisp

It is really important to keep your bio short and crisp as nobody isgoing to read long paragraphs about yourself. Try to keep your Instagram bio concise and to the point. This will not only show yourprofessionalism but will also draw the attention of the people who are fond of reading new content. Also, you might reach out to those who are looking to hire content writers.

3. Post Meaningful Content

Posting content that correlates with your work is an important wayto showcase your talent. Do not post random stuff which has nothing to do with your skills or lacks professionalism. Posting sensible content which matches your bio would help in establishing trust between you and the people who can hire you as a writer or at least would help you gain the targeted audience. Also, read Top 8 Pro Tips on How to Get More Reach on Instagram (2021 Updated) For instance, if you post any picture, add a meaningful caption in the description. This would help in displaying your writing skills. You can also flaunt the books you have read or are currently reading to show your interest in reading and writing. This would give your audience a glimpse of your personality and would eventually help you have hirers seeking a good writer, having good command over English.

4. Organic Followers

By organic followers, I mean having followers who are real and not the paid ones. Indulging in follow-follow back loops will only increase your following and not help you gain followers interested in your work. Try making a strong, organic follower base to expand your reach with the public as only having the right followers could lead you to your desired path. You can even use an Instagram follower tracking app to keep a track of your growth.

If you have your website or other social media pages which show your potential, never hesitate to add a link to your profile on Instagram. This would navigate the readers and probably the hirers to your other pages, eventually adding feathers to your hat. Also, read How to Add Clickable Links to Instagram?

6. Promotions

Once you establish a social media base, promotions play an important role in spreading awareness about your account, that you exist. You can either create ads that can come in between the feeds or you can attract an audience by doing giveaways. For instance, you can offer exciting discounts on rendering your services or by giving away the books that you may have written. Promotions can be in any form. They will help to attract a large audience for sure.

7. Contact the Right Person/Organization

Writing content for genuine brands can help you gain more writing opportunities in the future. It is important to approach the right kind of person/ organization who can utilize your potential and can recommend you for future write-ups. Also, read How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2021: Expert’s Top Advice

8. Consistency

Good things take time. Be consistent in whatever you do as consistency is the key to unlock your dreams. Do not showcase all that you have at once, have patience and unfold your talent slowly. This would help you sustain for a longer period.

9. Explore your Skills

You should be well aware of your writing skills. Keep on exploring and widening your horizons as it will fetch you more job opportunities, this would consequently help you in making more money. You can write articles for a page, can provide quality captions to describe images for a page, or can even review products/ services available on Instagram and otherwise. Other than this, you can always explore and work according to your needs and capabilities.

10. Have Patience and Faith in Yourself

Last but not the least, you need to have faith in your efforts and yourself. Building a castle takes time, similarly establishing yourself in any field takes time. Have patience and keep on chasing your dreams until they turn into reality. Don’t stop until you are in the right direction. Once you find a way, just keep yourself motivated to be a better version of yourself and keep on achieving new heights. Stay positive in your actions and thoughts as positivity leads to bigger achievements in life. Feature Image Credits: Shopify


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