With the new year, Whatsapp has decided to update itself to provide an even better experience to its users. So let’s go through all the upcoming Whatsapp updates in 2022.

All the New WhatsApp Updates in 2022

WhatsApp continuously changes and updates its features to cater to the need of its users. While many such improvisations could be seen throughout 2021, WhatsApp isn’t taking a back seat in 2022. It is ready to take a step further and introduce even more fascinating Whatsapp feature updates. Let’s take a look at them –

1. Hide Your ‘LAST SEEN’ From Specific Contacts

We all have those annoying kinds of people… that just can’t keep their noses out of our business. So for such special species, we need special updates, and this is one of them. Though WhatsApp already allows you to hide your last seen from your contacts, selecting a few was not an option. But with this latest Whatsapp update in 2022, you could hide your last seen from a certain handful of people. Moreover, you would be able to see the Last seen of all the others. This Whatsapp feature update is already present in the beta version and will be coming out in the upcoming weeks.

2. Chat Transfer From Android to iOS

WhatsApp had a busy 2021, with all its exciting features. One of the new WhatsApp updates rolled out during 2021 was the option to transfer your chat history from your iPhone to your Android devices. But the vice versa was not possible, and Android users couldn’t transfer their chats to iOS.  But now, with Whatsapp updates in 2022, it will be possible to transfer chats from Android phones to iPhone. Also, read How to permanently hide WhatsApp chats?

3. Communities Feature

Unable to keep up with all the groups on Whatsapp? Don’t worry; WhatsApp is here to save you from missing out on essential data. Another feature of Communities will be launched soon in WhatsApp updates that will let you club various Whatsapp groups under 1 community. By linking up to 10 groups, you can make a community group that will have a squared icon, unlike group chat icons. Based on reports by WABetaInfo, there will also be an announcement section reserved only for admins from where they can send messages to all the groups.

4. Removing Time Limit For Deleting Sent Messages

Face it, you all had an experience where you regretted sending a particular text and regretted more that it took you so long to realize. Currently, Whatsapp allows you to unsend or delete a Text message within 68 minutes ( 4,096 seconds), but with this new WhatsApp update in 2022, you can delete your sent message anytime.  Well, now you can finally keep up your no message Resolutions after you break them by sending a message to Your Ex Intentionally..!! Also, read about WhatsApp disappearing messages

5. Introducing Multi-Device Support

Well, I am not sure this is a piece of good news or bad news for you because this Whatsapp update can go both ways- Where on one side, you can easily access your Whatsapp account without depending on a particular Smartphone; So can your girlfriend or boyfriend, and we all know how this will play out. Since you can use your Whatsapp account from another phone or a desktop, you won’t have to wait for your phone to get updates on any emergency situation; instead, log in from another device and carry on. This Whatsapp Update is also present in the Beta version and will be soon available to you among Whatsapp updates in 2022.

6. More Control To Admins

Sad news for you- mischievous students !! Now, you can’t get away anymore with your jokes in the class group. This feature was in much requirement in 2021 due to these notorious students whom teachers can’t control in lockdown. The upcoming Whatsapp update in 2022 would let group chat admins have more power and delete any message sent by its participants. Group admins can make use of this whenever they want.

7. Businesses Nearby

Whatsapp is working on a new update called Business Nearby that will allow users to search for a business on WhatsApp. Now, take more advantage of this app and use this new tool to get your information on stores, restaurants, clothing shops, and many more.

8. Instagram Reels on WhatsApp

Can’t get enough of Reels?? Here’s good news… Whatsapp updates are introducing a Reels section on the app. This feature will allow users to watch Instagram Reels directly from the messaging app. Sources are also saying that this could be a part of WhatsApp’s integration plan with other Facebook-owned apps. I guess we can say– Reels are only One Click Away..!! WhatsApp is there to save the day.

9. Message Reactions

Whatsapp definitely isn’t one to sit back on all the new trends. Whether it is about sending money or sending Gifs, Whatsapp has taken care of everything. Now, it is also thinking of incorporating Whatsapp updates of reacting to specific messages in chats. You can use different emoticons to express your actual reactions. At present, around 6 emoji reactions are confirmed.

10. WhatsApp Logout

We all need a break from time to time… especially when someone is snooping over our accounts. There will be a WhatsApp update in 2022 that will replace the existing ‘Delete Account’ button with the WhatsApp logout option. According to WaBetaInfo, the app will introduce a new logout option that will allow the users to log out temporarily from their devices. This feature update was recently seen in the Beta version and is said to be soon launched for both IOS and Android versions.

Wrapping Up

Well, the New year is bringing you new WhatsApp. Just when you thought the app couldn’t get better, there it is- all the Upcoming Whatsapp Updates in 2022. I hope you received all the information you need on New WhatsApp features of 2022.  Do share your thoughts; what do you think of these new exciting Whatsapp features and updates ?? and tell me which update intrigued you the most. Auf Wiedersehen..!! Happy texting.


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