Trending videos on TikTok allows you to create an audience reach for your profile, and no one can stop you from becoming a popular influencer on TikTok. For Generation Z, the fuel rising of TikTok hashtags or dance challenges creates a huge influence and continues for months. It is the best entertainment activity to do in your leisure time. In this article, I have covered the 10 trending top videos on TikTok and you will understand how the creators are taking advantage of accepting these fresh ideas to be on top of your timeline feed. Keep reading this article.

You want to know how the top videos on TikTok impacted everyone. Let’s be updated about this information and see all the viral sensation list one by one. Read the following  steps below:

1. Drone Challenge

The Drone video of the man wearing a blue shirt, sunglasses, and headphones became a viral sensation on TikTok and was dancing to “Stay” sung by Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber. The man was shaking his body and doing the rotating action with his arms. This video created a buzz all over the TikTok platform and stands among the top videos on TikTok. Also, read How To Do Celebrity Look Alike On TikTok? Use Shapeshift Filters The video received around 43.9 million likes and 313 million views. It was unbelievable to see a random dance turn into the popular top videos on TikTok.  Everyone started creating the videos in different ways. Whether on dusty sand or in public. No place left unattended.

2. Chipmunks Challenge

You might be imagining Elvin and the Chipmunks! Right? Chipmunk challenge filled our hearts with love and the bubbly chipmunks became a trending sensation all over TikTok. Hiding the nuts in his tiny mouth with tiny hands wins millions of hearts. It was good to see how many nuts are being filled by Chipmunk and side by side managing eye contact with the person who is giving nuts. The video gained 263 million views and a massive number of followers of around 11 million. The video stands on No.2 among the top videos on TikTok.

3. Catherine Benson’s Restocking

Catherine Benson’s restocking household items won millions of hearts with almost 205 million viewers on her videos. The video created a huge hit and was ranked among the top videos on TikTok. If you scroll through her page, you will find everything from restocking household things to refilling the containers and creating a hit on TikTok.  Also, read Top Female TikTok Influencers In The UK | See Who Is Living Your Dream Life I know you all feel relaxed while watching her videos and want to organize everything in the same manner. While restocking the things, the soothing sound is an add-on.  While opening a drawer or filling the candies in a jar, the sensational sound urged all of us to do the shopping right away.

4. My_aussie_gal- Doggie Painting

Have you ever heard about the multi-talented dog with some artistic skills to draw the painting on her own? Yes, you heard it right, it was the most viral sensation and everyone was surprised to see the trained dog showcasing her painting skills and drawing a sunflower. People could not stop sending her love and ranked among trending top videos on TikTok. Secret the Australian shepherd won millions of hearts with around 183 million views. In a recent video, she was seen baking a cake. Now she will become a popular chef, the amazing Secret.

5. Zach king- Disappearing In Artwork

Zech King became a popular sensation on TikTok when he uploaded his videos. He was seen disappearing in his artwork and thrilled the audience on TikTok. He was scored among the 5 top popular videos on TikTok. He is a pro in making the loop videos with his amazing artwork. Also, read Top 10 Male TikTok Influencers In The UK | No Celebrity On The List!

6. Infinity Challenge

Infinity challenge gained popularity all over the TikTok platform. People were seen holding a ring light and transitioning to a dark room with the ring light behind their shoulders. Infinity challenge created a viral sensation. Infinity challenge video received around 730 million views. Creators used fresh ideas to create a unique effect in their videos. If you want to do it, see the steps below:

Hold a ring light in your hand while keeping the lights on in your room.Record a video and move the ring light from the camera. When you slowly drop the ring light. Give a pause and stop recording your video.Next, put off the lights of your room, hold the ring light, and complete recording your video.

7. Tracy OJ-The Original Woman Dance Video

Tracy Joseph became a viral sensation on TikTok. She posts dance videos and lip-syncs videos. She won millions of hearts and has around 6 million fans. When she posted a video in August, “Woman by Doja cat” gained around 174 views. It created a trendy wave all over TikTok. She does amazing choreography, all the people have seen imitate her dance skills. Also, read Top 15 TikTokers In The UK Along With Their Networth | Look Who Tops The List?

8. Chaottic Goood- Please Don’t Go

Chaottic Goood’s video became a viral video on TikTok. Chaotic Good was seen taking a road trip accompanied by her bestie. Her funny video gained 20 million views and 4.7 million likes. The video received the title of 7th top video on TikTok. People imitated this song while sitting in a  car, with a wavy breeze coming from the windows, wearing a short headscarf and sunglasses. It created more fun when it was seen people doing this challenge along with their cute pets.

9. Bro, Who Got You Smiling Like That

Do you remember that viral sound on TikTok? where Zeddywill was asked by his friend why he is smiling while looking at his phone? It created a huge sensation all around TikTok and the video gained around 30.9 million views.  People were seen doing the same trend by holding their phone and texting someone, adding the song, and the lyrics appearing on the screen as “ Yo Bro, who got you smiling like that”.

10. Sunisa Lee Celebrating her gold medal

Sunisa Lee gained huge support on TikTok after she won the gold medal in Tokyo 2021 Olympics, She gained around 30.9 million views on her videos. She was seen happily celebrating her success. Her celebration on TikTok won millions of hearts with her amazing dance moves. People could not stop giving her tons of likes on her videos.

Wrapping Up

What are you waiting for?. Start searching these viral trends on TikTok. The above-mentioned videos are the top videos on TikTok. I hope you got a piece of updated information about the trending sensations. Now, It is time to go. Keep visiting Path Of Ex for all the exciting updates. Have a nice day!


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