Whether you are scared by them or intrigued by them, Sharks do capture our attention. These underwater creatures seem terrifying yet intriguing. I think we can admit that sometime, somewhere in our life, we all have made an imaginary Shark encounter story out of which we obviously have come out undefeated. But as they, what cannot happen in real life, can surely happen in gaming life. Over the history, many people have shown keen interest in this underwater creature honoring Sharks with the title as ‘The King of the Sea’. And if you are one of them who loves facing danger, then these Best Shark Games are exactly what you need to fill your fun quota. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the all-time favorite Shark Games

Best Shark Games For A Fin-credible Gaming Session

Gone are the days, when we used to look for simple, fun games to pass the time. Now, gamers need the adrenaline, rush, excitement, and danger to raise their gameplays from ordinary to extra-ordinary.  So, make danger meet with the fun by adding a tinge of thrill with these top-rated Shark Games of all time for PC, Mobile, and Console. 

10. Jaws: Unleashed ( Sole Predator)

What would life as a Shark seem like? No idea? Then play this amazing Shark game to find out. It is one of the initial games and that is why seems like a less developed one. Though I admit it is not the best one, but still, this Shark game gives an amazing gaming experience. It was initially said to be released as Sole Predator, but later this shark game was launched with the title Jaws: Unleashed. It is a fun Shark game that will give you a live experience of living underwater. 

9. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is a dinosaur-shark game that features a fair share of scary creatures.  In their graphics, you will encounter Mosasaurs, giant manta rays, Ichthyosaurs, and the most famous underwater monster: Megalodon. If you are fascinated by life underwater and its creatures, then you know this Shark game would be your perfect pick. You would love having dangerous encounters and the process to tame the most horrifying beasts.  Also, read 10 Best LGBTQ Games of All Time | Must Play in Pride Month

8. ManEater

If RPG is your thing, then this Shark game is a must-try. Maneater is one of the amazing Shark games that gives you a live insight into the Sharks’ mind. You get to control the shark and fulfill different missions. But ofcourse, it isn’t without its danger and horror elements. You have to witness all the gross Shark killings and encounters.  The most fun part of this shark game is that it is filled with upgrades and levels, letting players grow bigger and more powerful over time. Interesting! Isn’t it? Another fin-tastic feature of this Shark game is its feature of Hammerheads, great whites, and makos among other predators like alligators and orcas.

7. Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World is another intriguing game on the list of best Shark games of all time. It is available to play on Mobiles, Pc as well as tablets. This fun Shark game takes the basic gameplay loop of those typical Shark games with Sharks going around eating things and finding collectibles and improvising it into something amazing. So amazing, that the game got ported to PS4 and Xbox One.  Another complementary feature this game offer is the availability of multiple Shark options to choose from.  Also, read Best Car Simulation Games For PC in 2022 |5 Driving Simulations

6. Raft

Time for your haunting dreams to come to reality! Yes, remember waking up to those wild dreams that seemed too real, in which we seemed to be deserted on an island with no way to return.  How about experiencing it in real life. Raft is an Indie Shark game featuring the story of 4 survivors stranded in an ocean with only 2 things. A small raft and a grappling hook. While the players have to work together to build the raft, the raft is stalked by the sharks. This is a fun Shark game where your aim is to survive and dodge all the shark attacks on your raft.  However, Raft Survival Ocean Nomad does feature an open world that allows you to rest your sea legs on some sandy beaches but beware. You never know what dangers land may hold.

5. Shark Attack Deathmatch 2

If all the above-mentioned Shark games failed to reach your level of thrill and danger, then let’s multiply your enemies. Along with the dangerous Shark beasts, your fellow comrades have joined the hunt for you. Now, it’s your mission to survive, dodge both of their attacks, and come out undefeated.  If you are looking for rush and thrill, then Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 is the game you should go for. In this, your chasers can control the shark in a first-person view making these deadly creatures even more deadly. Go and give this shark game a try. Also, read 15 Best Action Adventure Games of 2022 | Play on All Devices

4. Far Cry 3

The next Shark game joining our ranks of best Shark games of all time is Far Cry 3. It is a dark, adventurous open-world first-person shooter game. It makes you face your insanity by taking you beyond the limits of civilization where your only escapes are drugs or the muzzle of a gun. This fascinating Shark game offers you many exciting features like- Creating your own FPS adventure, Customizing your weapons, having an intense run-and-gun action, and many more. Another notable feature of this Shark game is its graphics and animations. The sharks are fast, realistically designed, and require the player to be up close in order to skin them. Trust me, you’ll love those thrilling close Shark encounters.

3. Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep is one of the most amazing Shark games that has become fans’ favorite in the recent years. The gameplay includes the heroic adventure of the Hero who is stuck in the middle of the ocean and forced to survive. But that becomes difficult when are being chased by Sharks and not just one shark but- Tigers sharks, hammerhead sharks, and great whites. All of which want you as their meal.  You have the chance to hop island to island, in search of supplies but everything comes with a price. What the future holds is a mystery. Go and explore this exciting Shark game to have one hell of an experience.  Also, read 5 Best Action-Adventure Games For Android In 2022 For Ultimate Thrill!!

2. Depth

Depth is our one of the top Shark games of 2022. The feature that makes this Shark game most unique and notable is that you get the chance to play both- A Shark and A Human. This means, that when you are playing Shark you not only attack NPCs but your victims include other fellow players, thus making the hunt even more thrilling. Whereas your human counterpart has to survive from those deadly attacking Sharks.  Killing two birds with one stone! What else could you ask for? This is definitely, one of my favorite Shark games.

1.  Grand Theft Auto V

Toping our list of best Shark games is Grand Theft Auto V. We all have played GTA and we know its amazing gameplay. But now with Grand Theft Auto V, you can step foot in the Shark world.  Though the game is mostly concerned with fulfilling missions and committing crimes, it had introduced a new feature that lets you convert into different animals by eating certain plants. And when you are turned into Shark, you know your journey is gonna be full of adventures. The gameplay as the shark is extremely limited. You can bite, swim, and die but the graphics of GTA definitely make this shark game an enjoyable option.  Also, read 150+ Popular Kahoot Names For Boys & Girls In 2022 | Funny, Dirty, Unique, Creative Kahoot Names

Best Shark Games For Kids

Best Shark Games For XBOX

Best Shark Games For PC

Best Shark Games On Steam

Best Shark Games On Roblox

Well, there you have it. All the best Shark games of all time. All the above-mentioned Shark games will give you a fin-credible gaming session and bite away your boring hours. And well before we depart, Why did the shark get sent to jail? B’coz, it was involved with some fishy business.

Wrapping Up

This sums up our list of Best Shark Games for Mobile, PC, and Consoles. All these Shark games will give first-hand insight into the Shark’s life. If RPG is what you are searching for, then give a try to Maneater, Hungry Shark World, and Depth. If rush and danger is what you are after, then give a shot to Far Cry 3 and Stranded Deep.  I hope you have got your pick of Shark games from the list. If you have any further suggestions, I would love to hear from you in the comment section below. Stay connected to Path of EX for such insights. 


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