There are hundreds of third-party apps and instances that let you enter the vast and largest open-source social media platform, Mastodon. One may wonder about the Mastodon safety threats, as one has an idea about the instance creators. If you want to be in the safest areas of the platform, then join the largest Mastodon instances. The largest Mastodon instances usually don’t steal your data or get down as compared to the average instances. Mastodon is not a new entry, it has been there since 2016. But it got introduced to the masses very recently. In this article, you will know about the authentic and the largest Mastodon instances, their names, and more.

What are the Largest Mastodon Instances

Mastodon servers (instances) are based on interests, languages, and regions. One must like to be on a server that has a user base that talks alike and have a similar culture. Anyone can create these servers on Mastodon. The largest Mastodon instances may have or may not have people from the same language or the same region. For instance, Mastodon Social is one of the largest Mastodon instances that has almost a million account holders that are from across the continents. Angelfire and its different variants have attracted the most users to date. It had over a 13Million users on one of the four variants. However, the server is dead, also Twitter and many others, which were previously hit are no more. Also, read: 5 Different Types of Mastodon Timelines You Should Check Out Let’s now explore the 10 largest Mastodon instances which are active. Here is the list:

1: Mastodon Social

The peoples’ first choice in 2022, Mastodon Social is the authentic server operated and powered by Mastodon gGmbH (a non-profit company with limited liability under German law) non-profit. It is currently the largest Mastodon instance that is active. It has over 878K users and 42.5 million statuses are uploaded on it. It is one of the most talked about Mastodon servers as of now.

2: Pawoo

It is one of the largest Mastodon instances. It has over 780K users. 67.3 Million statuses are published on it. Pawoo is one of the largest Mastodon servers that originated in Japan. It is run by Russell. The server loves the Japanese language and people rarely use English. Also, read: What Does the Star on Mastodon Mean? Get the Scoop Here!

3: Mstdn Jp

With 291K active users, Mstdn Jp is one of the largest Mastodon servers, as of now placed at number 3 among the active servers. It is maintained by Sujitech, LLC. There are over 62.1 million posts shared on the server. It is hence number two as far as posts are concerned. It is the second-largest Mastodon server created for Japanese speakers.

4: Mastodon Cloud

Mastodon Cloud is in 4th position among the largest Mastodon servers. It has over 229 thousand users. It is up since April 04, 2017. It is hence one of the oldest Mastodon servers as well. 45.55 million posts are published on it. This instance is also maintained by Sujitech, LLC like It however supports the English language as its basic language. However, it is also popular in Japan and Japanese around the world. Also, read: 7 Famous Celebrities On Mastodon: Exodus of Twitter Celebrities

5: Mastodon Online

Mastodon Online is a kind of new variant of This is also maintained and powered by Mastodon itself. It is the second-largest Mastodon server that has emerged recently. It has 164 thousand users and it has got 87 thousand monthly active users. Over 25.6 million statuses are shared on the server.

6: CounterSocial

CounterSocial is one of the largest Mastodon instances with the guarantee of data protection and privacy. It has over 159K users. 8.6 Million statuses are issued on it. CounterSocial is one of the largest Mastodon servers that has its own app for the server available on Google Play and App Store. It has a different user interface as compared to most of the instances on this list. Also, read: 7 Easy Steps to Block Someone on Mastodon Social Web & App

7: Mstdn Social

Previously it supported 1000 character long posts, now limited to 500. Mstdn Social has 136 thousand registered users who have collectively shared over 6.4 million statuses over time. It is one of the largest Mastodon servers that are currently gaining attraction. The server supports larger posts and has over 80K monthly active users. It supports and welcomes all languages.

8: Mas to

It is not just one of the largest Mastodon instances, Mas to is the most engaged instance as well. With 126K users, it has over 111K monthly active users. This proportion makes it the most active Mastodon instance of the year as well. 1.75 million posts are shared on it. The admins truly describe it as “A fast, friendly, and well-federated server”. Also, read: How to Enable Two Factor Authentication on Mastodon | 2FA on Mastodon

9: GC2 Jp

GC2 is another largest Mastodon instance from Japan. It is usually liked for promoting freedom of speech. The server supports and shares posts in Japanese, even though you can share and see some posts in English and other major languages. It has over 100 thousand users and over 967 posts are published on it.

10: Mastodon World

With 98 thousand users and 312 thousand published statuses, Mastodon World is 10th on the list of the largest Mastodon instances. You can see its popularity among its users by the fact that it has 104 thousand of monthly active users. that is the first instance with 104% activeness of the users on the list. Also, read: 9 Steps to Add Alt Text to Images on Mastodon for Better Accessibility

11. Home Social

With just 23K users (and I am one among them), Home Social is also one of the largest Mastodon instances. It is friendly, supportive, and cute. It has over 121% user engagement. As of now, 81 thousand of posts are shared on Home Social. I love this instance, as it is secure and fun. Home social shares posts on vast interests. The developer Mr Ralf Rottmann is ready to help you whenever you ask him a question or more. Other members are also fun to be with. You will feel home, when you are on Home Social.

Wrapping Up

Among the 36,490 active instances, I have compiled the largest Mastodon instances for you and my favorite is there as well. I hope this would help you in deciding which instance to join. I would also love to hear about your favorite instance, or the instance you are a part of. Drop me the name along with suggestions in the comment box below. Keep exploring more articles on Mastodon and its functioning on Path of EX.


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