The captivating, narrative-driven journey of Campo Santo is one that you remember long after it is over. Firewatch transports you on an emotional trip that is full of mystery and heart in addition to looking stunning in its own stylized style. The plot develops through chats Henry has with his boss Delilah over a hand-held radio and great voice acting.  The story revolves around love, sorrow, fear, and so much more. If your heart is truly warmed by its tale and the crimson, sunset-drenched skies. You’ve surely come to the right place for games like Firewatch. Great games like Firewatch are included below, whether it be due to shared themes, gameplay mechanics, or narrative-driven design.

List Of 10 Best Games Like Firewatch You Will Love To Play

Before delving into similar games like Firewatch, let’s see what Firewatch is offering the players. Players will travel back in time with Firewatch, which is set in 1989. It centers on a young man named Henry who works as a fire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness. Firewatch has an additional layer choice through dialogue options that steer the tale in a specific direction.  Firewatch is largely a game about discovery and gathering clues. While traveling, you’ll gradually be overwhelmed by new places and things in Firewatch. This interest is further increased by a day-night cycle that gives your trip a fantastic sense of realism. Other fantastic experiences in a variety of locales can be found in the games like Firewatch listed below. Also, read 10 Crazy Games Like Limbo For PC, PS & Mobiles | Limbo Alternatives

1. Gone Home

Rating: 3.8/5 Developer: Fullbright Date of Release: August 15, 2013 Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch Gone Home is the first to begin the list of games like Firewatch. It combines all of the intrigue, exploration, and compelling storytelling that Firewatch has to offer in its own special way.  Features:

The entire game is set inside a house, so there aren’t any outdoor areas to discover, but it’s still fascinating because there are so many rooms to explore and things to learn. When you return home from a year abroad in 1995, you discover that your family has left. Something doesn’t feel right because the house is absolutely vacant.You’ll need to rummage through drawers and cabinets, read notes and messages, and listen to tapes and answering machines as you make your way through the house to try to piece together exactly what happened while you were away. 

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2. What Remains Of Edith Finch

Rating: 4/5 Developer: Giant Sparrow Date of Release: April 25, 2017 Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows, iOS There is so much more to games like Firewatch than what first meets the eye, which is its magic. What Remains of Edith Finch undoubtedly satisfies that requirement and compliments it by taking you on an emotional trip that you might not have initially anticipated.  What Remains of Edith Finch is the game for you if you’re looking for games like Firewatch. It is very moving and leave you thinking about it long after it’s ended. Features:

Incredibly imaginative and beautifully made game.Take on the role of Edith Finch.A series of captivating episodes.The stories of your relatives in the first person.Some uncomfortable and real unexpected experiences. 

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3. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Rating: 4/5 Developer: The Astronauts Date of Release: 26 September 2014 Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch The Vanishing of Ethan Carter obtains a third place in the list of games like Firewatch. It places you in the role of investigator Paul Prospero who receives an oddly unsettling letter from a boy named Ethan Carter. It is another adventure game that emphasizes its plot.  Features:

Work with Paul to uncover what happened in Red Valley Creek.The detective is not your typical sleuth.Paul has a magical ability to speak with the dead.Thorough murder investigation.The Astronaut’s first-person mystery. Filled with exceptionally memorable moments and encounters.Utilize your powers of observation to try and learn Ethan’s fate.Reveal what secrets are concealed within the valley.

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4. The Long Dark

Rating: 4.8/5 Developer: Hinterland Studio Date of Release: August 1, 2017 Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch There is a real feeling of solitude amid Firewatch’s Wyoming wilderness. The backdrop is just as much of a character as Henry or Delilah, providing plenty of opportunity for thought, whether you’re walking alone across the countryside or sitting alone in your lonely tower waiting for a smoke. In its own unique way, The Long Dark multiplies this similar sensation if you are searching for games like Firewatch.  Features:

You will play Mackenzie, a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world.A geomagnetic catastrophe had disastrous effects.It is a survival game.Keep an eye on your hunger and thirst levels.Stay warm in the bitter cold.Episodic story mode. An impactful tale is full of introspection, grief, and tenacity.Dr Greenwood asks Mackenzie to assist him in delivering a mystery suitcase and the narrative begins. Embark on a sad journey of discovery as you search for her in the peaceful, bleak landscape.

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5. Tacoma

Rating: 5/5 Developer: Fullbright Date of Release: August 2, 2017 Available on: Linux, macOS, Windows, Xbox One, PS4 Tacoma will definitely catch your attention while you are searching for games like Firewatch. You take on the role of Amy Ferrier, a contractor who travels to the space station. As you continue to explore each facility on the station, you’ll start to gather intriguing and unexpected stories.  Features:

Futuristic space station set in the year 2088.Special technology allows you to view the holograms of the crew.Get to know the crew as people and learn about how they lived.The story is incredibly memorable.Each crew member is very easy to relate to, which makes for very strong bonds.

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6. Oxenfree

Rating: 4.4/5 Developer: Night School Studios Date of Release: January 14, 2016 Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch Oxenfree explores issues like adolescent problems and loss, and all of the characters are incredibly realistic which is needed in Games like firewatch. You can choose how Alex responds to every interaction, just like you can with Henry in Firewatch. Oxenfree, another book with a superb voice and a compelling story, will both surprise and move you. Features:

Supernatural story-driven thriller.Likeable characters.Engaging visual aesthetic. You take on the role of Alex.Alex unintentionally creates a phantom rift and everything changes. You must explore the island to learn more.

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7. Life is Strange

Rating: 4.2/5 Developer: Dontnod Date of Release: January 30, 2015 Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4 The next game in the list of games like Firewatch is Life Is Strange. The fundamental concept is to reveal to Max after a tragic event involving Chloe. It involves her discovering she has the power to rewind time. The episodic style of Life is Strange is similar in that it emphasizes the focus on the game’s characters and plot.  Features:

The episodic style. Emphasizes the focus on the game’s characters and plot. As 18-year-old Max Caulfield, you go back to your hometown to attend Blackwell Academy in the made-up city of Arcadia Bay. Max finds it challenging to settle back into the community she left behind. Lots of twists and turns, emotional moments, and a dash of the paranormal.

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8. Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture 

Rating: 4.5 Developer: The Chinese Room Date of Release: August 11, 2015 Available on: PC, PS4 You might enjoy the exploration game by The Chinese Room, which is set in Yaughton, Shropshire in 1984 if you liked the mystery and story focus of games like Firewatch. The idyllic-looking village is deserted in the brilliantly depicted Shropshire countryside. The village that so many people once called home is now nothing more than the ruins of what once was, with quarantine flyers taped to the doors of abandoned homes and birds falling from the sky. Although you seem to be the last person left standing, neither you nor what is happening are clear to you.  Features:

Weird guiding lights as you explore the village.Leading you on a quest to learn the fate of the locals.The plot isn’t linear, you can find out what happens by listening to the radio.Brilliant voice acting makes Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture a hauntingly captivating movie. Despite moving at a slower pace than others, it allows you to fully appreciate the finely rendered surroundings. 

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9. Kentucky Route Zero

Rating: 4/5 Developer: Cardboard Computer Date of Release: January 7, 2013 Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch Kentucky Route Zero is your thing if you’re searching for games like Firewatch that deliver a different kind of story-driven experience. It provides a unique kind of experience that really emphasizes how player decision influences the game’s plot. A point-and-click adventure made by independent creators Cardboard Computer will take you on an evocative voyage of a different kind that is spread out over a number of different acts.  Features:

You follow deliveryman Conway’s adventure as he passes via the enigmatic Route Zero highway in Kentucky. One of the most interesting and unforgettable road journeys you’ll ever take, with some really bizarre incidents that take place along the way. It has just as much character and elegance as Firewatch even if it tells its tale in a very different way.

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10. Dear Esther

Rating: 3.5/5 Developer: The Chinese Room Date of Release: February 14, 2012 Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4 Dear Esther, one of the games like Firewatch, transports you to a barren island in the Outer Hebrides while taking you on an emotional journey in the first person. It emphasizes exploration and storytelling, just like Firewatch does.  Features:

Enigmatic voice of a man who begins to recount his life tale.Wander the island and discover its unique settings. Piece together a tale laced with love, grief, and redemption.Travel over the islands’ rugged terrain, complete with their beaches, cliff tops, and dark tunnels. There is one very intriguing anecdote in it that will certainly surprise you and, for good measure, make you cry. A lovely soundtrack that enhances the ethereal sensation.  

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Wrapping Up

Who doesn’t enjoy playing video games? And when it comes to action-adventure games, nobody can help but play games like Firewatch.  The adventures of these Firewatch alternatives can transport you to the world of fantasy when paired with action. To assist you and provide answers to your queries about games like Firewatch, we have compiled several action-adventure games like Firewatch. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends who are searching for games similar to Firewatch. Happy adventuring!! Happy gaming!!


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