Texting games or games to play over text can make your long-distance feel a little less hard. These games are a fun way to keep up the conversation going. You can literally play these games with your girl gang, boyfriend, or your siblings. Usually playing games require physical presence. However, there are a few games are you can play laying on your bed with a phone in your hand and a good internet connection. How cool is that? Without thinking anymore, let’s get into the rules of these amazing and fun texting games. Read further to know how to play these super easy games to play over text.

10 Best Texting Games 2021

Here is the list of the 10 fun texting games that you can play with anyone, from your friends to your family. So, don’t wait anymore, just grab your phones and start texting.

1. Lightning Fast Fun Texting Game

Lightning First is one of the simplest texting games. This game will let you know the inner side of a person. You can play this game with your significant other and understand them even better. How to play the Lightning Fast texting game? It’s very easy! All you need to do is send your friend a word and they have to instantly reply with the first thing that comes to their mind. This game goes on till someone stops! Super easy and fun. Pro Tip: Time is the essence!

2. The Laughing Game | Fun Game To Play Over Text

The Laughing texting game is just pure fun. Before beginning the game, you and your friend will have to choose some words and you will further use them as answers. There are no criteria for choosing the words. Just let your crazy imagination flow! Once you have chosen the words, half of your task is done. Now, you will ask each other some questions (the crazy twist) and the answers can only be the words that you have earlier decided.

3. Where’s Your Location? | Fun Texting Game

The next game to play over texts is “Where’s Your Location?“. This fun texting game is very innovative and can keep you hooked for hours. To start with the game, you have to look around your surroundings. No, I am kidding! Look out for things in your surroundings like a coffee table, vending machine, etc. Your friend has to guess where you are (i.e, your location) with the help of the hints that you give. It is up to you how vague or specific you want to be with your descriptions. If your friend manages to guess your location, s/he wins. This game is like dumb charades but digitally.

4. Finish My Sentence | Best Game To Play Over Text For Couples

This is not just a fun texting game but a way to meet your soulmate! This is probably the best game to play with someone you like and want to take a step forward. Just as the name suggests, the game is all about finishing each other’s sentences. One person will start a sentence and the other will complete it. You can turn the sentence into a conversation and a conversation into a cool storyline. Make your talk something funny, or even a little dirty!

5. Make It Rhyme | Fun Texting Game

Make It Rhyme is by far my favorite game to play over text. One person will text a word and the other has to reply with a word that rhymes with the previous text. The texting goes back and forth just like this until you are out of any more rhyming words.

6. WWYD? | Fun Games To Play Over Text

Hypothetical situations and weird scenarios! WWYD texting game has written controversy all over! WWYD – What Would You Do? is a fun and easy game! All that you need to do is come up with some situational questions and ask the other person. The game will continue back and forth. This texting game will definitely build good communication between the two people. In addition, you will also get to know more about the other person. Isn’t that the whole point of playing these games over text?

7. Tell The Truth | Best Game To Play Over Text

Tell The Truth is probably the most basic game that we all have played back in high school. Now, it’s time to get the game on your phones. The rules of the game are very simple. One person will ask the other person a personal question and the other person has to give a true answer. You can also make the game a little interesting by setting punishments. If a person refuses to answer a question, you can give them a dare to complete instead. Also, if you are playing this game on Snapchat or Facetime, you can also add dare in the dare. Also, read 175+ Funny Truth or Dare Questions for Girls and Boys

8. Guess The Riddle | Fun Texting Game

Brain-Teasing over text is a top-notch fun idea. And we are not going to settle for anything less than fun! Guess The Riddle texting game is very easy as well as interesting. The rules of the game are pretty simple. All you have to do is ask your friend a riddle. Pro Tip: Don’t pick some hard riddle and suck the fun out of the game. You do not want your friend to feel stuck with one of your hard riddles. Choose some easy and fun riddle and keep the fun going!

9. Never Have I Ever | Most Famous Fun Texting Game Ever!

This is probably one of the most played games ever. Now you can even play this game over text. If you want to increase the fun of the game, you can play it over a video call. Never Have I Ever is a super-fun drinking game. Usually, this game is played with alcohol, but if you want to keep soft drinks instead, you can always do that! In addition, instead of a drink, you can also give punishment and make your friend do embarrassing stuff! The rules of the game are pretty simple. All you have to do is start a statement with “Never Have I Ever“, further, if you have done that deed, you take a sip from your drink or do the set punishment.

10. Trivia

Last on the list of fun texting games is the Trivia. One of the best things about Trivia is that it can be played anywhere, even on your phones! You can pick any topic for the trivia (Disney or Anime). You can also keep scores to hype up the competition. Each correct answers get 10 points. The one with the highest points wins! Also, read 90+ Fun New Year Trivia Questions And Answers For Everyone

Wrapping Up

These were some super fun games to play over text. I hope that this list helped you in finding the best texting for you and your friends. Let us know in the comment section below if you have any new ideas of games that can be played over text. Share this article with your friends and family and spread the fun along! Also, stay connected for more such content! Have a good day and an amazing life!


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