Wordle has lately been purchased by the New York Times for millions of dollars. It has probably come to your attention in the previous two months that the game caught everyone’s attention with different spin-offs and adaptations that have taken over the internet like wildfire.  The best 10 Wordle variants I know and have used at least once are listed here. So grab one from the list mentioned below and enjoy playing them with your friend. I am sure these Wordle Variants will fascinate you if you enjoy playing word puzzle games. 

Top 10 Wordle Variants Perfect For Mind Exercise

From a niche language game to an international sensation, Wordle has only been around for a few months. You can enjoy playing several Wordle Variants with your friends and family if you’ve already finished today’s Wordle with an epic Wordle score and are looking for a new challenge. You can start your word gaming adventure by grabbing one for yourself.

1. Who Are Ya?

Who Are Ya is a sports Wordle variant that all sports lovers love. The game’s object is to name a contemporary player from one of the top five European leagues. Still, the fascinating feature is that a facial silhouette becomes more apparent as you get closer to the answer. The green and grey components, which include visuals for the nation, league, team, position, and age, are also incredible. I don’t know much about European soccer, but the fact that I enjoy playing it and looking up the players on Wikipedia speaks enough about how excellent the game is. This is great and deserving of the top spot.

2. Globle

Globle is an amazing Wordle variants game where you guess a country. The game is highlighted on a rotating globe along with a heat map that shows how close (or distant) you are to the target country. In this Wordle variant, you enjoy fantastic graphics and a real geography challenge. Globle is not just a game; it’s an addiction for players who love exploring the world. A small confession: Since the day I started playing the words game, Globle has turned out to be my favorite game. Also, Read Apex Legends Mobile: Release Date, Updates & Pre-register | How To Download Apex Legends Mobile

3. Sedecordle

21 GUESSES, 16 WORDLES! I warned you that bigger is better. Sedecordle is the most intriguing and fun-filled Wordle variant. When the pieces start to fall as you get closer and closer to your last guess, it’s thrilling since it will seem like you are solving it in the matrix. Players have mentioned these Wordle variants as a gem.

4. Evil Wordle

I love playing these Wordle variants since I have troll-like inclinations. Evil Wordle is out to get you from the get-go. When you guess a word, the target word changes to something entirely different (i.e., your first guess is always going to be full gray), and it changes again. You have to guess, but the rule is that it can’t go against what came before, which makes it more difficult but not impossible for them to dodge you. The pursuit continues until Evil Wordle is compelled to mark your response as correct and can no longer bob and weave. This Wordle variant is Hard, sneaky, and funny. Also, read 10 Intriguing Games Like Dordle | Dordle Alternatives

5. Chessle

The concept behind this Wordle variant is predicting the first three moves for white and black. It has Wordle-style color codes showing where you’ve gone right or wrong—it is a good one. As far as I can tell, the issue is that there are few openings, and I don’t see this having a very long shelf life. Additionally, the game will be relatively simple if you’ve studied openings.  It implies that as the level of expertise of the intended audience increases, the game will theoretically lose its attraction. However, I enjoy playing this game with my friends.

6. Semantle

The concept behind these brilliant Wordle variants is to choose a word. It gives you a percentage of how similar it is to the keyword. The target word is frequently wildly different, even from the (allegedly) most similar words. The database used needs to be revised. Additionally, the percentages are entirely random. To accurately predict, you may need to make 400 guesses. Also, read 10 Fascinating Games Like Heardle | Heardle Alternatives

7. Worldle

Worldle is a map of Wordle variants. You receive a country’s silhouette in the dark in this map game. Your task is correctly identifying a nation when the game notifies you of your location. The direction you should be about it. Therefore, you focus on it. It can be entertaining, but because the mileage is calculated from the geographic center, it can list neighboring countries as being quite far away. If there were some border notifications when you went close, the game would be much better. Ps: I am a travel lover and would never doubt Worldle. I am sure even you will be sure of this Wordle variant.

8. Hello Wordl

Hello Wordl is one of the earliest Wordle variants to appear online, and it functions exactly like the original. The main difference is that hundreds of words are accessible, and you can restart with a new word to guess as soon as you finish one round. Additionally, you have the option to specify the length of the word. You can change the word’s size from four to eleven letters by dragging the slider at the top. Every length setting has a different lexicon of potential responses.  This game is for you if you can’t get enough Wordle. Also, read 10 Word Puzzle Games Like AntiWordle | AntiWordle Alternatives

9. Redactle

Redactle is a game from the Wordle variants enjoyed by players who love playing the Wikipedia Game. Every day, Redactle selects a Wikipedia article and censors it heavily (chosen from a list of about 10,000). Your task is to infer the words that have been deleted and identify the article you are reading using the text that has been blacked out. There is no cap on how many times you can guess, just like Semantle.  Trust me: You’ll need a lot of guesses, and it would be a lot of fun if you enjoy this Wordle variant with your friends. 

10. Mastermind

Would you like to use Wordle offline? Mastermind is the best choice for you. Mastermind is a Wordle variants game that can be played offline too. The game, commonly known as “Hit and Blow,” is a two-player strategy game that uses pegs of various colors. The Code maker is one player who arranges the pegs in a secret order, and the other player uses their own pegs to determine the Codemaker’s pegs’ order. The Code maker informs their opponent which pegs they positioned correctly and which ones they positioned incorrectly for each guess. Also, read 10 Amazing Word Games Like Framed | Framed Alternatives

Wrapping Up

So this was everything about Wordle Variants that you must play. Wordle has turned out to be a fantastic game and is enjoyed by players of every age group. So to make your word gaming journey more happening, I have made this list of Wordle variants you can enjoy with your friends. Also, check out other games like Wordle on Path of EX and mention your favorite in the comment section. Happy Gaming!


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