The weather has a way of playing with our emotions; it might surprise us or make us panic. But as we all know, staying informed on what the weather will do tomorrow or next week is the greatest way to avoid being caught off guard. When it comes to predicting sunny or rainy days, we are thankful for weather applications that can provide us with extra knowledge and let us plan our programs. In this article, I have compiled a list of the 10 best weather apps for Android to make it easier for you to find one that suits you.

10 Best Weather Apps for Android Devices

Today on Google Play, there are many different kinds of weather apps. Some of them concentrate on the here and now, and others predict how much rain will fall over the coming week. Some apps have been created for various purposes, such as communicating storm warnings. Meanwhile, certain apps are designed for those who want to arrange an occasion, a journey, a trek, or a tour. Let’s get into the details of the best weather apps for Android devices.

10. is a hyperlocal weather app that allows you to organize your programs for the day and not get wet. There are many features of the app which make it one of the best weather apps for Android devices. It offers authentic and accurate local rain forecasts and checks the future radar on the map. You can organize your events and trips by checking forthcoming weather changes for your targetted place. Finest future radar reports on an interactive map will keep you updated. The app has the feature of a hurricane tracker with timely information, which will save you from getting into any trouble. The app in itself, apart from the weather tools and features, is attractive. It has awesome graphics and animations that keep you interested in getting weather updates. Download: | Contains ads, In-app purchases | 3.3 ★ Also, read 10 Amazing Gifting Apps for Android in 2022: Give Your Loved Ones the Best Gifts

09. RadarScope

RadarScope has many excellent features which make it one of the best weather apps for Android. It is a location-based weather radar app that gives you real-time information on storms in your area. It is tailored for weather enthusiasts as well as meteorologists. The app shares real-time warnings issued by the U.S. National Weather Service about tornados, thunderstorms, flash floods, and snow storms. The app notifies you about the storms that travel toward or away from you based on their position relative to your current location. For example, this can be useful if the storm is headed toward you but has not yet hit its peak intensity. Or it might reveal an approaching storm with higher energy levels than previously seen at this time of day or night. Download: RadarScope | $9.99 | 3.9★ Also, read 12 Best Event Apps You Must Have [Updated 2022]

08. AccuWeather: Weather Radar

The AccuWeather app is the most popular and best weather app for Android smartphones. It includes radar, satellite, marine, and aviation weather products. The app also includes a severe weather alerts feature that lets you know if there’s a tornado watch or warning in your area. The AccuWeather app displays weather information only about the States and their territories. It offers a weather forecast for an hour, a day,  and 7 days. It also lets you know about the monthly mean, max and min temperatures, humidity, and more. The app has a great interface and is easy to use. The app offers temperature in the notification bar, making it easier than the other apps on this list. You can check the timings of moonrise & moonset along with the sunrise and sunset timings. Download: AccuWeather | Contains ads, In-app purchases | 3.9★ Also, read 7 Best Event Apps For iOS to Locate Events and Buy Tickets [Updated 2022]

07. Flowx: Weather Map Forecast

Flowx is one of the popular and best weather apps for Android that visualizes the forecast with unique graphs and weather maps. With Flowx, you can easily compare models and understand what the weather means for you. Customize data options and visuals according to your preferences. Flowx has an inbuilt weather map that animates with taps. You can choose different data layers according to your choice and display them on the weather map. Customize the app’s graph widgets and get updates on your device’s home screen. You can choose any location for the widgets. You can pick the data for your requirements from 30+ data types and 20+ forecast standards. In addition to that, choose radar reflectivity, view sunrise & sunset, and moonrise & moonset timings to play your days and moonlight dinners. Use the Flowx app to schedule your plans around the weather for aviation, sailing, cycling, surfing, fishing, trekking & hiking, photoshoots & events, storm tracking, and more. Download: Flowx | In-app purchases | 4.4 ★ Also, read 7 Best Event Apps for Android to Make Your Life Easier [Updated 2022]

06. Dark Sky Data & Storm Tracker

Dark Sky Data & Storm Tracker is the most accurate weather app in its class. It has a great interface with many features that make it count among the best weather apps for Android. It offers accurate current and forthcoming local weather forecasts based on real-time data. One of the best features I like about the app is its rich customization options for dark and light themes. Dark Sky Data & Storm Tracker also has an option that shows the temperature next to the clock face. It gives you the power to know everything about the weather. With its up-to-the-minute alerts, you will know right before when it will rain in your area. It also alerts you about hurricanes, floods, thunderstorms, and more. It also has inbuilt weather animations, which make the app attractive and fun. Dark Sky Data & Storm Tracker will be closed by 31 March 2023, and it will be replaced by its updated and improved brand name, Weatherkit. Download: Dark Sky Data & Storm Tracker | Contains ads, In-app purchases | 4.4★ Also, read 15+ Best Augmented Reality Apps for Videos, Learning, Architecture & More

05. Weather Live: Weather Forecast

Weather Live is a free app that gives you current conditions, hourly and daily forecasts, temperature, and local radar maps. You can also get severe weather alerts, watch animated weather scenes, and more on your Android device. It gives you insightful details about minimum & maximum temperatures, pressure, humidity info, sunrise & sunset timings, wind chill, and the like. It’s one of the best weather apps for Android for a good reason. It has everything you need to stay informed about what’s happening outside your home or office window! This app allows you to customize the layouts and rearrange the features as per your choice and need. With the helpful Weather Live, you can keep tabs on storms, rain, wind, and more to prepare for unexpected weather changes. Download: Weather Live | Free, Offers In-App Purchases | 4.4★ Also, read 10 Best Hiding Apps for Android [Updated 2022]

04. Weather: Forecast & Radar Maps

Another app on the list of the best weather apps for Android is Weather from The Weather Channel. Weather provides you with the best options for getting updated with weather information, alerts, and radar maps. You can get weather insights, graphs, and more instantly on the app. It offers live alerts that can be subscribed to the notifications bar. You can get wind speed reports, severe storms & forecast radar updates. It alerts you about the upcoming rains, so you can keep your raincoat and umbrella with you in case you’re going outside. It gives precise information about sunrise and sunset times, cold and flu reports, and more. See the forecast and schedule your events and tours, the Weather Channel provides accurate reports that help you plan up to 15 days in advance. Download: Weather | Contains ads, In-app purchases | 4.4 ★ Also, read 12 Helpful Augmented Reality Apps for Android [Update 2022]

03. Weather App

Weather App is a simple yet one of the best weather apps for Android devices. The app tells you the temperature and the conditions outside. You can see the current weather conditions and forecast for up to 7 days ahead. The app also features sunrise and sunset times, moon phases, UV indices, and air quality information, along with an interactive radar that shows you where lightning strikes have occurred in your area. The app does not stick to GPS, if you don’t have one, it will still recognize your location and provide you with weather updates. Another cool feature of the Weather App is its Home Screen Widgets. You can watch your preferred information on your smartphone without accessing the app. The best thing about the app: It is the easiest among other best weather apps for Android on the list. Download: Weather App| Contains ads, In-app purchases | 4.6★ Also, read 11 Useful Augmented Reality Apps for iOS/iPhone [Updated 2022]

02. Weather by Weatherbug

Weatherbug is a popular and one of the best weather apps for Android that provides various features. Weatherbug gives weather alerts about when it’s going to rain, snow, or be hot. You can also customize your notifications, so you don’t miss an important event like an eclipse or hurricane. The next day’s forecast will be shown in the morning and then again at noon for an hour before it goes offline for the night. The Weatherbug app lets you choose whether you want your forecast updated hourly or just once every 24 hours. However, hourly updates tend to be more accurate. The app has a feature to show live radar images from around the world with information about current conditions like temperature and wind speeds. A click on one of these images will lead you directly into your favorite apps within WeatherBug, such as Twitter or Instagram! These features have driven me to enlist this app on top of the best weather apps for Android. Download: WeatherBug | Contains ads, In-app purchases | 4.7★ Also, read 7 Best Sites to Send Free Text to Cell Phones [100% Active]

01. Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a free, reliable, and easy-to-use app that provides you with the most up-to-date information on weather conditions. The application comes with an array of features, including alerts for severe storms, rain, flooding, and other events that may affect you or your family. Radar images show where storms are located at any given time. This can help you prepare for a potential hurricane by checking whether there’s one nearby or not before it hits land down south. Discover the air quality index, UV index, local flu outbreaks, sunrise & sunset, moonrise & moonset. Forecast maps with hourly data on wind speed and direction and precipitation levels throughout the States. This makes it easier than ever before to see what kind of weather could be coming our way—and how much longer until those clouds clear up enough so we can see Jupiter again!  Download: Weather Underground | Contains ads, In-app purchases | 4.7 ★ Also, read 8 Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites and Apps in 2022

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, the best weather apps for Android devices. If you’re looking to keep track of your local weather or just want to know what kind of day it’s going to be before heading out, these apps are a must-have. Let me know in the comment section below what your main attraction is in the weather apps – animations, radar images, forecasts, alerts, sunrise & sunset timing, or anything else.  For reliable and fresh content, keep surfing Path of EX, your tech partner.


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