The latest version of Minecraft 1.18.1 has a whole lot of bug fixes, and on top of that the proper speedrunning seeds are even rarer. But, for your assistance, we have covered the 10 best Minecraft Speedrun seeds that will help you have a pro gaming experience.  Our list has the best seeds which are compatible with both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. To simplify the whole process, we have even mentioned the key coordinates and other necessary information. Hence, with that information, let’s move ahead with the list of best speedrun seeds for your Minecraft escapades. 

List Of Best Speedrun Seeds In Minecraft

We have put together this list of Minecraft’s Best Speedrun Seeds with different sections for Bedrock and Java editions. Though, none of the seeds are ranked in any specific order. Now, let’s explore the best speedrun seeds available in Minecraft !

Best Minecraft 1.18.1 Speedrun Seeds: Bedrock Edition

1. Best Desert Spawn

Seed Code: 1967697203 Biomes: Desert Stronghold Village Coordinates: X: -424, Y:70, Z: -872 Desert Temple Coordinates: X: -472, Y:70, Z: -872 Outpost Coordinates: X: -536, Y:100, Z:-776 Second Desert Temple Coordinates: X: -696, Y: 69, Z: -920 We’re gonna start off our list of Best Minecraft Speedrun seeds with a big one, possibly the best desert spawn ever to exist in this game. With this seed, you are spawned just beside a desert village with a pillager outpost quite close to it. This would help you use the resources from one and then you can go and loot the other. There is even a desert temple which is just next to a huge desert village. It’s separated by a river. So, immediately after you spawn, you get all the resources you want from 2 villages, an outpost, and 2 desert temples.  To end your quest, you’ll be required to go back to the first village and go and dig down where you’ll find a stronghold waiting for you. If you can be extremely fast in the Nether Realm, this could easily be one of the best speedrun seeds in Minecraft 1.18.1 which you’ll ever find. 

 2. The 10-Minute Speedrun Seed

Seed Code: -100854236 Biomes: Taiga & Frozen Oceans Shipwreck Coordinates: X: 520, Y: 100, Z: 216 Village with Stronghold Coordinates: X:616, Y:80, Z: -296 It’s a well known fact in the Minecraft world that in any type of speedrun escapade, the main relevant factors are the resources, food, and the obsidian. Just within the starting 4 chunks of your spawn, this Best Speedrun Seed provides all of it. You’re spawned by this seed to a shipwreck which is pretty close and even a snowy village. You have the option to take resources from both the shipwreck and snowy village and then you can go forward and head towards the nearby lava pool to form the Nether Portal.  After your Nether adventure is finally done, you are free to go back to the same village and dig to find the stronghold. If you manage to be fast enough, the resources from this specific Minecraft seed among the Best Speedrun Seeds can help you in finishing the whole game within just the first 10 minutes.  Alao, read How To Make A Crafting Table In Minecraft | Minecraft Crafting Table Recipe

3. A Fair Speedrun

Seed Code: 328819481 Biomes: Plains Closest Village Coordinates: X: -360, Y: 75, Z: 104  Stronghold Village Coordinates: X: -168, Y: 73, Z: -712 Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: -472, Y: 70, Z: 216 The next one on the list of best Minecraft Speedrun seeds is a bit of a deceiver. It seems quite a simple seed at the surface when you’re spawned. You’ll see a plain village near you with just an ironsmith to get you started at first. Also, it’s very close to a ruined portal which straight up leads to a reliable nether spawn with just the fortress quite nearby. Then, when you go back to the overworld, you’ll see another plain village near you.  The only negative factor to this seed is that this village doesn’t have an abundance of resources beyond food, but since it provides a stronghold beneath it, it makes up for it. You even have the option to dig right under the well if you want to reach one of the staircases. But, don’t get distracted and forget the fact that once you find the portal, it is already going to have 2 eyes of ender pre-installed. Hence, this seed between the Best Speedrun Seeds of Minecraft helps in shortening your nether journey.

4. Resources Galore

Seed Code: -1857141965 Biomes: Snowy Taiga Snowy Village Coordinates: X: 836, Y:75, Z:119 Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 722, Y: 63, Z: 276 Pillager Outpost Coordinates: X:563, Y: 72, Z: 276 Shipwreck Coordinates: X:960, Y:63, Z: 52 Resources galore is another Minecraft’s Best Speedrun Seed that spawns you right into the middle of an endless snowy taiga. But, it has to be ignored. You must head towards the only snowy village which would be just a few blocks away from your spawn point. It’s full of ironsmiths, a shipwreck, a pillager outpost and even an almost ruined portal! If you make the wise decision of not fighting the pillagers first, you’ll manage to get back to the Nether because the resources from this area would be more than enough. Another piece of useful information, the stronghold is right under the snowy village! But, you still have to carefully avoid the possibility of you falling into a humongous cave opening connected with the stronghold. Also, read 10 Best Sandbox Games Like Minecraft You Need To Check Out | Minecraft Alternative Games

5. The Six Villages Seed

Seed Code: 2073720455 Biomes: Snowy Beach Stronghold Village Coordinates: X: 632, Y: 77, Z: -200 Second Stronghold Village Coordinates: X: 1192, Y: 75, Z: 104 It’s an extremely well-known fact in the Minecraft world that the villages have a huge role when it comes to getting the players ready. The fifth one among the best speedrun seeds in Minecraft has undoubtedly taken it to a whole new level. We spawn in an area with six villages within 600 blocks of our starting point. Some have ironsmiths, while others have fantastic food loot. To top it all off, among all the villages, there is one that has a stronghold beneath it. In case you don’t like that stronghold, you’re free to try another one a few hundred blocks away. But if anything, you can even steal one of Ender’s eyes and use them on the other.

Best Minecraft 1.18.1 Speedrun Seeds: Java Edition

1. Best Nether Speedrun Seed

Seed Code: 3480185794852939950 Biomes: Savanna Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 277, Y: 50, Z: 181 Closest Blaze Spawner Coordinates: X: 43, Y: 60, Z: 54 The Nether is a major issue that players have with Minecraft 1.18.1’s speedrun seeds. Due to the world’s repetitive structure, many players struggle to reach Nether fortresses even with a stronghold at spawn. This Java speedrun seed addresses that very specific issue. So, only as long as you enter the Nether through the underwater but nearly completely ruined portal near our spawn, you would manage to solve this issue. This portal places you on top of a Nether fortress, surrounded by two blaze spawners. One of them is closed off, allowing you to hunt blazes without fear of encountering other mobs. After that, you can proceed to the overworld and begin your search for a stronghold. You can also stay and loot the nearby bastion remnant before trading in the crimson forest. Also, read 10 Best Sandbox Games Like Minecraft You Need To Check Out | Minecraft Alternative Games

2. Closest Possible Stronghold

Seed Code: 1216998451290974659 Biomes: Savanna Cave Stronghold Coordinates: X: 1261, Y: 16, Z: 545 Stronghold Stairway Coordinates: X: 1332, Y: 28, Z: 548 The strongholds department is a major area where speedrunning in Minecraft Java falls short. So, within 1300 blocks of our spawn, this Best Speedrun Seed in Minecraft with a slightly exposed stronghold is quite rare. However, because this best Minecraft speedrun seed lacks in village count, you will need to look for resources before coming here. Luckily, the path to this stronghold is littered with ruined portals and loot chests. When you reach the stronghold coordinates, you have the option of digging straight or going to the nearby lush cave opening. This cave directly leads to the stronghold library.

3. Scattered Plains Village

Seed Code: 566150195776055707 Biomes: Plains Lava Pool Coordinates: X: 20, Y: 64, Z: -17 This exciting seed on our list of the best Minecraft speedrun seeds spawns us on the outskirts of an ocean, with a scattered plains biome. A village with an ironsmith and a variety of other villagers is located near the spawn point. Once you’ve finished looting the village, simply use the two lava pools to create a Nether portal. There isn’t much else to say here because you’ll be able to enter the Nether realm in no time. Also, read An Elden Ring VR Mod Is Coming To Revive Your Gaming Sessions | Elden Ring VR Mod Updates

4. Three Ironsmiths-Run Village

Seed Code: -8042397525280544621 Biomes: Snowy Taiga This addition to our list of best speedrun seeds in Minecraft provides the best possible village spawn. If you’ve ever tried speedrunning, you’ve probably seen how essential ironsmiths are. Their chests contain iron, armour, and occasionally obsidian. There are also numerous lava pools in the area that can be used to construct a nether portal. Not to mention, this seed’s nether spawn is incredible. It spawns us near three different blaze spawners, and there are plenty of bastion remnants nearby.

5.  3 Villages and 2 Desert Temples

Seed Code: 69069594 Biomes: Desert Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 310, Y: 57, Z: 141 First Village Coordinates: X: 33, Y: 78, Z: -256 Second Village Coordinates: X: 169, Y: 72, Z: 394 Third Village Coordinates: X: -543, Y: 88, Z: 39 Desert Temple Coordinates: X: -404, Y: 90, Z: -871 Second Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 210, Y: 66, Z: 264 Last but not least, our next pick for the best speedrun seeds in Minecraft appears to have been designed specifically for skilled players, with multiple resourceful structures spread across the first 1000 blocks. This seed contains a number of villages near two desert temples. Almost all of these seeds contain an ironsmith or other important villagers. In addition, there are ruined portals, cave openings, and other features in the area. Also, read PlayStation Plus Premium Reveals New Tiers From June | Time To Upgrade PS+ You can quickly construct a complete nether portal using loot from multiple ruined portals. And once you’ve completed the nether, the only thing left for you to do is find a stronghold. In terms of resources, the villages have you covered. Also, do take a look at other Best Minecraft Seeds to become a Master minecrafter-

Wrapping Up

With that, you are prepared to set new records for Minecraft completion on the 1.18 update. You can experiment with different seeds from our list of the Mineraft’s best speedrun seeds until you find one that suits your preferences. Each one caters to a different skill set and level of patience. Whether you want to go straight to the nether or first explore the overworld, these seeds give you plenty of options.


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