Numerous game genres, such as racing, anime, role-playing, and building games, are available on Roblox. However, fighting games are the most popular among players! The combat game genre on Roblox is very diverse, and it has a vibrant community that is quickly growing. These fighting games can be played solo or with a large group of players. I know at times, you find it challenging to select a game that you can play on Roblox because the variety of gameplay is as endless as the designers’ imagination. In this post, I have mentioned the best PVP (player vs player) games on Roblox. So clear your confusion and start playing the Roblox PVP alternative games mentioned below.

10 Best PVP Games On Roblox | (Player Vs Player)

A wide variety of games are available on Roblox, including fighting, anime, adventure, and many other games. Are you still unsure where to begin? Below I have mentioned the 10 best PVP (player vs player) games on Roblox that you must play with your friends to have a thrilling experience.

1. War Stimulator

Players in War Simulator, a fighting Player vs Player game developed by Calculated Studio for Roblox, can engage in combat during various historical eras and conflicts, such as World War I, the Peloponnesian War, and others. In a never-ending battle between NPCs, players can engage in combat with their friends or make some new ones. Players can upgrade their guns, armor, and other specialty items by collecting in-game currency for each successful kill. They can carry out quests to earn even more money, time travel, and transform into sword-wielding Spartans. Being the most outstanding soldier left standing in this never-ending wave battle game is a great opportunity. You Must definitely try War Stimulator because it is one of the Best PVP Games On Roblox.

2. KAT (Knife Ability Test )

KAT, a game from the Best PVP Games On Roblox, is the favorite of all the Roblox players. The game is developed by Fierzaa and offers multiple game modes such as Sheriff vs. Murderer and full-on every man for himself. Players can choose the following way in this round-based game from the lobby. In each playable mode, each player has a knife and a gun. In these PVP battles, players put their power and cunning to the test while earning points and unlocking new personalized equipment and weaponry. To demonstrate who has the best knife skills, players can either go head-to-head with their opponents or use stealth and strategy. Also, read 10 Best Survival Games on Roblox to Try in 2022 | Top Roblox Survival Games

3. Arsenal

Arsenal is the other best PVP (player vs. player) game on Roblox. It is a round-based game that lets players vote for options like free-for-all big-team battles is Arsenal, created by ROLVe Community. It differs from other fighting games because players’ weaponry changes with each victory. One of the most popular first-person fighting games on Roblox is Arsenal. With a variety of weaponry at their disposal, gamers can test their talents. This results in a more challenging experience that won’t get boring quickly. Additionally, this PVP Roblox game provides customizability choices, including several character skins, weapon skins, and announcer voices. The game mode they want to play in will depend on whether they want to play cooperatively or solo.

4. Zombie Uprising

If you’re looking for the best PVP games on Roblox, try the zombie shooter survival game. In this game, players can take on endless surges of zombies in this Call of Duty: Zombies Uprising to see how long they can stay out. The player’s ability to endure numerous waves of more challenging zombies is tested in this intense zombie shooter game. They must battle a variety of zombie entities, including those that crawl, some that resemble skeletons, and even enormous bosses. To survive each wave, players must cooperate, restoring fallen comrades and improving their arsenal. Once their level and skill have increased, they can choose an even more chaotic challenge from the menu and participate. Now that’s what we call an epic Player vs Player game. Also, read 10 Best Adventure Games on Roblox in 2022 | Roblox Adventure Games

5. Ninja Legends

Ninja Legends is an online Player vs Player Roblox game that enables users to take on the role of a ninja. They can combat other people or powerful bosses to improve their skills and enhance their weapons and equipment. Players can explore a sizable portion of this fighting game and find various tools and skills. Ninja Legends needs perseverance and patience because developing and upgrading the player’s character takes time. Players can compete with one another, engage in duels, or enter other portals to take out bosses as they traverse the vast island. The skills, weapons, and pets that players can unlock in this PVP Roblox game are numerous. Players can master the Ninja arts at their own pace and choose to support the light or the dark. Try Ninja legends with your friends, as it is the most recommended and best PVP game on Roblox to have fun with your friends.

6. Phantom Forces

One of Roblox’s more tactical first-person shooters is Phantom Forces from StyLis Studios. It is the best PVP game on Roblox to have fun with your friends. This Player vs Player game on Roblox requires you to adopt a more tactical strategy, crouching or falling behind obstacles to avoid being hit. You can vote to play several maps and game styles, like Capture the Flag or Big Team Battle. It is one of the more realistic combat games. Depending on how well they play, they can customize, purchase new weapons, and add new mods. Try this alternative Roblox PVP game, as it will make you explore a world full of adventure and war. Also, read Roblox Launching New Currency Replacing Robux | What & How to Do?

7. Dragon Blox

Dragon Blox, a Roblox game developed by Clothing and Games, appears to be the best PVP game on Roblox. The Dragon Ball Z series heavily inspired it. Players in this open-world fighting game can level up and create their own Super Saiyan characters. A captivating video game soundtrack is also playing in the background of this game. The Dragon Blox map is large and has a variety of adversaries to face. In this Player vs Player Roblox game, players can explore the open-world islands, engage various foes, test out their skills, and unlock new ones with skill points. They can freely design and alter their anime character, and they can keep buying additional accessories like armor and weapons.

8. Anime Fighting Stimulator

Combining strategies and themes from some of the most well-known anime series is enjoyed in this best PVP game on Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator by BlockZone. Players must practice four different skills in order to become the ultimate warrior in this training-based game. With the help of this activity game, players can evolve their favorite anime fighters. They must increase their physical stability, toughness, chakra, and sword skills to level up and acquire new skills. Players can test their strength against bosses and foes after training in several dungeons, and in return, they can earn new loot and gear for their characters. While experiencing a brand-new universe of their own, they will enjoy seeing similarities to their favorite anime. Well, I think you must give a try to this Player vs Player (PVP) game on Roblox. Also, read How To Add Friends On Roblox On Xbox, PC & Mobile | Maximum Friend Limit

9. Strongest Punch Simulator

Strongest Punch Simulator by SUPER SAVAGE MODE is a fun little game where players may constantly expand their characters. In this best PVP game on Roblox, you can advance levels by smashing down barriers or engaging in combat. This straightforward Player vs Player Roblox game only asks a few of its participants. You can start out in a captured area where you have to scale walls in order to find orbs that will let them advance to the next world. As you grow in rank, your characters will continue to get powerful and quicker. Except when standing in safe zones, players are vulnerable to attacks at all times when training. Therefore they must be on guard. Players can compete against each other, level up a character, and get exclusive pets and loot in this fantastic fighting game.

10. Anime Dimensions

The other best PVP game on Roblox is Anime Dimensions. It is a fantastic anime-based video game that’s worth playing and features many well-known characters and skills is Anime Dimensions by Albatross Games. Players must investigate various dungeons and travel to new areas to find new stuff and advance in the game. Anime Dimensions differs from other anime games on Roblox because it permits users to play as their favorite anime characters and acquire them through dungeons. Every character has unique skills, so learning new ones is enjoyable. To level up and win rewards, bosses in the dungeons must be defeated. In this Player vs Player Roblox game, players will receive better points and loot for finishing the dungeon faster, depending on their grades. Also, read How to Get Unbanned on Roblox | Unblock Yourself on Roblox

Wrapping Up

So this was everything about the best PVP games on Roblox. Now don’t waste your time. Get one game for you from the best Roblox Player vs Player Roblox alternative list, and enjoy gaming with your friends. You can also find out other games and their alternatives on Path of EX, which you can play with your friends. So check them out too, and mention your gaming experience in the comment section with your views and suggestions. Till then, keep challenging and Happy Gaming.


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