PvP is, to put it mildly, intensely competitive on many Minecraft servers. Especially when each combat involves hours of grinding for in-game goodies. PvP servers for Minecraft, such as “Practice” PvP servers, are also available. Players can engage in practice PvP battles with unlimited armor, weapons, and potions. In contrast to most simulations, the participants on these servers are real players, just like you and me. Now that all has been said let’s look at the Best Minecraft PvP Servers on our list and see what they have to offer in 2022.

Top 10 Best Minecraft PvP Servers Of 2022

The major crowd on these Minecraft PvP Servers surely speaks for its sheer popularity among its players. Go on for the 10 Best Minecraft PvP Servers and grab the best one that suits you the most today.

1. PvP Land

Java Address: pvp.land PvP Land is the first one to list the best Minecraft PvP servers. It is a unique server that is exclusively used for PvP games, as the name implies. Players can compete against one another in an open-world setting while striving to climb the leaderboards. It enables seasonal resets and updates to reduce player overload.  The battling bots on PvP Land are what genuinely distinguish it from other servers. You can practice against the custom bots on the server until you are confident enough to take on real players. They are made to boost your combat abilities and match the unpredictable maneuvers of real players. Also, read 5 Best Minecraft Servers Hosting Services & Tiers | Updated 2022

2. Foxcraft

Java Address: play.foxcraft.net This is one of the best Minecraft PvP servers for you if you dislike resets and changes. Foxcraft has a reputation for keeping its worlds operating continuously, frequently for years at a time. Therefore, there is a good probability that anything you build a base and accumulate in the globe of this server won’t disappear until at least 2024. Due to the considerable time they have spent honing their abilities and preparing for player combat, a large number of players control this server. But it’s a lot of fun to try and knock them over from the top. However, if that isn’t your thing, the server also offers traditional game modes like prison, sky-block, and creative.

3. Purple Prison

Java Address: purpleprison.org The server we’ll discuss; next, Purple Prison is the third best Minecraft PvP server and is similarly tranquil. With cells, yards, inmates, and other elements, it is designed with a prison motif. In-game awards from bespoke daily PvP events can be earned by the players and used in server businesses and even auction houses.  The planet of Purple Prison is peaceful, which is a trait that no other PvP server offers. You can battle other players on the server, of course, but you also have the choice not to. In Purple Prison, you may simply hang around and meet people thanks to designated sitting spaces and safe zones. Also, read How To Make A Creeper Farm In Minecraft | 8 Simple Steps

4. Mineplex

Java Address: us.mineplex.com Bedrock Address: pe.mineplex.com Next is Mineplex, among the best Minecraft PvP servers. Every day, thousands of gamers log in to play on both Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock. Clans, arcades, survival, skywards, and more gaming possibilities are provided by Mineplex. You can also play other non-PvP games to pass the time. But rather than a vast open PvP area, the server’s main emphasis is on minigames and unique content.  Mineplex continually adds fresh, festival-themed material as a result of its constantly expanding community. You, therefore, have a spooky Halloween, a good-natured Christmas, and a lot in between. Overall, it offers fresh challenges for players to try both solo and in groups. Simply look for what appeals to your taste.

5. PvP Hub

Java Address: pvphub.club (version 1.18) A custom-coded Minecraft PvP server with a number of unique features is our next entry in the list of the best Minecraft PvP servers. The UHC mode, which is unusual these days, is the most enjoyable aspect of this server. Players spawn at arbitrary places throughout the Minecraft globe in this setting. Before a full “last-person-standing” conflict starts, they have a short window of time to get ready. PUBG-style games and this game mode are comparable.  In addition, it offers a variety of unique game types, such as bed-wars, PvP arenas, and more. But despite having so many entertaining games, this server has a significant flaw. To play on this server, you must downgrade to Minecraft 1.8 as it is the only version that works well with it. Also, read 10 Best Minecraft Faction Servers You Must Try | Updated 2022

6. Donut SMP

Java Address: DonutSMP.net Bedrock Address: DonutSMP.net Donut SMP, a busy tough server, is among the next best Minecraft PvP servers. If a player dies in this game, they cannot rejoin until two days have passed in the real world. Only if you are confident in your ability to endure against some of the cruellest players should you join this server. On this Minecraft PvP server, anything is allowed, including stealing, killing, and grieving.  The server features a variety of game modes, including hardcore, survival, anarchy, vanilla, one life, onetrySMP, lifestealsmp, and more. High stakes are involved in each of them. Donut SMP is ready for you if you’re a gamer who really wants to put your combat abilities to the test.

7. Wild Prison

Java Address: play.wildprison.net Next is Wild Prison in the list of the best Minecraft PvP servers. With a lot of unique characteristics, it has a strong prison vibe. You can establish a name for yourself in this universe by receiving tokens, special pickaxes, lucky blocks, freebies, and more. Through competitions and PvP games, the server regularly provides participants with the opportunity to evaluate and develop their skills. In addition to PvP, the server offers bespoke Minecraft enchantments, gangs, free ranks, and even distinctive pets. Generally speaking, Wild Prison has a lot to learn and amuse you with. Also, read 5 Best Minecraft Towny Servers & Addresses | Updated 2022

8. Hypixel

Java Address: mc.hypixel.net Next is Hypixel in the list of the best Minecraft PvP servers. One of the oldest Minecraft servers with a sizable player base and incredible game options. You may quickly become thoroughly familiar with the Hypixel server by using the individual guide we provide on how to join it. However, it essentially includes all the features you could possibly want from an online Minecraft server.  With support for 18 languages and 19 unique game types, the server hosts gamers from all around the world. Therefore, Hypixel and its creative server have you covered if you don’t already have a Minecraft team.

9. Galaxite

Bedrock Address: play.galaxite.net Next is Galaxite in the list of the best Minecraft PvP servers. Galaxite is a Bedrock Minecraft PvP server with a cosmic theme that has many active players, unusual planets, and alien architecture.  Regarding the game types, it offers “Prop Hunt,” “Fill the Gaps,” and a unique bed-wars scenario dubbed “Planets” for people to engage in. In addition to these three game modes, the server contains original features including player parties, seasonal updates, and an in-game battle pass to gain unique skins. Also, read How To Sync Minecraft Worlds Across Android Devices | 4 Easy-Steps

10. Complex Gaming

Java Address: hub.mc-complex.com The last one on the list of the best Minecraft PvP servers is Complex Gaming. It is well-known for a number of activities. It has its own FTB, realms, Tekkit, vanilla, and competitive Pixelmon server. Each of these modes has several of the top Minecraft mods, and when combined, they offer a distinctive and enjoyable Minecraft experience.  This server makes an effort to differentiate out with its enjoyable custom Minecraft maps, even though diverse game modes might seem to be a typical topic. Some of them are devoted to well-known pop culture figures, such as Spongebob, Pokemon, and Marvel superheroes.

Wrapping Up

You’ve now been given a list of the Best Minecraft PvP servers from which to choose. You can also check out ‘Best Minecraft Servers Hosting Services‘, ‘Best Minecraft Faction Servers‘, and ‘Best Minecraft Prison Servers‘ to enhance your gaming experience. So, which among the best Minecraft PvP servers are you going to pick, though, if you intend to play with other people online? Comment and let us know!


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