The Woodland Mansion is absolutely infused with menacing mobs, secret traps, and fantastic loots, it’s a god-like paradise for every survival Minecraft enthusiast. It truly just depends on your Minecraft skills and resources, if the mansions would be a straight-up death trap or the finest spawn location for you. This exemplary island is ultimate for a skills evaluation. So, let’s go further with our prime selection of the best Minecraft Mansion seeds. Whether it’s from a lot of mansions at spawn or to the glitched ones with the peculiar locations, every single one has been included in our guide to the best Minecraft Mansion seeds. 

Top 10 Best Minecraft Mansion Seeds

The seeds included in our guide of the best Minecraft Mansion seeds are guaranteed to be usable on the Java edition that is unfortunately specifically for PC gamers only. Just a heads up, it can’t actually be used on other platforms and be expected to show the same results. Now, let’s move forward with the list of the best Minecraft Mansion seeds. 

1. Spawn Under a Woodland Mansion

Seed: 10931311583393626 The first entry on our guide of the best Minecraft Mansion seeds is an exceptional one! It has complete eyes on a glitching spawn location. When you join this one, you’re spawned inside the basement area of a woodland mansion. So, it is automatically surrounded by cobblestone blocks on every side without any type of tools.  Although there may be a portion of players who would find it annoying, if you’re willing enough to dig right through the 17 blocks of cobblestone, you’ll get a fabulous reward in the form of a mansion which is sitting idle just to be looted. But, do look out for mob sounds before making an opening in the mansion. 

2. Two Woodland Mansions Near A Village

Seed: -8993723640229201049 One thing that’s even better than finding a single mansion when you spawn is seeing two mansions beside a village exactly where you get spawned in Minecraft. In case your render distance is quite high, then you could easily see both the mansions at the exact same time. One of them is supposedly located right next to a plain village, which would make up pretty well for the start. If even that wasn’t enough to justify this Mansion seed being among the best Minecraft mansion seeds then, the other one is located right between a ruined portal and a witch’s hut.  Since this best Minecraft seed has such a major location around it, it makes fighting the mobs much easier compared to other ones. On top of that, you even have various ravines and caves around both mansions. 

3. Woodland Mansion Next To Pillager Outpost

Seed: 887486024745579716 If you’re the type of Minecraft maniac who is looking for a threatening adventure, then this best Minecraft Mansion seed is the one for you. In this world, when you get spawned, you’re in a small village which would give you enough resources to get your escapade started. Another plus point that this mansion seed has is that it includes a weaponsmith, so it would help with getting iron armor from its chest at spawn with a lot of ease.  There is a gloomy and dark forest right next to the village there, which is supposedly also home to the Woodland mansion. But, you can’t afford to forget that you cannot get distracted. You Have to look out for ravines and various cave openings when you try finding your path to it.  Also, read How To Make A Crafting Table In Minecraft | Minecraft Crafting Table Recipe

4. Underground Woodland Mansion

Seed: -4967193972677765742 I know how crazy this sounds, absolutely unreal right? I understand that you’ll have to see the seed to actually believe its existence. But, I would suggest not to use this best Minecraft Mansion seed in survival game mode as the distance of the mansion is pretty far from your spawn point. Now, to explain it a bit, the majority of this mansion’s structure, even the entrance, is all underground.  But, to clear it, the mobs still would spawn the exact same way as in a normal mansion. But, you’ll see quite clearly that the cave generation takes place in it. In case you decide to check out one of the best Minecraft Mansion seeds in survival mode, be prepared for a rollercoaster. But, to help you out, there is a desert village near it that could possibly help you out with the resources and all. Though, don’t forget the fact that reaching there could take you weeks or might even take you months unless you use cheat codes or something like that. 

5. Jungle Temple on Top of Woodland Mansion

Seed: 1067071636714001342 Now, the next one in the list of the best Minecraft Mansion seeds is possibly on the top for peculiar resources. Near the spawn area, there is a huge jungle biome and a woodland mansion. To the surprise of many, there is even a ruined portal covered with leaves and vines all over it on one side of the mansion. There is even a jungle temple right on top of the mansion.  In case you’re wondering the same thing, let me clear your doubts. Yes, it still has its loot and traps in it, and it can be explored like any other temple. Just to calm your thoughts as well, there isn’t an opening to the temple right inside the mansion, so there’s nothing to worry about regarding the mobs.  Also, read 10 Best Sandbox Games Like Minecraft You Need To Check Out | Minecraft Alternative Games

6. Large Villages Next To Woodland Mansion

Seed: 1390448415 Although there are major risks when it comes to entering any woodland mansion, which is exactly why the majority of Minecraft players mostly avoid checking out these places before finding proper resources. Thankfully, this one on the list of the best Minecraft seeds brings together all the resources near to the spawn which lets you get ready for this fabulous escapade. You even get two large plain villages near the spawn point. Hurray, right? There’s even a bridge that connects the woodland mansion and the village which is right across the river. The nearby caves can be explored if you wish to find iron ores and the village can be checked out to find wood and food. The variety of resources all the more justifies this being among the best Minecraft Mansion seeds. As long as you go ahead and do everything properly, you’ll be ready to take control of the mansion very soon. 

7. Sea Mansion

Seed: -1844207646 You’re spawned directly on a small island that is right in the center of the vast ocean. Thankfully, there are lots of cold ruins near the place which you can loot if you want resources. But, this isn’t the main attraction of this Minecraft mansion seed.  If you go further and decide to travel a few hundred blocks away from your spawn, you’ll manage to find a mansion right next to the ocean on an island there. Most of the time, mansions actually generates on a huge non-island piece of land with just the forest surrounding it completely. But, to your advantage, these best Minecraft Mansion seeds tend to give you a peculiar seaside mansion, and it looks gorgeous. The main disadvantage to this whole thing is that you’ll have to either teleport or travel your way towards it. Making a boat is a strong suggestion for travelers in this specific world.

8. Village Mansion

Seed: -1482616611 Yes, the Minecraft Java players receive a village right in the mansion, but on the other hand, the Bedrock players get an equally rare mansion spawn inside the village. But, a downfall to this is that all the villagers there tend to be much more prone to hostile mob attacks than usual. Though, a plus point is that the village includes a library, a whole bunch of farmers, and even lots of cartographers.  This is the ideal location for all the resources that you need, mainly due to all the villagers present there. You can even take an iron golem within the mansion to assist you in beating the aggressive mobs. The main disadvantage of this Minecraft mansion seed is that you do not get this astounding location right away, and you must take trips to the coordinates below. Also, there is a pillager outpost nearby, attempting to make the destination much more attractive. Also, read Top 10 Discord Servers For Minecraft in 2022 | Best Minecraft Discord Channels

9. Ruined Portal In Woodland Mansion

Seed: 206378771 The next seed on our guide to the best Minecraft mansion seeds is fabulous for two specific reasons. One is the fact that there is a pretty rare type of a woodland mansion quite near the spawn point. The second is that it includes a ruined portal, right on the second floor of the gorgeous mansion. But, keep in mind that these portals tend to spawn at a lower world height, which could be even in the ocean or at the ground level. But, it’s strongly suggested that you don’t decide to directly enter the mansion to see the glitched location, that too in survival mode. It would be wiser if you take resources from the near witch hut and plains village before you go to the glitched location. 

10. Tall Woodland Mansion

Seed: 2033394339 Though it’s a known fact among all the Minecraft enthusiasts that woodland mansions are humongous in size, it seems that this specific seed among all the best Minecraft Mansion seeds has the goal to make it exemplary. You spawn close to the biome that has a witch cabin in it. So, at last when you do cross this one, behold, you have one of the tallest woodland mansions in existence, right in front of your eyes.  Just a straight-up fact that the highest block of this entire woodland mansion is at 122 block height. This mansion created incredible scenery and it’s extremely near your spawn point. You can even explore various ravines and caves in the area. There is even a huge ravine right next to the witch hut. All of these factors justify the presence of this one among the best Minecraft Mansion seeds. 

Wrapping Up

If testing all the limits of the adventures in Minecraft is your thing, our list of the best Minecraft mansion seeds would be perfect for you. As long as you want it, you can have a bombasting experience while fighting off the mobs and looting all the mansions. One thing I can guarantee is that you’ll have a fabulous adventure in this sandbox world. 


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