This game tends to have a certain charming pixel art which happens to provide a perceptible allure. It always captures the player’s attention and is not willing to let them go. When Terraria’s last major content patch was launched in 2022, it concluded a near-decade of continuous research and development. This further saw the game slip out of the humongous shadow of the sandbox game Minecraft.  But, after all of this, what is a Terraria enthusiast supposed to do? Now that the developers of this fantastic game are officially ready to further move to their next project. Luckily for you, you’ll discover an entire new world of majestic similar games like Terraria. So, let’s not waste any more time and move ahead with the Terraria alternatives. 

Games Like Terraria To De-stress Your Life | iOS, Android, PC

We have compiled an extremely detailed list about all the top alternative games like Terraria. We’ve also mentioned all the platforms that the given Terraria alternatives are available on, whether it’s iOS, Android, PC, Xbox, etc.

1. Rust

Developer: Facepunch Studios Platforms: PC, Linux, Mac One doesn’t need many resources to achieve something. What you really need is a good team and coordination. Rust is definitely a good example of this thought. The first in the list of similar games like Terraria is this yet another popular game by Facepunch Studios. Rust is a horrifying place for the individuals who don’t have anything to protect them. Newbies are continuously bullied  and tortured by those who are ahead in this Terraria alternative game. There might even be cases when they would wake up and find all their loot robbed. 

2. Factorio

Developer: Wube Software Platforms: PC, Linux, Mac Factorio shows that the only thing which is much more delightful than simply collecting various items is forming machines that would do it all for you. This specific automation sim among the various games like Terraria tends to give all the players tasks of straight up crafting industrial automated monstrosities. All of this has the purpose of making a planet run out of its natural resources. When it’s a planet with absolutely no human life, it tends to become quite easy to dig, strip, and mine every single inch of the surface. You don’t even have to worry about the various inconvenient consequences such as major pollution or even climate change. This Terraria alternative will definitely make you very obsessive about the most extreme machine efficiency. Get prepared to spend loads of time in this similar game like Terraria.  Also, read 10 Best Games Like Animal Crossing: Working in 2022 | Animal Crossing Alternative Games

3. Raft

Developer: Redbeet Interactive  Platform: PC Another similar game like Terraria is a Redbeet Interactive drop off, Raft. This game is all about making your own fortresses on floats to win over the high seas. Although in this Alteria alternative game, you begin with just a raft, you are permitted to pick up stuff of your use from wrecked ships and attach them to your boat. Things do escalate quickly in the game. Once you have enough debris that you picked from the ships, you can design your raft yourself. On the contrary, things go a bit easy and slowly in the game. But you still have to be beware of the jump scares you might get from sharks! This alternative game like Terraria is definitely set to be a blockbuster. 

4. Grounded 

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Xbox series Grounded is a survival game like Terraria in which the player has been shrunk to pretty much the size of a bug and is straight up thrown into their backyard. Around four players can team up so that they can survive in this humongous world where ants would seem like triceratops. In this Terraria alternative game, you are required to gather a bunch of materials and fight for your survival. Just keep note that this PC game like Terraria is a solid solo experience which is actually elevated by fantastic multiplayer, so don’t forget to bring a few friends for this marvelous Terraria alternative.  Also, read 10 Best Games Like It Takes Two: Working in 2022 | It Takes Two Alternative Games

5. Subnautica

Developer: Unknown Worlds Entertainment Platforms: PC, Mac, Switch, PS4, Xbox One  The next on the list of games like Terraria is Subnautica. This gives you a different experience by taking you deep inside the sea. According to the storyline, you crash land on an unknown planet and you are the only one left. You are taken to a pod floating in between the ocean. What you are required to do is roam around, explore the environment, collect raw materials and make items for yourselves which you may use later in the game. One of the reasons this makes it to the list of games like Terraria is the view graphics which attract the gaming community. We would really recommend you to check this Terraria alternative game out.

6. Space Engineers

Developer: Keen Software House Platforms: PC, Android Space Engineers is actually a voxel-based multiplayer sandbox for all the ones who have a preference for a thing much more rooted in reality. The entire gameplay of this alternative game like Terraria is led by a strong physics system which tends to add on a pinch of realism to a certain level. Although some might be a bit resistant to this Terraria alternative due to its physics factors, as you get the hang of this game, you’ll find satisfaction and a certain sense of accomplishment in this selection out of all the other PC games like Terraria.  Also, read 10 Best Games Like Age of Empires: Working in 2022 | Age of Empires Alternative Games

7. Planet Centauri

Developer: Permadeath Platforms: PC, Linux, Mac If you are the type who is into 2D sandbox survival adventure games, then you should definitely check out our next entry on the list of alternative games like Terraria. Planet Centauri by Permadeath requires the player to protect a tribe of NPCs from outsiders who might invade. You are required to collect materials, craft things, and fight to save your tribe. But what attracts the gaming community most is the feature of taming the monsters. This game like Terraria also accepts various mods like new features, monsters and a better A.I system.

8. Don’t Starve

Developer: Klei Entertainment Platforms: PC, Linux, Mac, Switch, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U In Don’t Starve, all the players of this similar game like Terraria are required to scavenge and create their very own gears and tools so that they can manage to survive in a dark fantasy world which seems to be taken right out of a Tim Burton story. You’ll notice that the world of this Terraria alternative game is pretty cold and unforgiving. This place even has shadows which would drive you absolutely mad. You’ll even encounter creatures that would easily make your skin crawl. This similar game like Terraria also focuses on creative problem-solving and exploring which easily suck you into hours of playing this Terraria alternative game.  Also, read 10 Games Like Free Fire: Working in 2022 | Free Fire Alternative Games

9. Scrapnaut

Developer: RockGame Platforms: PC The 9th entry on our list of best games like Terraria is Scrapnaut by RockGame. There is a major danger that you might get choked by other players and all you gotta do is save yourself. Do everything in your potential, use every trick of yours but do not let anyone take your life. The game also permits you to maintain your own gardens and set up electricity and water systems. You might also come across various monsters. To protect yourself from them, you have to craft weapons and armor for a chance of survival. 

10. Starbound

Developer: Chucklefish Platforms: PC, Linux, Mac, Xbox One Gaming enthusiasts tend to refer to Starbound as the “Terraria in Space” mostly because of the way that it looks, feels, and plays similar to Terraria. But, Terraria ends up confining its players to just one, randomly generated map (though it may be humongous) , while Starbound seems to throw its players on escapades that end up crossing the world. The feature that makes this PC Terraria alternative stand out from the other similar games like Terraria is that there is a huge variety of countless worlds in Starbound. All the various similarities of the two games make it much easier for all the Terraria fans to transition to Starbound. 

Wrapping Up

That’s all there is to our list of the top games like Terraria. It is our guarantee that these games will definitely help you pass your time in a pretty fun and interesting way. In case you have any more suggestions about Terraria alternatives, feel free to share them in the comment box!


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