Skyrim is actually a part of those RPGs which you can keep coming back to no matter what. All thanks to the updated and latest remastered edition, it’s become way too easy to just go back to the ways of the Dragonborn. But, there comes the point in every gamer’s life where you may want to get a taste of something different, so we’ve got you covered!  You’ll find a compiled list of the best games like Skyrim below, which you should definitely try out. We hope that these will manage to keep you busy while everyone waits for more news regarding the Elder Scrolls 6. So, let’s not waste any more time and move ahead. 

Similar Games Like Skyrim To Bring Fantasy Come Alive | iOS, Android, PC

We’ve mentioned the top ten alternative games like Skyrim, which I feel you would enjoy! All of the given games have fantastic storylines and graphics, which you can’t afford to miss out on!

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Developer: CD Projekt Red Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is actually known as one of the best fantasy RPGs among all the gaming enthusiasts. You are in the shoes of the divine monster-slayer Geralt of Rivia, and are supposed to complete the task of finding Ciri who is actually the heir to the Cintra throne. You’re supposed to find her before the great Wild Hunt. In this amazing game like Skyrim, you’ll be coming face to face with monster fights, political unrest, and a lot more things in the entire process. A lot similar to Skyrim, you even have the option to decide how you wish to play out the entire escapade. This clearly justifies its presence among the best alternative games like Skyrim.

2. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Developer: Capcom Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch.  This open-world action adventure of Capcom has a single extremely obvious thing in common with Skyrim and many alternative games like Skyrim: the one and only dragons. In this PC game, you take over the role of the Arisen who is actually a character whose heart was forcefully taken by a dragon. He is resurrected in the first place with the sole purpose of defeating that deadly beast. You’ll be traversing through scary dungeons and have a face off with various monsters of completely different shapes and sizes in this fantastical setting of Gransys island. So, in case you’re craving for dragon fights, Dragon’s Dogma is the Skyrim alternative game you should go for! Also, read 10 Best Games Like Stardew Valley: Working in 2022 | Stardew Valley Alternative Games

3. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Developer: Nintendo Available on: Switch  There is no doubt that the entire journey of simply exploring places and just going with the flow at your very own pace is possibly the best thing about Skyrim. Legend of Zelda; Breath of the Wild does exactly that but in a bit more of an enchanting Link-shaped package. In this alternative game to Skyrim, the character Link wakes up after a 100-year-long sleep. The moment he does, he notices that he woke up to a Hyrule that he doesn’t recognize. You are supposed to help him get back all of his memories and save Hyrule. Not an easy task now, is it? A similar game like Skyrim carves up a world that is full of hidden secrets that you’re meant to uncover. You’ll end up spending 100+ hours in Link’s shoes before you even realize it!

4. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Developer: BioWare Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4 Do you enjoy saving the day, fighting off dragons, and being the hero? Well then, guess what. You’re in luck! This similar game like Skyrim has it all. BioWare’s third entry in the entire Dragon Age series would be absolute perfection for you! In the Theda’s world, there has been a giant breach in the sky which ended up opening up a path to the fade. This is leading to all the demons getting leaked out. That doesn’t sound good. Thankfully, you accidentally ended up gaining the ability to actually close the rifts, so you can definitely help out. But, you get captured and questioned by the Inquisition, so you end up joining their effort to restore order around the world. If you love drama and thrill, then you know which Skyrim alternative game to pick among these similar games like Skyrim. Also, read How To Make Enchanting Table in Minecraft: 4 Easy-Steps | Minecraft Enchanting Table Recipe

5. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Developer: Warhorse Studios Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4 The unassuming hero comes in every shape and size, don’t you think? Every single hero tends to have their very own origin story, whether it’s a prisoner-turned Dragonborn or even the son of a simple village blacksmith. If the civil clash between both the Stormcloaks and the Imperials was interesting enough for you, then our fifth entry on the list of best games like Skyrim, a.k.a Kingdom Come: Deliverance, would be of interest to you. This story-driven open-world affair could possibly be the exact thing that you’ve been looking for!

6. Divinity: Original Sin 2

Developer: Larian Studios Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4 Another amazing game like Skyrim is Divinity: Original Sin 2. The richly made universe of Elder Scrolls by Bethesda actually adds to the mesmeric feel of Skyrim’s world. Divinity: Original Sin 2 has somehow managed to achieve that exact vibe with the support of its highly detailed setting of Rivellion. Right after Divine’s death, the void ended up getting torn open and Voidwoken began popping up in that place. Since you are a sorcerer who has the power to manipulate a source (which is actually just a form of energy not unlike magic), you end up on an escapade to become the next official Divine. Trust me when I say that this alternative game to Skyrim is definitely worth checking out.  Also, read Ways to Remove Enchantments in Minecraft | How to Make GrindStone?

7. Fallout 4

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4 In case you wanna try out some of the similar games like Skyrim but with a twist and a bit of a different flavor, you have got to try out Fallout 4. Since it’s made by the exact same developers, you’ll notice that there are a lot of aspects of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic open-world RPG. But, the difference in this Skyrim alternative game is that instead of swords and magic, you’ll be dealing with guns and nuclear weapons. You can even label it as a more freaky futuristic Skyrim game right after a nuclear war with all those super mutants, scary ghouls, and humongous flying bugs. 

8. Horizon Zero Dawn

Developer: Guerilla Games Available on: PC, PS4 The eighth entry on our list of best games like Skyrim is fabulous. Sure, there is not a single dragon here, but instead of those, you’ll find robotic dinosaurs. Cool, don’t you think? Horizon Zero Dawn’s beautiful snowy landscapes with mountains and fresh grassy hillsides definitely makes it one of the most refreshing and interesting stores in an open-world RPG to date. Your character is Aloy, who is actually a hunter present in a post-apocalyptic world that is full of peculiar robotic creatures. There’s way too much for you to explore and discover; you’ll end up finding a lot of collectives. In fact, even a lot may be an understatement for this PC alternative game. All these tasks and exploration will definitely keep you busy for quite a long.  Also, read 10 Best Games Like Stardew Valley: Working in 2022 | Stardew Valley Alternative Games

9. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Developer: 38 Studios Available on: PC, Xbox One (backwards compatible) This specific fantasy RPG actually comes with a few MMO elements. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has loads of similarities that would seem quite appealing to the Elder Scrolls enthusiasts. You are the Fateless One who is actually brought back to life, unfortunately to a world which is torn completely apart due to war. So, you set out to change the impossible. Fate. Since this is one of the few games released by 38 studios before it shut down, this one is a very solid alternative game like Skyrim with so much on the table. 

10. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Developer: Ubisoft Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC If you’re one of those who are looking forward to becoming a lethal assassin, our last entry among the best games like Skyrim, a.k.a Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, would definitely be the right choice for you. The entire game is set in a fictional history of real events; it is basically about the centuries-old struggle that went through between the various assassins. Similar to Skyrim, you have the opportunity to check out a peculiar world that is full of various quests for you. In comparison to Skyrim, this one tends to have more challenging tasks, therefore leveling up as Skyrim alternative game.

Wrapping Up

It is officially time to take a break for some time from the majestic game, Skyrim, and focus on all the various Skyrim alternatives. The above-mentioned alternative games like Skyrim should definitely manage to keep you distracted and occupied for a long time. In case you have any more suggestions regarding more interesting games like Skyrim, feel free to mention them in the comment box below.  


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