Those monotonous errands can blow our minds at one point in time surely. With the basic routine all along, we should never compromise on the little fun we can afford. GTA and PUBG are good but Pokemon do own a big time for such wonderful memories we made together. However, now this is your sign to switch.  Further are the 10 best games like Pokemon working in 2022 that you must try your hands on. These are the best Pokemon alternatives shortlisted. Go on and tell me which one you picked today in the box below!

Games Like Pokemon You Must Play Today

We know you still love Pokemon. But until its new version arrives, take a look at these amazing similar games like Pokemon that could provide you a full package. These Pokemon alternative games are filled with elements of fun, thrill, drama, and ofcourse cute adorable creatures.

1. Temtem

Starting off the list of the 10 best games like Pokemon available in 2022 with my personal favorite: Temtem. Temtem is based on giving the best of the experience with Omninesia’s floating islands, catching Temtem, and battling other players. It involves basic to-dos like Pokemon, which includes trapping, training, and competing with the adorable creatures in the team.  There are new features added in Temtem regularly, with new events and new challenges, making it a perfect fit for Pokemon alternative games. 

2. Yokai Watch 3

Yokai Watch 3 is a level-5, the latest installment in the long-running franchise to get localized. It is available on 3DS and is closely related to the Pokemon, making it the best addition to the list of games like Pokemon.  Basically, Yo-kai is referred to as spirits who either come in the form of cats or fairies and bunnies. The story so involved is divided into two hemispheres and players usually fluctuate between either playing Nate in the new town of St. Peanutsburg and Halley running his own Yo-kai detective agency. The third game in the series has more than 600 kinds of Yo-kai.  Feeling crazy? Well, go ahead for more stuff in regard to games like Pokemon.  Also, read 10 Games Like Summertime Saga: Working in 2022 | Summertime Saga Alternative Games

3. Slime Rancher

Introducing the 3rd game on the list of games like Pokemon, Slime Rancher was released in 2017. It is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. The whole grind in Slime Rancher involves the players catching, raising, and breeding their own slimes, just so as to earn enough currency and move ahead with the game.  Slime Rancher is the highly recommended Pokemon alternative for the players who like to roam around and raise their own Pokemon. 

4. Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the dueling games like Pokemon based on a card game variant of Pokemon. The players playing Clash Royale bundle up a group of monsters from the clash of clans universe and allow them to battle against other players in online PvP. It is an amazing game like Pokemon, available on Mobile.  Clash Royale also includes multiple arenas, and undoubtedly it is the most popular game among gamers. Type its name on Youtube, and all of your confusion will be resolved in regard to this best Pokemon alternative game. 

5. Ooblets

Another amazing game like Pokemon is Ooblets. It is the mixture of farming mechanics spotted in Stardew Valley and My Time at Portia, allowing the creatures to collect the aspects of the Pokemon series. It is a kind of life simulation game that resonates well to be on the list of games like Pokemon. Well, it may sound like chalk and cheese to some but the satisfaction gained at the end of the game is real.  This Pokemon alternative game Ooblets is available on Xbox One and Windows. Also, read 10 Best Games Like Little Nightmares: Working In 2022 | Little Nightmares Alternative Games

6. Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! 

Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon is a newly launched game in the mystery dungeon series, available for the Nintendo Switch and PS4. It is counted as the highly recommended Pokemon alternative with its thrilling and kinda unique gameplay. The players in Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy do not try to catch the monsters unlike Pokemon but the creatures can be befriended using the Buddy system. I can drool over this Mystery Dungeon series from the list of games like Pokemon whole day. 

7. Beastie Bay

Another underrated game in the world of Pokemon alternatives is Beastie Bay: A blend of monster-catching and sim! This is one of the games like Pokemon, that involved the players to build a city, plant crops, and maintain the resources available initially. Then as the storyline goes ahead, players move further into the wilderness and catch the beasts roaming around.   Also, read 10 Best Word Games Like Wordle: Working In 2022 | Wordle Alternative Games

8. Monster Crown

This is your sign to tighten your seat belts because the ride to the list of games like Pokemon is rising up! Monster Crown considers over 200 monsters who are supposed to be tame and collected by the players.  The story included in Monster Crown is quite identical to the one from Pokemon X & Y. And the battling system too, making it the best Pokemon alternative game. 

9. Bulu Monster

If you are looking for a closer experience in the list of games like Pokemon on Android, Bulu Monster it is! Bulu Monsters allows the creatures to be together on a field and then set them against other players. There are more than 150 monsters featured in the game, along with the 50 NPC  monster trainers.  Bulu Monster also involves 14 different maps to explore and a storyline that leads the creatures ahead with the game. Tbh this is one of the most requested free-to-play games as a Pokemon alternative. 

10. Legends of Runeterra

The last game we have on our list of free games like Pokemon is Legends of Runeterra. Legends of Runeterra is developed by the League of Legends, similar to the Clash Royale and Hearthstone. Players here collect the cards in order to build decks around their favorite champion. Further, they can move ahead with the battle online and implement their strategies accordingly. The total champions in Legends of Runeterra are 24 P.S. I had the best experience ever with legends of Runeterra on the very first try. Do give this Pokeom alternative game a shot and you won’t regret it, I promise! Also, Read Pokemon Games in Order (Updated 2022) | Pokemon Revolutionary Era Where the Temtem, Yokai Watch 3, and Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! Is stealing the hearts of PC users, Bulu Monsters and Clash Royale are here to give you the best gaming experience on your mobiles today. Do make the most of this list and make us a part of your heartwarming experiences. 

Wrapping Up

The list of best games like Pokemon ends here. I really cannot wait to try my hands on each of the above, and I can surely sense that you too. My first go-to will be clash Royale, which one will be yours? Write down below! I really hope all of your doubts regarding the Best Games like Pokemon are cleared. Path of EX always intends to bring in such insightful information for you, today and every day! Adios!


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