Pathofexile is a well-known RPG in the shooting games genre like Borderlands. The game was developed by a small independent team of ardent gamers in New Zealand for themselves. Steam, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android are the platforms on which the game is compatible. You can find other dark action-oriented role-playing games in the games like Pathofexile listed below, where you can engage in combat with a variety of enemies, acquire experience, and discover randomized items as you carry out quests.

10 Games Like Path Of Exile To Play For More Action Role Play

Action role-playing games provide entertaining gameplay and are a perfect alternative for individuals who have finished Path of Exile. So grab one of the Pathofexile alternatives for yourself to have action-filled gaming experiences. Also, read 10 Best Games Like Borderlands | Borderlands Alternatives

1. Hades 

The rapid progression curves and captivating gameplay of roguelikes have contributed to the recent increase in popularity of Games Like Path Of Exile. The combination of roguelike features with ARPG combat in Hades seems to go against the genre’s emphasis on character development and gearing. It is one of the most thrilling and addictive ARPGs like Pathofexile you can purchase. Hades does a fantastic job of mixing random dungeon exploration with substantial character development. Enemies drop gold and goods that enable building, allowing players to carry on with their run. When players die, they can make temporary modifications that simplify their subsequent runs. Hades is an essential game for fans of ARPGs because it has a satisfying plot and stunning visuals, among other Games Like Path Of Exile Features of Hades

Easy to play.Thrilling and addictive ARPGs.Rapid progression curves can be found.Temporary modifications can be done playing.

2. Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn is a game like Pathofexile that offers a breath of fresh air for gamers who are sick of the game’s speed meta-features. Compared to Path of Exile, this game is significantly slower without sacrificing build diversity. Players in this game, like Pathofexile, can select one of seven Masteries, making a total of nine with both significant expansions. Each Mastery has its own set of skills and passives. In this Game Like Path Of Exile players can pick Mastery at level 12, players. Grim Dawn’s Devotion system, which combines build stats and distinctive passive effects as constellations to make build construction far less frightening, may appeal to those who prefer Pathofexile’s inactive skill forest. Grim Dawn is an excellent offline substitute for Pathofexile. Features of Grim Dawn

Multiplayer gameGrim dawn is a game like Pathofexile that can be played offline.The players can enjoy multi-level gaming.

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3. Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is a fantastic casual ARPG for those looking for an alternative to Path of Exile, despite being a significant change from the original two games. In this game like Pathofexile, players can concentrate mainly on their gear and Greater Rifts rather than managing dozens of progression mechanisms. The absence of meta-progression tools and the game’s intricate gearing make it an excellent ARPG  to play in the final month of a Path of Exile league. This game, like Pathofxile, can be played whenever a player feels burnt out. Even though it may not have the same level of depth as the game like Path of Exile, it is among the most liked Games Like Path Of Exile. Features of Diablo 3

Action role play gaming is something players will enjoy the mostPlayers can focus mainly on their gear and Greater RiftsNo meta-progression tool is present in this version of Diablo.

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4. Warframe

Warframe is neither an isometric RPG nor a dungeon crawler. It is a third-person shooting Game Like Path Of Exile that is free to play. This alternative game, like Pathofxile, is more demanding due to the vast selection of Mods—effectively passives that can change an item’s behavior. Each Warframe, which functions as a player’s class, offers a set of skills tailored to a specific playstyle. With Nova, Limbo, or Atlas, players can strike adversaries into oblivion or reduce entire armies to particle dust. Despite the lack of a comprehensive endgame structure, Warframe contains a wealth of content that makes it worthwhile to play towards the conclusion of a Path of Exile league.  Features of Warframe

Third-party shooting gameThe game offers a set of skills tailored to a specific playstyle.Options for selecting multiple mods.

5. Titan Quest

If you are looking for quick-action role-playing games like Pathofxile to play, Titan Quest is an excellent choice. In this alternative game like Pathofexile, players complete the campaign in Titan Quest. Players get to face up against infamous monsters and gods from Greek mythology. Titan Quest is significantly more flexible than other similar games like Pathofxile. Players can allocate points to any skills or passives they want after selecting one of two character archetypes. The distinctive scenario and flexible character customization in Titan Quest make it an excellent ARPG alternative to other dungeon-crawling behemoths in the genre, even though it does show its age now. Features of Titan Quest

 Face up against infamous monsters and gods.Easy to play ARPGOptions for selecting a character of your own choice

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6. Last Epoch

The early-access game Last Epoch is already proving to be an excellent choice if you are looking for Games Like Path Of Exile. Last Epoch sets itself apart from other games in the category with its skill tree structure. In this Pathofexile alternative, each talent has its own augment tree, allowing for extensive customization without sacrificing itemization or introducing extra bloat. Give Last Epoch a try if you’re looking for a combination between the gameplay and the customizability similar to games like Path of Exile. Features of Last Epoch

The game can be customized as per the player.Extra boats can be introduced in between if required.Easy to play RPG.

7. Pillars of Eternity

It’s no secret that Pillars of Eternity is the spiritual successor to popular RPGs like Planescape: Torment and Baldur’s Gate and is one of the best games like Pathofexile. This alternative of Pathofxile is far better than anticipated. Players in this fantasy role-playing game assume the role of Watchers, persons with the ability to communicate with souls and view previous lives. Unfortunately, there is a cost associated with this gift. Players must explore Dyrwood as watchers to learn more about the history of the recent Hollowborn—beings born without souls. Fundamentally, Pillars of Eternity won praise for its masterful fusion of a fascinating universe, a compelling story, and highly strategic combat.  Features of Pillars of Eternity

Spiritual role-playing game.Players enjoy their ability to communicate with the soulGet to know more about history.

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8. Torchlight 3

Fans of ARPGs who prefer a more “cool” and uncomplicated experience may enjoy Torchlight 3’s preference for hack-and-slash gameplay. The failing Ember Empire in Torchlight 3 is unprepared to take on the extraterrestrial Netherim in this game like Pathofexile. Like its predecessors, Torchlight 3’s steampunk setting draws inspiration from vintage RPGs. With persistent enemies, a fast-and-loose skill system, and rarity-based drops, Torchlight 3 will satisfy players longing for genres like Pathofxile. The game is contrary to other more “hardcore” ARPGs like Pathofxile, and all players will find it challenging and enjoyable. Fans of Path of Exile who prefer minimalist ARPGs with a relaxed presentation will enjoy this game. Features of Torchlight3

Incredible gameplay. Vintage RPGs gaming styleChallenge and Problem solving game style

9. Deep Sky Derelicts

Deep Sky Derelict is the most amazing game like Pathofexile. In this alternative, you are in the role of a group of mercenaries exploring abandoned alien ships in an unwelcoming future. You can rest on your ship in between missions, but it won’t be long before you have to embark on another tense adventure that could result in some of your people losing their lives forever. If you’ve played Path of Exile before, DSD will seem very comfortable and is an incredible alternative game like Pathofexile. While there are no eerie cryps to explore, there is still a “dungeon” map to navigate, turn-based combat, loot management, and procedural generation to keep things interesting.  Features of Deep Sky Derelicts 

Evocative aestheticA fascinating alien ship exploresInteresting environmentTurn-based combat with card power

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10. Warsaw

Warsaw, a video game created by Polish independent studio Pixelated Milk, explores the 1944 Warsaw Uprising. Its storyline makes it a popular game in the list of games like Pathofxile. The creators’ choice allowed players to convey a distinct viewpoint on the subject and incorporate engaging mechanics. The player in Warsaw controls a squad of rebels engaged in street combat in the Nazi-occupied city. Turn-based tactical battle against the occupant is the main gameplay element, intending to regain ever-greater authority over the city’s districts. In this alternative game of Pathofxile, players can choose from various character classes, employing various tactical strategies to outnumber the more numerous and well-equipped opponent forces.  Features Of Warsaw

Utilize your tactical prowess to survive the Warsaw Uprising.Fight against the overwhelming enemy numbers by employing a set of specific character classes.Through the participants’ eyes, relive the pivotal moments of the uprising.It is based on an intricate historical setting.

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Wrapping Up

Wooh, you got to know a lot about role-playing action games like Pathofxile. Now you can choose anyone from the list mentioned above and enjoy it with your friends and family. You can learn about more action, puzzle, board, and shooting games from Path of EX and play different types of games. Happy Gaming!


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