If you’re a fan of the Monster Hunter series, then these games will be right up your alley. The various titles in this list offer a lot of action and fun but also a lot of variety. No matter what you are looking for, there is sure to be something that fits your needs perfectly. The Monster Hunter series has become one of Japan’s largest and most popular hunting game series. It was developed by Capcom, a company known for its game series, including Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry. But while highly addictive hunting games like Monster Hunter are popular worldwide, they are not available on most gaming platforms. We have compiled a list of alternatives to Monster Hunter games that offer similar adventure elements and addicting gameplay.

10 Action Games Like Monster Hunter You Will Love To Play

Monster Hunter is the most popular game in the action world and has been for quite a few years. There are quite a few options if you’re looking for alternative games like Monster Hunter. We’ve collected 10 of the best games like Monster Hunter, which will give you a taste of what you are searching for.

1. Dauntless

You can freely explore the Shattered Isles, a fantasy world filled with dark monsters, with Dauntless, a Monster Hunter alternative game. In a continuous gameplay loop, the Slayers hack, stab, smack, and loot to defeat more robust and challenging Behemoths. You’ll have the choice to either randomly select or pick your character before you enter the Dauntless universe.  Your hunts enable you to upgrade and craft your equipment, which is the heart of a Slayer’s power. Depending on your level, you will need armor sets such as helmets, chest pieces, gloves, pants, and boots. Dauntless offers continuous content expansion via free updates and seasonal events, so you’ll be able to perfect your weapons and armor and claim bragging rights for quite some time. Features of Dauntless are-

Take down a variety of behemoths and claim their body parts for weapon and armor crafting. With the perk and cell systems, you can design an individual fighting style to combat them. Explore Ramsgate, the last human city. Create your character’s unique look by styling them with cosmetic skins, emotes, face paints, and banners. Combat based on combos, stamina, health, items, and positioning management.

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2. Gods Eater Burst

The God Eater Burst is a game like Monster Hunter that focuses on players defeating and obtaining items from slain enemies to improve their weaponry for deadlier foes. In addition to their unique weaknesses, successful characters seek to exploit them to take down their enemies more efficiently. Gods Eater Burst also features 3 AI companions to support players during the battles. The encounters are designed to be played in a linear storyline. As part of the base game, players can complete over 100 missions with these team members. They can also customize them with various cosmetic clothing, so they feel like they command the Fenrir organization independently. Players can also upgrade their equipment to improve damage and defenses if they can collect the necessary items from slain Aragami enemies. These enemies must first be hunted in the mission structure. Features of Gods Eater Burst are-

PS4, Windows, and PS Vita.3 AI companions to support players during the battles.Players can complete over 100 missions with these team members. Switch between sword, shield, and gun on the fly.

3. Borderlands

With a solid gameplay loop centered around randomized loot, character skill trees, co-op for four, and an astounding sci-fi setting, games like Monster Hunter launched Borderlands into a fantastic RPG shooter franchise. Among the first first-person shooters to incorporate role-playing elements into its core gameplay loop, Borderlands is one of the originals. A vault hunter can be chosen from four characters with different skill trees, fighting styles, and collaborative skills so they can make friends in a cooperative environment. Players can play as these vault hunters with voice-acted characters who fit seamlessly into Borderlands’ story elements and have their personalities and backstory. Features of Borderlands are-

Explore Pandora and try to find the alien vault.Four different characters with their skill.Play solo or in 4 player modes.Finding loot is more exciting when guns, shields, and grenades are randomly thrown around

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4. Freedom Wars

Featuring a futuristic setting, great multiplayer options, a wide variety of weapon types, and multiple control styles, This games like Monster Hunter takes you into the distant future with your party. The Japanese RPG Freedom Wars has a fantastic arsenal of weapon types and multiple control styles, making it one of the best Monster Hunting RPGs available. Features of Freedom Wars are-

A unique setting set.Massive range of weapons.Impressive multiplayer options and competitive modes.Multiple control modes.

5. Nier

The action role-playing and hack and slash fundamentals in Nier have crafted a story that Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners would enjoy. As new story-related mechanics are introduced on subsequent playthroughs, Nier is designed for players to replay the story multiple times so they can fully grasp the story elements. The game follows the story of two books, one good and the other evil. Nier a Games like Monster Hunter, with an expansive game world and enemies constantly battling for loot and experience, players explore a wide game world similar to other hack and slash video games. Some puzzles and alternative camera angles come into play during certain side-scrolling and top-down sequences to add some variety to the gameplay. Features of Nier are-

The unique mixture of genres.A plot twist-driven story is full of dark themes.Battle Shade monsters, creatures, and robots and 2 sword fighting companions.Hack and slash countless monsters.Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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6. Shadow Of The Colossus

In a strange fantasy world known only as “the Forbidden Land,” Shadow of the Colossus is an action-adventure game like Monster Hunter. This game, like Monster of Hunter, breaks the genre mold by being devoid of towns and even general interaction, even though several ruins suggest there was once life here.  The surrounding environment plays a crucial role in finding weaknesses you can exploit once you have located your enemy. In a game like Shadow of the Colossus, players can grab hold of their enemy and scale it, creating an unforgettable combat experience. After winning a battle, you will return to the hub to find your next opponent. Features of Shadow Of The Colossus are-

A unique adventure for your PlayStation. Save Mono by fighting 16 different colossi. Discover their weaknesses and learn how to defeat them. You can ride Argo and even fight on horseback.

7. Soul Sacrifice

A dark action-adventure game that provides more story content than most games in the genre, Soul Sacrifice is both unique and dark, game like Monster Hunter. Compared to Monster Hunter Alternative games, Soul Sacrifice offers a more thoughtful and strategic approach to combat with its unique sacrifice mechanic. Features of Soul Sacrifice are-

A hack and slash adventure game like Monster Hunter.Unique and dark story.Four-player game mode.Three different endings.

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8. Bloodborne

A new genre of action RPG, Bloodborne games like Monster Hunter with a dark gothic setting set in a dark world. This Victorian-themed city is threatened by a bloodborne plague and mysterious evil beasts that leave no one safe. You’ll find brutal combat, a fascinating story, and hidden treasures in Yharnam. Throughout the story, the equipment provides a second powerful avenue in addition to stats by allowing you to acquire and trade multiple weapons, armor slots, and consumable items. Searching for the correct items that support your preferred playstyle along with the story campaign is a constant journey with their vast range of statistics. Features of Bloodborne are-

Dark Souls’ style of gameplay and mechanics challenge players and punish death.A dark gothic setting and story.PlayStation 4 consoles.The victorian-themed city is threatened by a bloodborne plague and mysterious evil beasts.A new genre of action RPG.

9. Primal Carnage

A team of dinosaurs faces off against a group of humans in a savage class-oriented match in Primal Carnage. An online multiplayer shooter focused on PvP combat. As a result of the gameplay-focused design of games like Monster Hunter, players can jump into one of the nine large open maps, which are combined with three different game modes to provide a good deal of variety. Humans and dinosaurs will fight each other in a team death match. Features of Primal Carnage are-

Dinosaurs vs. humans.9 Different Maps.3 Different Modes.Team Gameplay.Plenty of counterplay.

10. Lost Planet 2

You’ll take down large enemies in Lost Planet 2, a sequel to trendy games like monster hunter and humans. This edition focuses on giant bosses and different strategies for dealing with monster threats. You can also change your weapons and abilities to bring something new to the battles. Features of Lost Planet 2 are-

Multiplayer mode.Explore various environments.6-episode campaign exploringCustomize your weapons.Create a unique soldier.

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Wrapping Up

In this article, we have covered the 10 best games like Monster Hunter or Monster Hunter alternatives you must try. These games have similar features to Monster Hunter, like Multiplayer mode and Exploring various environments. I hope you find the information helpful. I am going to try each game listed above. What do you think? Write in the comment box below. I hope your questions about games like Monster Hunter are answered well here. Path of EX aims to serve you with such insightful information today and every day. Come along!


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