Darkest Dungeon is one of the most demanding horror games, and its demand has left other puzzle and adventure games besides. In 2016, a horrid tragedy was released in a game that can be played with friends, family, or even by yourself. So why wait? Let’s create our own horror adventure with games like Darkest Dungeon and enjoy the medieval plague tales in RPGs. From the list of games like Darkest Dungeon mentioned below.

Top 10 Must Play Games Like Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is a unique game that combines the elements of survival-horror games and roguelike RPGs.  The game begins with an assignment that sends a group of mercenaries with little training to explore and battle monsters in dynamically created dungeons. The task of exploring dungeons inhabited by evil cults and Lovecraftian abominations is nerve-wracking. As a result, people build up stress that, if unchecked, can result in various unpleasant and disruptive situations.  Sequel Of Darkest Dungeon A game’s sequel started its Early Access period on the Epic Games Store in 2021. The setting of Darkest Dungeon 2 is far more significant than the original mansion and its dungeons, and it combines 2D and 3D visuals to produce more intricate scenarios without compromising the series’ visual style.  However, if you’re not in the mood to check out DD2 immediately, think about playing any games like Darkest Dungeon mentioned below!  Also, read 8 Best Games Like Uncharted iOS, PC, Android | Uncharted Alternative Games

1. Urtuk: the Desolation

Urtuk: the Desolation appears to be an isometric clan of the Darkest Dungeon.  It is turn-based, has an art style close to (but not entirely identical to) DD, is set in a dark fantasy universe, and largely relies on sprites. The open-world design that lets you live wherever you think you can survive and the hex-based tactical map with a varied placement strategy sets them apart. Compared to DD, Urtuk offers significantly larger maps and more room for movement, which is especially advantageous given that the environments are filled with traps you may push your opponents. Urtuk: the Desolation has an intriguing, captivating advancement system that entails taking beneficial upgrades from foes you fight and receiving contextual benefits and is an amazing game from the list of games like Darkest Dungeon.  Key Features Of Urkut: the Desolation 

10 classes to assemble your party out ofIncredible artTactically fascinating battles on a hex mapYou can mutate your crews with elements you pulled from enemies.


If you’re seeking games like Darkest Dungeon but less widely known, MISTOVER is worth mentioning. This small game is an alternative to Darkest Dungeon that may not be as elegant as DD, but with sprite-based graphics (this time with an anime-esque design), turn-based combat, and tile-by-tile dungeon exploration, you may find what you’re looking for. Permadeath is another option available in these games like Darkest Dungeon. Eight different classes, based on European and Japanese archetypes, are also featured in Mistover. As a result, a Paladin and a Ronin can fight together. Each type, of course, has unique abilities, many of which are quite extravagant and more appropriate for amine-like characters than for the grim fantasy world in which they are used. The free demo is so you may experience it before buying it. It’s an odd combination. Key features of MISTOVER 

There are various plot endings in the game.A fusion of stylesThe eight coursesDungeons are created at random.

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3. Vambrace: Cold Soul

In terms of character designs, Vambrace: Cold Soul is even more anime-inspired than Mistover, but it’s still a good roguelike, so don’t let the aesthetic games like Darkest Dungeon put you off. Surprisingly, the game’s main plot concerns a mystery beneath the city, a chilly, complex surface, and the titular Vambrace, which is magical. This alternative game Darkest Dungeon primarily consists of two modes: the quiet mode, in which you travel around the city as a charming, chibi-like avatar. The expeditions resemble Darkest Dungeon more and display full-size sprites of the characters you used. There is a good deal of diversity in the types of people joining your group because they can practice one of 10 classes and originate from 5 distinct species. Key features of Vambrace: Cold Soul

As predicted for the genre, permadeathA helpful system for creatingThe undead rule over freezing, hostile earth.Roguelike that focuses on stories

4. Into The Breach 

You should look into Into the Breach if the strategic placement aspects of Darkest Dungeon encounters were your favorites, and it is one of the most amazing games like Darkest Dungeon. In this alternative game to Darkest Dungeon, you will find a mech theme that appears tiny and pixelated. Moving yourself and your adversaries around the area is essential. On an 8×8 square battlefield, you’d think there wouldn’t be many areas for tactical nuance, but its nuance and intricacy surpass many bigger games. This alternative game Darkest Dungeon involves a lot of time travel mischief. Therefore there is also permadeath. You are sent back in time to prevent a Kaiju invasion of Earth, and that entails not only eliminating the monsters but also taking care to minimize collateral harm. Key features of Into the Breach 

Don’t let the straightforward presentation fool you; it’s a tactical powerhouse.An intriguing tale.Automated scenario creationA decent collection of mechs from which you have to assemble a team.

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5. Legend Of Keeper: Career Of A Dungeon Master 

Goblinz Studio’s Legend of Keepers, released in March 2020 is among the most demanding game on the list of games like Darkest Dungeon, adds a distinctive twist to the genre by allowing players to compete against the brave adventurers of perilous dungeons. As the game’s name implies, the player controls the dungeon and guards it against intruders attempting to steal its treasures. Management and warfare comprise the two main game modes in this alternative game of Darkest Dungeon. The user can select different traps to impede the adventurers’ progress during the regime to determine the types of challenges they will encounter in the dungeon. The player can choose one of three dungeon master classes and engage the heroes in turn-based combat during the combat phase. Key features of Legends Of Keeper: Career Of A Dungeon Master 

Protect your house from valiant warriors.Put the explorers in various barriers and traps to stop them in their tracks.Numerous monster varieties and three different grades of Dungeon Master.Excellent sense of humor.

6. Slay the Spire

Fans of both roguelike dungeon crawlers and deck-building systems will love to Slay the Spire. It is one of the most demanding games on the list of games like Darkest Dungeon. The player controls a predetermined character in the turn-based RPG MegaCrits. Each character begins their adventure with a set amount of health and gold and is outfitted with a relic that grants them special skills. In this game like Darkest Dungeon, the player’s goal is to complete the titular spire levels by engaging in turn-based battles with familiar foes and level monsters. StS’s primary gameplay mechanic is deck building. Throughout this alternative game of Darkest Dungeon, the player can make use of ability cards, each of which controls a specific kind of skill. In this game like Darkest Dungeon, the player can use them to attack or defend themselves, and effective deckbuilding will be essential to the player’s victory in battle can be enjoyed in this game from the long list of games like Darkest Dungeon. Key features of Slay the Spire

Ascend the spire’s levels to battle the monsters there.Pick from four character classes with various playstyles.Collect cards to create your deck and kill enemies with easeUtilize special character abilities to simplify exploration and combat

7. Deep Sky Derelicts

Deep Sky Derelicts, maybe the most potent DD substitute on the list of games like Darkest Dungeon, places you in the role of a group of mercenaries exploring abandoned alien ships in an unwelcoming future. In this game like Darkest Dungeon, you can rest on your ship in between missions, but it won’t be long before you have to embark on another tense adventure. If you’ve played Darkest Dungeon before, DSD will seem very comfortable and is a fantastic alternative to Darkest Dungeon. While there are no eerie crypts to explore, there is still a “dungeon” map to navigate, turn-based combat, loot management, and procedural generation to keep things interesting Key features of Deep Sky Derelicts 

Evocative aestheticA fascinating alien ship exploresInteresting environmentTurn-based combat with card power

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8. Warsaw

Warsaw, a video game created by Polish independent studio Pixelated Milk, explores the 1944 Warsaw Uprising. Its storyline makes it a popular game in the list of games like Darkest Dungeon. The creators’ choice allowed players to convey a distinct viewpoint on the subject and incorporate engaging mechanics. The player in Warsaw controls a squad of rebels engaged in street combat in the Nazi-occupied city. Turn-based tactical battle against the occupant is the main gameplay element, intending to regain ever-greater authority over the city’s districts. In a game like Darkest Dungeon, players can choose from various character classes, employing various tactical strategies to outnumber the more numerous and well-equipped opponent forces. Key features Of Warsaw

Utilize your tactical prowess to survive the Warsaw Uprising.Fight against the overwhelming enemy numbers by employing a set of specific character classes.Through the participants’ eyes, relive the pivotal moments of the uprising.It is based on an intricate historical setting.

9. Iratus: Lord Of The Death

Iratus: Lord of the Dead places the player in the antagonist role, much like Legend of Keepers, and makes it a fantastic alternative to Darkest Dungeon. Iratus is a necromancer imprisoned in a maze of underground tunnels. To escape, he must gather his army of undead and confront those who stand in their way of freedom. The game combines dungeon management with turn-based role-playing games like Darkest Dungeon. The player manages their minions in battle and enhances their dungeon. This game like Darkest Dungeon provides the user with a few intriguing mechanics, making the gameplay much more fascinating. The adversaries, for instance, have a finite supply of morale that may be reduced by slapping them with various undead nasties. This alternative of Darkest Dungeon resembles DD in reverse. The talents of zombie soldiers support turn-based combat, and you can summon more minions from the dead of enemies you’ve defeated by using Iratus’ necromantic abilities. Key features of Iratus: Lord of the Death

Use necromancer abilities to escape from a situation of confinement.Recruit strong minions to fight for you Improve your underground lair by summoning strong minions to fight for you.Create fear in your adversaries’ hearts.

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10. Hades

Hades, a rare non-turn-based anomaly on the list, immerses the player in the realm of Greek myths and stories, full of creatures to defeat inside deftly constructed dungeons. The titular deity’s son and the player’s character is Zagreus, prince of the Underworld. In direct opposition to his father’s wishes, the protagonist decides to leave the Underworld after learning a mystery about his background. Hades’ undeniable popularity among the 2020 games can be attributed to several factors. The game’s superb design and gameplay, which combines roguelike exploration with action-RPG fighting elements, come first. Another aspect was the narrative, told through cutscenes with lots of conversation, similar to other games like Darkest Dungeon. The writers and voice performers developed a cast of likable, amusing, and charming characters, and conversations between them frequently alluded to obscure mythological details. A few brief runs can be a welcome diversion from considering your turns in slower games like Darkest Dungeon, even if it isn’t turn-based and is one of the best dungeon delvers in recent memory. Key features of Hades

Discover the dynamic world of Greek deities and monsters.Zagreus battles underworld demons as he journeys through the underworld.Utilize a variety of abilities and strategies to reach Mount Olympus quickly.Enjoy a fantastic narrative with funny and well-written characters.

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Wrapping Up

It can be challenging to find your serotonin fix after having your soul shattered by a turn-based RNG fighting system in the form of overcoming extreme adversity. I hope you found it in games like Darkest Dungeon, as mentioned in the list above. So enjoy these Gothic adventures and explore more games at Path of EX with us. Happy Gaming


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