Among Us is always known for its deception and betrayal theme but once you crack all the secret codes of Among Us, you must switch. I have added top free games like Among Us which have amazing gameplay, including the VR games.  Tighten your seatbelts while you continue to read further because you are going to be on a roll today. Below mentioned are the 10 best games like Among Us that work well on PC, Xbox Console, Android, or iOS. Go on and treat your mind today with nothing but the best. 

Best Games Like Among Us You Must Seek Today | iOS, Android, PC

Just so you know, I am feeling crazy right now. Though I play many games every day, mystery and suspicion always awake my sleeping senses. Further are the best online games like Among Us, which will make you feel surreal from the inside and happy on the outside. Go on:

1. Secret Neighbor 

Introducing the first game from our list of games like among us, Secret Neighbor. It is available on Xbox Console and would never disappoint you or any other gamer. There are six characters in this game in total who sneak into the neighbor’s house just to spot the neighbor in disguise among them. The secret neighbor roams along with the five characters as the innocent one and tries to drive them apart from the locked basement door. Who knows, the one you wish to be your Secret Santa is the real villain here. (Interesting, right ;p) The whole grind behind spotting the secret Neighbor defines it as an amazing Among Us alternative worth a try. Read along with the further features for more insightful information regarding Secret Neighbor, a similar game like Among Us. Plan your strategies accordingly. Features of Secret Neighbor :

Efficient gameplay with a story plotOne hidden role Amazing graphics Best social deduction game for Xbox


The second and exclusive game like Among Us, which can be played on any platform, is It is an online-based game, that can be operated on PC and Mobile. There is also a newly launched application for Android users, which makes it easy and feasible to play.  Talking about the gameplay of this user-friendly Among Us alternative, allows the player to either look for the betrayer roaming around the teammates or be a betrayer to deceive his own teammates. In a similar game like Among us, the choice, the choice lies in the hands of the player. The teammates perform some tasks, strategies, and spot the enemy in this social deduction game.  Also, Read 10 Best Word Games Like Wordle: Working In 2022 | Wordle Alternative Games This new and exciting gameplay,, not only gives the players easy access to binge over the whole day but also forces the players to be smart ones in the crowd and choose their choices. Features of

Available on Web Browser. Free of cost.Accessible to online multiplayer.Includes various tasks. 

3. Project Winter

Moving on with the list of similar games like Among Us, Project Winter is gameplay based on betrayal, trust, and survival. There are wholesome tasks involved for players to complete and move ahead. However, the traitors in Project Winter try to drift the group apart by spreading lies and rumors. Their sole objective is to imply ‘Divide and Rule’, which makes it a suitable Among Us alternative.  Although, unlike Among Us, players can use voice chat support along with the basic text chat option available in Among Us. Give Project Winter a shot and you will be amazed by its vibe.  Readout loud the features of Project Winter dropped down below for more.  Features of Project Winter :

8-person multiplayer game.Voice chat inclusivity.Known for its visuals and gameplay.Best social deduction game like Among Us.

4. Deceit

Deceit, a similar free game like Among Us, is a multiplayer game available on PC. It is based on two important aspects: Deception and Trust. Here the players ought to spot the innocent players in the game and stick with them to survive anyhow.  Talking about the gameplay of Deceit, it includes a first-person shooter, defining it as the best Among Us alternatives available. As the player wakes up in a dingy asylum with 5 other unknown players, two out of them are expected to be infected with a deadly virus. They are probably roaming around to spread their disease among other innocent players. However, you must be a smart one here while making an alliance. You never know who can turn into an infected one. Trust your gut and take a calculative move in order to win Deceit: One of the top-rated Among Us alternatives Also, Read 7 Best Games Like GTA: Working in 2022 | Grand Theft Auto Alternative Games Further are the features of Deceit which include more insightful information about the same. Go on and strategize accordingly.  Features of Deceit:

One of the most trusted Among Us alternative 6 person multiplayer gameBased on trust and deceptionFast and tricky

5. Town of Salem

Coming out with another top game like Among Us, Town of Salem is the most feasible Among Us alternative available on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Considering the fact that Among Us allows 4-10 people to be on board at one point in time, the Town of Salem is a safe space for a total of 15 players maximum to be at. There are 33 character roles in Town of Salem for players and they can choose among them as per their wish, it includes Mafia, serial killer, Arsonist, or neutral. Town of Salem is a great and extensive version of Among Us with a player base of 8 million users, making a grand entry in the Among Us alternatives. Tbh this is my personal favorite! So if you are searching for similar games like Among us, Town of Salem will be your right pick. Go along with the features of the Town of Salem and make the most of it Features of the Town of Salem:

Players can either be a protector as town guys or a Mafia/serial killer.More than 33 people multiplayer gameGrand version of Among UsBased on trust and betrayal. 

6. Hidden in Plain Sight 

We all have heard about the trivia games to play at a party. However, the new one in the trend is Hidden in Plain Sight. Hidden in Plain Sight is not just another game on the list of games like Among US, it is said to be one of the best party games ever. It is a local multiplayer set-up that can be played in a group of 2-4 players. Here, a player needs to be blended well with the other players without being a center of attraction. They can play games and complete tasks without being caught by someone’s eyes. Like a secret devil! Also, Read All FNAF Games In Order | Five Nights At Freddy Franchise Timeline Adding more, Hidden in Plain Sight also includes other gaming modes like Death Race and Elimination to avoid getting someone’s attention. The whole concept and gameplay of Hidden in Plain Sight clearly define it to be one of the best Among Us alternatives.  Following are the features of Hidden in Plain Sight. Continue to read to learn why it is said to be the most suitable game-like Among Us to play online.  Features of Hidden in Plain Sight:

Offline mode is available.Easy and fun to play.Death race and elimination modes are included. Requires gaming controller. Multi-player gameplay. 

7. Werewolf Online

Adding up one more game to the list of games like Among Us, Werewolf Online is not exactly a survivor-traitor game like Among Us. However, it is known for its amazing gameplay and gaming elements available for players. The main focus of Werewolf Online is to collect the resources and protect your village from evils who are always busy plotting against you and your village. Players need to spot the liars in order to protect the boundary of the village.  Werewolf Online is considered the healthy Among Us alternative due to its concept of survival, deathmatch, and deception. Further are the features of Werewolf Online; go on to know where Werewolf Online can be played and how.  Features of Werewolf Online:

Available on Android and iOS. 16-player game.The prior motive is to collect the resources and shield your village. Based on survival, deathmatch, and deception. 

8. Werewolves Within

If you are looking for a social deduction VR game like Among Us available on PS4, then Werewolves Within will be your best choice today. With a slice of uniqueness, Werewolves Within has always been a favorite one among the players. It has a hidden role for every player, giving them a taste of even a good guy and a traitor.  Also, Read How To Complete The Alchemy In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands | Precious Metals Side Quest  The game is based on the medieval village of Gallowston. A player can either choose to be a villager who protects innocent people from getting harmed or become a turncoat, his choice! The main motive behind such grind is to spot the hidden werewolf and surpass the other players playing the game. Summing Up, Werewolves Within is the highly recommended Among Us alternative for players who are extremely fond of playing VR games on Ps4.  Features of Werewolves Within:

Available on PS4.Settles in a medieval village.Best suited for 5-8 players. The objective is to save the village and spot the werewolf. 

9. Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen, set in a spaceship, is based on a murder and betrayal theme gameplay exactly like Among Us. All the players come together, plan and plot to complete the tasks involved and eventually save their life. This game-like Among Us involves hiding, tricking, revolving, and also eavesdropping in order to hunt the other players down from the spaceship. Death is an unspoken reality of spaceship, and Unfortunate Spacemen brings all the players together to escape the reality either by being a performer or a victim.  There are many modes in Unfortunate Spacemen like Story mode and survival mode that keep on switching as according to the current situation of the game. The mystery lies in betraying and killing the other one which makes it a perfect Among Us alternative.  Features of Unfortunate Spacemen:

Many modes are available.16 people multiplayer game.Voice chat support.Based on the murder and betrayal theme. 

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10. Enemy on Board

Revealing the last one on the list of games like Among Us free online, Enemy on Board is an 8 players game where 6 players ought to be the crew members and the rest 2 to be the Alien imposters. The crew members revolve around the space to look for the imposters and shoot them in order to win the round.  This may seem to be easy, but actually, it is not. The imposters are so smart to be in the crowd that no one can easily spot who is a crew member and who is an imposter. Nevertheless, the players must be extra cautious while spotting the enemy on board. Tbh this is is the last one but definitely not the least. Try it once, and all you will scream at the end of the day is “ This is the best Among Us alternative everrrrrr” Features of Enemy on Board:

Game of tota 8 players. Based on looking for betrayal and murder. The objective is to look for the imposters and shoot them. Voice chat support is available but with a glitch.

Secret Neighbor, Unfortunate Spacemen, Deceit, and Hidden in the Plain Sight are said to be the best Among Us alternatives here. Their deception, murder mystery, and betrayals are said to be the highly relatable ones in the list of games like Among Us. 

Wrapping Up

I do not intend to be a gossipmonger enough, but I had to share this: Town of Salem is one of the most tricky ones in the list of games like Among Us. Just when you will think that you have spotted the town guy here, he will reveal his real face, Urgh! Anyways, I hope all your questions regarding the best games like Among Us working in 2022 are answered well. The above mentioned are the top Among Us alternatives available either on PC, Android, Xbox Console, or iOS. Give them a shot and drop your experiences below.  Path of EX aims to serve you with everything you probably wish for.  Adios!


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