If we talk about the free Best Gacha Games for android and iOS, there is a wide range of Gacha games available online. But not all of them are worthy of your time. Only the one with the best storyline, fantastic characters, and amazing gameplay deserves to be called the best.  Gacha Games are extremely popular in the east, not in the west. There are numbers of games for Android, iOS, and PC. These Gacha games are ideal for mobile because of their high-quality graphics. Originated in Japan, with more western countries jumping in every day, these Gacha games are the new viral trend. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at some of the Best Gacha Games of all time.

10 Best Gacha Games For Android and iOS

There are multiple Gacha Games for android and iOS. We have listed only the top Gacha games for you. Go further and look out for the 10 best Gacha games working in 2022. 

1. Genshin Impact

When we talk about the best Gacha games, Genshin Impact is the one you should try. Genshin impact launched in 2020, and within a year, Genshin impact crossed over 2 billion players. In addition, Genshin Impact won the “The Game Award For Best Mobile Game” award. This Gacha game allows players to use different combinations of skills and control one of four interchangeable characters in the party. Features of Genshin Impact:

Action, Adventure and Role-playSingle-player and multiplayerAndroid, iOS and PCFreeAmine-style and Character switching

2. Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends is another Best Gacha Game that can give you the best experience. 3-D theme-based, turn-based and role-playing are some of the best features of this amazing gacha game. Raid shadow legends is built with lag-free graphics. Raid shadow legends game story takes place in fiction of teleria (realism). Features of Raid Shadow Legends:

FreeTheme-based (fantastic)Turn-based, role-playingAndroid, iOS and PCWide variety of game modes

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3. Epic Seven

Epic seven is another Best Gacha Games that is trending in 2022. Epic Seven is a turn-based, role-playing game with an amazing story overarching straightforward, characters and subplots with deep phenomena. This gacha game challenges players with unique visuals and strategies. Features of Seven Epic: 

FreeTurn-based and role-playingAndroid and iOSFull-frame animation

4. AFK Arena

AFK Arena is another Best Gacha Games for mobile, which is working in 2022 that will give you the best experience after playing. AFK Arena is a classic turn-based RPG game. It features the best story where you have to fight with evil Hypogeans to save the world of Esperia. This gacha game is best for those who don’t have much time to spend on the game as the battle continues, even if you log out, allowing you to continue with the same and help you gain rewards. Features of AFK Arena:

Squad role-playIdle or turn-basedAndroid and iOSFree

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5. Another Eden

Another Eden is one of the Best Gacha Games for mobile and PC you can play. Another Eden is a cartoon-style game with great storylines and can be played on android, iOS and PC. This game has a unique concept where you have to travel time and space with your pet cat. Features of Another Eden:

Single-playerAndroid, iOS and PCFreeVideo gameRole-playing and turn-based  combatAdventure Game

6. Arknights

Arknights is another best gacha game you can try. Arknight is a tower-defense game for mobile (android and iOS). Arknights is a sci-fi environment with new mechanics. In this gacha game, the player has to identify ‘The Doctor’ and set an adventure in the dystopian world of Terra. Feature of Arknights:

Anime television series adaptationAndroid and iOSTower defenseReal-time strategyRole-playing game

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7. Azur Lane

Azur lane is another one of the best gacha games for mobile. Azur lane is an alternative timeline of world war 2. It is a side-scrolling shooter game in Japanese and English languages. This gacha game has high productivity in animation and graphics. It gained popularity in Japan shortly after its release and now crossed over 5 million active users. Feature of Azur Lane:

Side-scrolling shooter gameAnimation Android and iOS12 episodesConsole game version

8. Marvel Strike Force 

Marvel strike force is one of the best gacha games in the marvel/avengers universe. Marvel strike force is a squad game with multiple characters like Loki, Spider-man, Iron-man, Doctor Strange, Captain American and many more. The Marvel superhero squad must fight to save the universe in this game. Marvel Strike Force won the “The Best Breakthrough Game of 2019” award. Feature of Marvel Strike Force:

Turn-based and battle-basedAnimation-basedWide range of game modesOver 170 CharactersAndroid and iOSFreeMultiplayer

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9. Dragalia Lost

Dragalia lost is another best gacha game that you must give a try. Dragalia Lost is a swipe-control action game. Dragalia Lost is the second game developed by Nintendo. Dragalia Lost is typically action RPG based. You can unlock many characters like other gacha games by using game currency or real cash. Dragalia Lost story features the bond between humans and dragons. Feature of Dragalia Lost:

Action role-play gameMultiplayer video gameAndroid and iOSFocused on single-player contentMore than 60 charactersFree

10. Lord of Heroes

Lord of heroes is the last game we cover in our list of best gacha games. Lord of heroes is an enjoyable game with great features like a turn-based RPG, good graphics and fantastic characters. But in this game, you aren’t a hero who has to save the world. Instead, Lords of Hero’s careless feature give a sense of relaxation to the players. Features of Lords of Heroes:

Role-play video gameTurn-based RPGAndroid and iOSFreeMystery characters with a wide range

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Wrapping up

Gacha Games has become more popular in 2022. In this article, we have covered the best gacha games for android, iOS and PC.  I hope you find the information helpful. I am going to try each game listed above. What do you think? Write in the comment box below. I hope your questions about the best gacha games are answered well here. Path of EX aims to serve you with such insightful information today and every day. Come along!

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