You can fully RePEc your Elden Ring character in addition to these freely customizable classes thanks to the Larval Tears and respec systems. Once you acquire it, you can reallocate all of your skill points to try out different builds or improve the ones you already have. In Elden Ring, choosing a starting class might also earn you specific weapons and armor. Many of these items are available later through shops or by chance. Choosing them as your class gear will immediately give you access to some highly helpful equipment in Elden Ring. Without further ado, let’s start with the list of the top 10 best Elden Ring classes.

10 Best Elden Ring Classes For The Top Advantage

Even while each Elden Ring class only affects how you begin, not how you continue, it’s still a crucial decision. For example, some classes’ starting armor is only available much later in the game if you don’t select that class. In this top 10 Elden Ring class list, we’ll go through each class in Elden Ring and discuss their beginning stats, available gear, and ideal playstyles so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements. 

1. Vagabond

The list of the top 10 best Elden Ring classes starts with Vagabond. The Vagabond is a highly beginner-friendly, fundamental Elden Ring class. It allows players to specialize in Strength or Dexterity to create powerful yet straightforward melee compositions. You will begin with a basic Longsword, Halberd, and Heater Shield. The shield is an excellent defensive tool, but it’s also useful for practicing parrying with the early-on low-level soldiers you’ll encounter.

Beginner FriendlyHighest starting Vigor/HPA good all-rounder for melee builds

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2. Warrior

Next is Warrior, in the top 10 best Elden Ring class list. Since the Warrior is an Elden Ring melee class emphasizing dexterity, you should stick to ranged weapons like bows or lighter melee weapons requiring some dexterity. The Warrior can be used more defensively than the Vagabond or aggressively with dual scimitars since you start with two of them and a shield.

Agile melee classHighest starting DexterityGood for weapon skills

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3. Hero

Another class joining the ranks of the best Elden Ring class list is Hero. Hero players will utilize heavier weapons and slower, more powerful strikes to counter the Warrior class’s fast attacks. Initially, you’ll be doing this with a large axe and 16 Strength points. Adding even more Strength points will enable you to quickly achieve the requirements for some incredibly powerful Strength-based weapons. 

Highest starting StrengthHeavy melee classTanky with high Vigor and Endurance

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4. Bandit

Bandit is another best Elden Ring class list. Bandit players should avoid frontal combat with groups of adversaries. They use a dagger and a small shield and should instead concentrate on critical strikes with backstabs or sniping with the opening Short Bow. The Bandit has quite low numbers in all categories except for Arcane. 

Highest starting ArcaneGood up close and at the rangeStealth is essential

5. Astrologer

The fifth class in the top 10 best Elden Ring class list is Astrologer.  With its outstanding 15 Mind and 16 Intelligence ratings, the Elden Ring Astrologer class is one of the few options designed from the beginning for magic. Astrologers will be able to perform a lot of potent Sorcery spells for both single and multiple targets, making it a very damaging ranged magic class.

Highest starting Intelligence and MindPowerful magic userFragile glass cannon class

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6. Prophet

The Prophet comes in sixth place in the list of the top 10 best Elden Ring class list. The Elden Ring Prophet class is the flip side of magic, emphasizing faith and performing incantations. By doing so, you will be able to play the part of a holy warrior, supporting yourself and any friends with healing Incantations. If you can find the correct Incantations, smiting your enemies with Fire and Holy damage. 

Highest starting FaithMore balanced stats compared to AstrologersIncantations focus less on dealing damage

7. Samurai

Another worthy mention among the top 10 Elden Ring class list is Samurai. In Elden Ring, the bandit and vagrant classes have been combined to create the Samurai class. The Samurai is all about dexterity-focused melee, with ranged sniping as a backup strategy, and combines outstanding Strength, the highest starting Endurance of any class, and great Dexterity. The Samurai also gain additional versatility from the starting Long Bow, enabling this class to rule at both close and farther ranges.

Highest starting EnduranceVery good Strength and DexterityVersatile melee and ranged build

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8. Prisoner

Next up is Prisoner, in the top 10 best Elden Ring class list. In order to do a range of damage, the Prisoner Elden Ring class combines potent melee assaults based on dexterity with sorceries based on intellect. Because their high Dexterity has the additional benefit of speeding up spell casting, prisoners have the potential to do a lot of damage very quickly.  Because of this class’s disappointingly low Vigor and Endurance, boosting HP and stamina should be the primary goals when levelling up. The ability to use melee and magic will be improved by putting a lot of points into Dexterity, therefore it should be your main objective.

High starting Dexterity and IntelligenceRapid spellcasting and melee attacksHeavily relies on Dexterity

9. Confessor

The ninth-best Elden Ring class can be rewarded to Confessor. It blends the balanced melee capabilities of the Vagabond with the Faith-focused Incantations of the Prophet. Base Strength and Dexterity stats of 12 mean there’s a lot of freedom in which weapons Confessor players can specialize. So we recommend pooling your Runes into either Strength or Dexterity initially to give you more of an advantage in close quarters. Balance this with levels in Faith, Vigor, and Endurance to keep your Incantations up to speed and your Confessor healthy, and you should have a relatively balanced character competent in both martial and magic attacks.

High starting Faith but balanced Attributes across the boardGood for beginners interested in magicDoesn’t excel in anything particular

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10. Wretch

Last but not least, another class joining the list of best Elden Ring classes is Wretch. The simplest, most undeveloped  Elden Ring class there is. Wretches start with 10s in all Attributes and essentially no equipment. This enables players to fully develop their characters, but it necessitates starting from scratch and procuring your own weapons and equipment. Wretched players will begin with little more than a meager club and nothing else, not even clothing.

Total build crafting freedomExtremely vulnerable when startingDo not choose this unless you are very experienced

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Wrapping Up

So, this was all about the best Elden Ring class. Let us know which one is your favorite and why in the comment section below. Keep sharing this article on the best Elden Ring class with your fellow gamers. Also, stay tuned to the Path Of EX website for more such details. Happy Gaming!


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