The songs you can play while streaming must adhere to tight rules set by Twitch like copyrights and all. You risk having your live streaming content removed if you break the rules and play tracks that are copyright protected. So it’s good for you to know how to add royalty-free music for Twitch. It’s important to know how to add royalty-free music for streaming on Twitch because the twitch streaming service can ban your twitch account from the service if you play the music that is not your own. So let’s learn how to & where to find & add copyright-free music for Twitch.

Twitch has tight rules regarding the music you can stream. Playing songs that are protected by copyright is against the law, and doing so could result in the removal of your live-streaming content. In rare circumstances, the streaming service may permanently ban your account from the service if you play the music that is not your own. Don’t take any risks. Let’s look at the list of the 10 best free DMCA Music For Twitch. 

1. Epidemic Sound

This Epidemic Sound owns Spotify compatibility, and more than 30,000 tracks of royalty-free music are available on the platform. You can use their application to listen to each song on their music player and if you’d want, download each song’s individual parts and use it as your music for Twitch without any copyright issues. This makes it simple for you to generate your own special playlists, Twitch sound alerts, and YouTube compilations or to use a section of a song. This is the best Royalty-Free Music For Twitch because You don’t have to worry about copyright disputes or takedowns because Epidemic owns the music.


Free trial 30,000+ audio masterpieces Multiple genres Customizable tracks Royalty-free sounds


2. OWN3D Music

Although OWN3D is well known for its polished Twitch graphics, they also have Software for music for Twitch created especially for streamers. On eight different albums, they have produced more than 200 LoFi and Synthwave tunes that are entirely free to use. There are no restrictions on using the tracks. You won’t have to worry about becoming bored with the same songs because they aim to frequently release new tracks.


200 Free fair use tracks

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3. Envato Elements

Undoubtedly, Envato Elements may serve as your one-stop shop for many of your branding requirements. They tout more than 500,000 royalty-free sounds in addition to offering more than 72,000 masterpieces of royalty-free music for Twitch. To select music that’s ideal for your Twitch stream, you can quickly search through their collection using the filters mentioned in the left-hand sidebar. This adds to the list of best royalty-free music for streaming on Twitch.


Access to new branding templates 72,000+ tracks Multiple genres Royalty-free sounds


4. Comma Music

Comma Music is the only royalty-free music for Twitch library that provides a student plan, in addition to letting you search through hundreds of tracks by genre and style. When streaming or producing traditional material, you may quickly construct playlists to utilize on Twitch and other websites.


Multiple genres songs Student plans High music quality

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5. Artlist

You may relax knowing that you can download as much music for Twitch as you want for your stream if you have an Artlist membership. Choosing music from Artlist, a service trusted by many significant corporations makes it simple to locate soundtrack audio for a variety of platforms, including Twitch and the social networks you use to expand your brand. Never will Artlist assert copyright ownership over any content you create while using their platform as a subscriber so this is what makes one in the list of the best royalty-free music for streaming on Twitch. Additionally, they often release new music from their artists, so you’ll always have something new to listen to or use on your Twitch channel.


Multiple genre music Lots of different sound effects Good interface


6. Streamlabs Prime Jingle Punks Music

Access to Jingle Punks Music and Streamlabs’ own music library of over 100,000 tracks in over 100 categories is only one of the numerous advantages of the company’s premium plan, which costs more than other plans. Your preferred genre is clearly reproduced by the music, which has a professional sound system. The playlists they’ve already created can be used, or you can make your own to use it as your music for Twitch. This software has a few fantastic features because it was made with Twitch streamers in mind. The first is the ability to configure personalized notifications for your steam account when the song changes. Additionally, you can arrange the music such that only your audience can hear it. When playing video games and having to pay attention to in-game sounds or Discord, this is useful. Isn’t this the best royalty-free music for Twitch?


100K+ Audio masterpieces Streamlabs Prime Perks

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7. Pretzel Rocks

Another well-known website that offers DMCA-compliant music for Twitch broadcasts is Pretzel Rocks. Unless you purchase the premium plan, it is free to use but has the necessary chat attribution. You receive a Discord role and access to assistance with the $4.99 monthly plan. The musicians who performed each soundtrack will receive 70% of the money. 


Free & Premium both options available


8. Stream Beats By Harris Heller

Alpha Gaming’s Harris Heller has published more than 6 hours of music that broadcasters are allowed to use on their channels. Being a streamer himself, he is aware of how challenging it can be to locate quality music that you can utilize without running the danger of DMCA complaints. These Streambeats are some of the best sources of music for twitch.


Can you use more than 6 hours of music

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9. Incompetech

You can download a wide selection of music from Incompetech and set it up to play on your stream. The tracks are free to use as long as credit is given. You must pay $20 per track in order to remove the attribution. You can use the song in any project you choose for as long as you have a paid license.


Can use unlimited music by attributing the source. Free Music for Twitch


10. Monstercat

For $5 per month, you can play music from Monstercat on your live stream. You can use it for free if you don’t intend to monetize your channel. Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming streamers can use this service. Go to their own Twitch channel to hear their music. Twitch and Monstercat partnered in late 2020, and any streamer who signs up for Monstercat will instantly receive affiliate status on Twitch.


Free & Premium, both options available. Can use this Music for Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming platforms.

Ratings: The best 10 Sources To Get Royalty-Free Music For Twitch are Epidemic Sound, OWN3D Music, Envato Elements, Comma Music, Artlist, Streamlabs Prime Jingle Punks Music, Pretzel Rocks, Stream Beats by Harris Heller, Incompetech, and Monstercat. Use any of the above-mentioned website’s music as the music for Twitch because copyright issues are pretty serious nowadays. 

Wrapping Up

So this was the ultimate list of best website sources to add royalty-free music for streaming on Twitch. Hope this article turned out useful for you. Now go and source your royalty-free music for Twitch before. Choose any of the above-mentioned websites & plans as per your preferences. And don’t forget to check back the Path of EX. Bye Folks!


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