There have been many alternative suggestions made for Among Us Pumpkin carving. Some people have even gone so far as to carve their pumpkins in accordance with the social deduction game. These are fantastic suggestions for anyone desiring their own Among Us Pumpkin. One of the most straightforward yet excellent games in a long time is called Among Us! And that’s what game enthusiasts appear to have planned for this Halloween. The Internet is flooded with queries for various types of creative techniques to support the creation of an Among Us Pumpkin Carving. Without further ado, let’s see what they are!

Top 5 Among Us Pumpkin Carving Ideas

When it comes to Halloween decorations, carvings from pumpkins are standard. Additionally, during the past few years, video gamers have started the tradition of carving pumpkins to look like their favorite video game animations. At some point, all of the well-known video games—Minecraft, Mario, and Pac-Man—have been ported to the pumpkin. Thus comes Among Us Pumpkin Carving ideas. Among Us Pumpkin Carving’s naturally eerie look is its one significant advantage above other games. Cold-bloodedness and suspicion are reflected in the game’s death animations and overall feel. So it makes for the ideal pumpkin carving to sit in your yard and frighten and impress guests.  Below given are the best 5 Among Us Pumpkin Carving ideas for this Halloween. Also, read Best Halloween Roblox Outfits For your Avatar In 2022 | Avatar Halloween Outfit Ideas

1. Red Pretty SUS

Red Pretty SUS is the first Among Us Pumpkin Carving design. Bear Anger, a Twitter user, carved a red light into his “Among Us” pumpkin. The word “SUS” is floating above an Impostor character holding a knife on the pumpkin. An Among Us Impostor is beautifully carved into this pumpkin. The game’s impact on the world is demonstrated, as is the insertion of the word “Sus” into our lexicons.

2. Among Us Witch

Next design of Among Us Pumpkin Carving is ‘Among Us Witch’. This pumpkin carving by Deviant Art user Johwee features a Crewmate who is evading capture. Players of Among Us in October obtained a range of Halloween-themed cosmetic items. This pumpkin’s witch hat is an example of one such. The crew member wears the hat with pride and rushes to call an emergency meeting after witnessing another crew member being destroyed in front of him. Also, read When is The Halloween Update in PK XD 2022 | PK XD Halloween Event

3. Crewmate

The third design of Among Us Pumpkin Carving is Crewmate. Sometimes, the best solutions are the most straightforward. This Crewmate-themed carving of an Among Us pumpkin was shared on Twitter. Nothing sinister is happening to suggest that it might be a fake. Simple Crewmate Among Us guy is just standing there waiting to learn whether he needs to kill or avoid being killed. 

4. Neck Snap

Next Among Us Pumpkin Carving which was posted on Twitter features two pumpkins. Similar to the preceding one, one is a Crewmate. However, the second is a different crew member who joins the fray after the impostor’s neck has been shattered and his collarbone has emerged from his lower torso. The other pumpkin is either the impostor or is preparing to alert the other guests in the lobby to the body. This one evokes a pleasant sense of mystery. Also, read Starbucks Halloween Cups Collection 2022 | Get It Now!

5. Tongue Kill

The last Among Us Pumpkin Carving from user Johwee is on Deviant Art. The Impostor is shown using the tongue finisher to dispatch a Crew Member. This pumpkin is beautifully detailed. Even the headdress of the Impostor is a pumpkin. A pumpkin like this can be the ideal carving challenge for individuals who want to be particularly inventive. Also, read Halloween Music Roblox Id Code List of October 2022 | Roblox Halloween Music

Amazing Among Us Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

1. One Of Them Is Not Like The Other

2. Red Is My Favourite Colour

3. The Ghost With A Banana

4. The Pumpkins With Personality

5. Stars Among Us

6. Among Us Pumpkin Carving Stencils

7. The Carving Trinity

8. I Am Here For The Tasks

Wrapping Up

Among Us Pumpkin Carving is very easy. Tracing the outlines will allow you to create a stencil of any interesting animation you desire. However, if you’re a skilled artist, hand-made stencils work just as well and are easier to use than a computer tool. After that, carve your pumpkin in the same shape as the stencil using the template. Once lit, place it on your lawn. Bingo! 


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